No Footprints: Savuti

Elephant grazing in the Chobe river, Botswana

By Vicky · Published Jul. 7th, 2021 · Updated Aug. 22nd, 2022

No Footprints in the Night book cover from Victoria Stevens.
Available on Amazon* now

This post shows photos from my book, No Footprints in the Night, available on Amazon*.

From Khwai Community Camp we headed north to Savuti and out the other side to Mwandi View near Chobe Riverfront.

KhwaiSavuti ⇾ Mwandi View


Lion, Savuti, Botswana
Campsite, Savuti, Botswana
Hornbills in car, Savuti, Botswana
Cooking at campsite, Savuti, Botswana
Elephant, Savuti, Botswana
Kudu, Savuti, Botswana
Sunset, Savuti, Botswana
Puff-adder, Savuti, Botswana
Frog, Savuti, Botswana
Herd of running kudus, Savuti, Botswana
Mountain, Savuti, Botswana
Roack and person, Savuti, Botswana
Rock art, Savuti, Botswana
View from hill, Savuti, Botswana
Track and tree, Savuti, Botswana
Track and sky, Savuti, Botswana
Hill and small baobab, Savuti, Botswana
Banded mongoose on a tree trunk, Savuti, Botswana
Jackal, Savuti, Botswana
Herd of Zebra, Savuti, Botswana
Herd of zebra, Savuti, Botswana
Savuti marsh road, Savuti, Botswana
Male lion and lioness, Savuti, Botswana
Two lionesses in grass, Savuti, Botswana
Young male lion, Savuti, Botswana
Lioness, Savuti, Botswana
Lioness, Savuti, Botswana
Baobabs, Savuti, Botswana
Sunset, Savuti, Botswana
Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, Savuti, Botswana
Swallow-tailed Bee-eater
Flying lilac-breasted Roller, Savuti, Botswana
Lilac-breasted Roller
Tawny Eagle, Savuti, Botswana
Tawny Eagle
Sandy track and hills, Savuti, Botswana

Mwandi View

Kudu, Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana
Elephant in the river, Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

About the Book

No Footprints in the Night book cover from Victoria Stevens.
Available on Amazon* now

South Africa was kicking us out so we had to make a plan.

‘What about Botswana?’

My boyfriend couldn’t think of any objections so a few days before we overstayed our visas we hit the road in our trusty Defender and sped north.

The Kalahari welcomed us with vast empty spaces and gorgeous wildlife. We spent weeks camping in a true wilderness barely touched by man.

The character of the landscape changed in the waterlogged north but our encounters with dangerous animals didn’t stop.

We eventually returned to civilization after many weeks on the sandy road and I already can’t wait to go back.

No Footprints in the Night chronicles this journey of exploration through Botswana. We narrowly managed to escape being eaten by lions, killed by a puff adder and marooned on the Chobe River.

I came back with dirty clothes, an even dirtier car, and memories to last a lifetime. I hope my book will help you do the same. While on our adventure, I wrote travel journal updates to send back to friends and family, stuck in European lockdowns. This formed the basis of my new book. Available to buy now on Amazon*.

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