Gumang Temple and White Sand Beach Hike

White Sand Beach in Bali
White Sand Beach in Bali

Hike up a hill with views to reach Gumang Temple before descending and continuing to White Sand Beach, a beautiful beach and the perfect place to cool off.

Hiking Map

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This walk starts near the famous lotus pond in the centre of Candidasa, a resort town on the southeast coast of Bali. There are many lovely hotels along the coastline here and it has a more relaxed feel than elsewhere on the island. We took a taxi back from the end of the hike to our hotel in Candidasa.

Tips for Gumang Temple and White Sand Beach Hike

  • To get back from White Sand Beach at the end of the hike, you can ask the people running the warungs on the beach. Alternatively, get a taxi phone number from your hotel or any who offers to be your taxi. If you’re travelling further, you can rent a car with driver* for the day.
  • It’s quite a steep way up to Gumang Temple, the way down is much easier.
  • Set off early to avoid the heat of the day on the way up the hill.
  • Remember sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses and swimming stuff.
  • Also, take a sarong to enter Gumang Temple.
  • Take plenty of water. There are only cafes when you reach White Sand Beach.
  • In Candidasa we stayed in Hotel Genggong*
  • For another walk nearby, stroll from Tenganan Village to Tirta Gangga Water Palace
  • If you like cycling, try our Sidemen Valley Cycling Loop from Candidasa, or find other hikes and bike rides in our Bali Guide.

From the starting point of this walk where the main road makes a sharp corner, head off along the smaller road, Jalan Puri Bagus. In 700 metres at a crossroads, turn left and then take the next right along a narrower road.

Gumang Temple Hill

Hiking up the steps towards Gumang Temple
Head up from the track
Route up Gumang Temple Hill
Continue through the houses
Walking path up Gumang Temple Hill
Head up into the fields

Continue as the road bends around a corner and heads through a small village. About 200 metres later there’s a route to the top of Gumang Temple on your right-hand side. It starts with some stone steps between some houses, and the path continues straight upwards into some abandoned rice terraces. There are now a few cows grazing in these fields.

Hiking path up Gamung Temple Hill near Candidasa
Views from Gamung Temple Hill
Hiking path and views from Gamung Temple Hill
Hiking path up Gamung Temple Hill near Candidasa

The path is not particularly clear at times, and any route upwards is actually fine. There are some fine views back over Candidasa and the ocean all the way up. At a little cowshed, we ended up heading left on a little muddy track, then straight upwards and we eventually reached a little gap/gate on the path through a hedge. After this we walked right, with some lovely views, and then left to reach a little temple. From here there was a clearer path which soon became a fairly new, paved road.

Gumang Temple at the top of a hill near Candidasa
Gumang Temple at the top of a hill near Candidasa

The road leads all the way along the Gumang Hill ridge to the Temple. Make sure to wear your sarong before you enter the temple. There were many monkeys but no people when we were here. You have views right down to beaches by the ocean on one side, and mountainous forested terrain on the other. It’s a very peaceful, relaxing place.

Views on the way down from Temple Gumang
Views on the way down from Temple Gumang

Descend the temple out of the split gate and down the many wide, impressive stairs. Watch your step as it’s slightly steep at times. Also check out the lovely views back up the steps and over the rice fields in the valleys below. You’ll reach a new entrance gate next to the main road in just over 1 km.

Views walking down from Gumang Temple on a hill near Candidasa

Walking From Gumang Temple to White Sand Beach

Head right on the road and in roughly 100 metres there are some wide stone steps on the right which you can take to cut out a very windy, long section of the road. Alternatively, 150 metres later there’s a small concrete path to the right that also heads down to the road below. We took the second path because there were loads of cows on the first one.

Hiking signpost to White Sand Beach (Virgin Beach)

Walk along this busy main road for 600 metres before heading right, signed White Sand Beach (also called Virgin Beach). The road turns right and begins heading up a hill. In just over 500 metres you’ll reach a checkpoint on the side of the road selling tickets to the beach. You have to pay a small amount here to access the White Sand Beach Area, but it’s worth it.

White Sand Beach (Virgin Beach)

While the cars and motorbikes all head left along the road at the checkpoint, you can head straight onwards along a peaceful road through jungle and villages. After 1 km the road turns right then left, and then ends and turns into a track. Continue along the track towards the ocean. You’ll head through some fields and eventually, before heading too steeply downwards, you’ll meet some vegetation and should turn left.

Walking to White Sand Beach, near Candidasa in Bali
Walking to White Sand Beach
Views from the Trail to White Sand Beach in Bali
Views from the Trail

Walk along and down through the fields and you’ll come to an abandoned temple/viewpoint. Continue from here and you’ll reach a track that joins back up with the road after passing through some more fields. Turn right at the road and follow it as it winds its way down to White Sand Beach.

White Sand Beach, also known as Virgin Beach, near Candidasa in Bali

I’m not sure why it’s called White Sand Beach (Tripadvisor Reviews*), because the sand can be fairly black (it depends on recent rain), but it’s very nice anyway. There are a few warungs and places renting sun loungers, but it’s often not crowded and quite an unspoilt beach. Mask and snorkelling is a possibility here if the weather condition are good and the ocean isn’t too turbulent. Swimming is almost always fine and a great way to cool off after the hike.

From White Sand Beach, take a taxi back to your start point. Either talk to the warung owners who can easily find you a taxi, or have a taxi driver’s number handy to call.

Accommodation in Candidasa

Beach at Hotel Genggong Bali in Candidasa
Beach by Hotel Genggong
Pool at Hotel Genggong Bali in Candidasa
Pool at Hotel Genggong

We stayed at Hotel Genggong Bali*, right at the beach in Candidasa. They had a gorgeous swimming pool and decent food. The hotel can organise many tours, and the fisherman who keep their boats on the beach by the hotel also kept trying to offer us trips to the Blue Lagoon. The beach wasn’t really suitable for sitting on, but you could go mask and snorkelling. However, when we were there the sea was slightly rough and stirred up so visibility wasn’t excellent, but only ok.

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For another walk nearby, stroll from Tenganan Village to Tirta Gangga Water Palace. If you like cycling, try our Sidemen Valley Cycling Loop from Candidasa, or find other hikes and bike rides in our Bali Guide.

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