Our Defender Nyala on a gravel road in South Africa.
Our trusty Defender called Nyala

Destinations in Africa

The idea for ostrichtrails.com originated when we were living in Cape Town, South Africa. We wanted to share our hiking experiences in this beautiful country, as it is not always known for outsiders that South Africa has so much to offer in terms of hiking.
Besides hiking, we explored the major and minor sights in all corners of South Africa and also went on extended trips to Botswana and Namibia.

Our Travel Books

While on our adventures, we wrote two travel adventure books about Overlanding for a few months around two countries – South Africa and Botswana.

Chasing Ostriches South Africa Road Trip Book Cover

Chasing Ostriches

We roamed the backroads and national parks of South Africa in our trusty (and not so trusty at times) Defender. We climbed misty mountains, camped in empty deserts, sunbathed on tropical beaches, and saw wildlife galore under the hot African sky. Read more about it on our website or on amazon*.

No Footprints in the Night

South Africa was kicking us out so we had to make a plan. ‘What about Botswana?’ My boyfriend couldn’t think of any objections so a few days before we overstayed our visas we hit the road in our trusty Defender and sped north from Cape Town. Read more about it on our website or on amazon*.

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