Hangklip Lighthouse Trail

Hangklip Lighthouse
Hangklip Lighthouse

By Vicky · Published Sep. 19th, 2022 · Updated Nov. 24th, 2022

The Hangklip Lighthouse Trail is a lovely, easy stroll along beautiful coastline and gorgeous remote beaches.


The Hangklip Lighthouse Trail starts from a parking lot at Maasbaai Slipway. It’s about six hundred metres down a good dirt track from the paved High Level Road.

Map of Cape Hangklip Lighthouse Trail

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Tips for Hangklip Lighthouse Trail

From the parking at Maasbaai Slipway, head towards the ocean and turn right at the coastline to walk along the beach. If the tide is out there’s plenty of space to walk on the sand, while if it’s high tide there’s a little trail in the vegetation just above the sand. It feels surprisingly wild here and there are great views over the beaches, ocean and to the mountains beyond.

Maasbaai Slipway beach, the starting point for the walk to Hangklip Lighthouse
Walking by the coastline in south africa

At the end of the slightly curved bay, there’s a small but clear path across the grass. The path continues around by the water’s edge. As the trail begins to curve right, there’s a small peninsula to the left sticking further out into the ocean. You can find a little trail that loops around here before returning to the main path.

To Hangklip Lighthouse

The path to Hangklip Lighthouse

You’ll see Hangklip Lighthouse now quite close, and the path heads directly towards it. Walk to the left-hand side of the fence around the lighthouse and follow the path as it bends to the right.

In a short distance the path cuts through the vegetated dunes and to a wonderfully wild white-sand beach. It’s absolutely gorgeous here and almost always deserted. The sea is as clear blue as the sand is white, and the mountains form a great backdrop. The distinctive mountain ending with a large cliff is Hangklip Peak, and you can hike up here for beautiful views.

Walking along the Beaches

Hangklip Lighthouse and a beautiful beach on a walk on Hangklip Cape
Hangklip Peak rising above a beautiful white beach in south africa

Take a dip here (braving the chilly water) or just soak up the scenery before walking along the bay-shaped beach. At the far end of the sand, a small trail continues slightly inland. It follows the coastline around a sticking-out section before returning towards another sandy beach, this time backed by very sandy sand dunes. This is another gorgeous beach, though it can be slightly more crowded than the previous one.

Walk along the beach, perhaps stop for a rest, swim, or picnic. About halfway along the beach, head right through the dunes and you’ll reach a track. Turn right at the track to return to the car park and the end of this Hangklip Lighthouse Walk.

For great views down onto this peninsula, climb up Hangklip Peak nearby. Alternatively, check out our guide to Kogelberg and Cape Hangklip area. For many more hikes in South Africa, see our South Africa Hiking Guide.

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