Cape Point Lighthouse

The new Cape Point lighthouse

A walk to the old and new lighthouse of Cape Point is a must when visiting Cape Point Peninsula. While it can be busy here, the views of the ocean, the spectacular cliffs and beaches are worth it.


Cape Point is a section of Table Mountain National Park. The entrance gate to this section of the park is about 1-hour drive from the centre of Cape Town, and it takes another 20 minutes to drive to Cape Point. There is a large car park at the start of this hike, just by the funicular. If you don’t have a car, check out the options for car hire* from Cape Town. We went here in April 2019 as the first hike of the day.

Cape Point Lighthouse Walk Map

Tips for Cape Point

  • This walk is in the Cape Point section of Table Mountain National Park.
  • The entrance gate hours are 06:00 to 18:00 from October to March and 07:00 to 17:00 from April to September.
  • Adhere to the closing time indicated at the gate to avoid having to pay a fine.
  • Entrance fee: Free for WildCard holders, R85/40 for South Africans, R340/170 for foreigners (adults/children)
  • Sunhat, sunscreen and water are welcome in sunny weather.
  • Beware of baboons that may steel your food, especially bananas!
  • Check out our Cape Point Guide for all other things to do.

We walked up from the funicular car park. On the way up, there are many viewpoints to admire the cliffs, Dias beach and Cape of Good Hope in the distance.

Cliffs of Cape Point with the new lighthouse.
The cliffs towards the new Cape Point lighthouse.
Dias Beach and Cape of Good Hope
Dias Beach and Cape of Good Hope.

Old Lighthouse at Cape Point

The old lighthouse is quite a climb as they placed it on the highest point of this last part of the peninsula. It was first lit in 1860. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always visible for ships due to low-hanging clouds.

The trail to the new lighthouse with the old lighthouse.
The trail down to the new lighthouse with the old lighthouse on the right.
The old Cape Point lighthouse on the highest point of the cliff.
The old Cape Point lighthouse is situated on the highest point.

From the old lighthouse, retrace your steps towards the upper station of the funicular and find a little gated trail starting on the backside (east) heading towards the new lighthouse. A good path takes you downhill.

New Lighthouse Viewpoint

Near the end of the peninsula, there is a last viewpoint from which you can see the new lighthouse well. Unfortunately, you can’t get to the lighthouse, but this view is magnificent as it is. We had a little break here and then retraced our steps to the car park.

This lighthouse from 1919 was built lower to solve the problem of the low-hanging clouds.

Ridge to the new Cape Point Lighthouse
The ridge walk to the viewpoint for the new lighthouse.
A close up of the new Cape Point Lighthouse.
The new Cape Point Lighthouse.

On the way down to the car park, I saw a baboon coming for me. Before I knew it, he jumped up to my backpack and from a side pocket took out the peel of a banana I ate earlier. Bad luck for him. So be aware with food and baboons, they are quicker than you think!

Cape of Good Hope and fynbos
An eland near the Cape Point Lighthouse

If you are lucky, you can spot some eland from the car park in the fynbos towards Cape of Good Hope. For a longer hike that also takes in Cape of Good Hope, a nice beach and viewpoint, check out our Cape Point loop hike. If you want to explore a different area of Cape Point, check out the hike we did after this to Antoniesgat. For all other activities, visit our Cape Point Guide.

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FAQS: Cape Point Lighthouse Walk

How many lighthouses does Cape Point have?

Cape Point has two lighthouses – one old and one new. The Old Lighthouse was built so high up that thick banks of fog obscured it, so a new one was built much lower down.

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