Mount Batukaru Hike

Views from the top of Mount Batukaru in Bali
Views from the top of Mount Batukaru in Bali

By Vicky · Published Jul. 28th, 2022 · Updated Dec. 13th, 2022

The Mount Batukaru Hike is a long walk up through lovely jungle to a viewpoint at the top, before a long descent to either the other side or back where you came from.

Mount Batukaru Hike Map

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This walk up Mount Batukaru (Gunung Batukaru) starts from Pura Siva (Shiva Temple), on the western side of Mount Batukaru. We took a taxi here, organized by our accommodation from the previous night. We hiked over the mountain carrying all our stuff in backpacks and stayed at D’wan Tea Mountain Side on the other side. It’s near the beautiful Jatiluwih Rice Terraces where we hiked the next day.

Tips for Mount Batukaru Hike

  • Set off early to avoid the heat of the day, and for the best chance of having a clear view at the top.
  • Take snacks and water, there’s nothing to buy along the route.
  • ‘Puncak’ means ‘peak’ in Indonesia – at one point a sign points you to the Puncak so it’s a useful word to know.
  • Don’t attempt this hike after heavy rain – the path will be extremely muddy and slippery.
  • We stayed at D’wan Tea Mountain Side Hotel* on the east side of the mountain, at the end of this hike.
  • It’s a good idea to have the free app Maps.Me for this hike.
  • For an easier hike try walking through Jatiluwih Rice Terraces or check out the Best Hikes in Bali.

From Siva Temple, head towards the mountain, there are signs pointing to the ‘Starting point Gunung Batukaru’. At the back of the temple is a car park for this hike and a little booth where you have to get a hiking permit. It’s Rp 25,000 ($1.75) per person. Sometimes guards are there, at other times you just pay yourself and fill in the permit to keep with you.

Views from Pura Siva (Shiva Temple) in Bali
Views from Shiva Temple and the start of the hike
Shiva Temple at the start of the hike up Mount Batukaru from the western side.
Shiva Temple

Hiking up Mount Batukaru

Head up the steps to the left of the booth, the beginning of the hike up Mt Batukaru. The path up is always clear. There’s only one junction, where you should take the path signed ‘Puncak’ – this means ‘peak’ in Indonesian.

Path up Mount Batukaru
The path up Mount Batukaru
Clouds forest
Cloud forest near the top
Slippery section of the hike up Mount Batukaru (Gunung Batukaru)
A slippery part of the trail

The path starts out not very steep and quite wide. However, it soon gets quite a lot steeper and narrower. In places it’s very muddy and slightly slippery. It would be much worse after any recent heavy rain. There are also some large, mud steps you have to climb up, so you have to be slightly agile. At one point there is a rope to help you along.

Near the top the character of the jungle changes dramatically and it becomes more of a cloud forest than a steamy jungle.

At the Top of Mount Batukaru

Temple at the Top of Mount Batukaru
Views after hiking to the top of Mount Batukaru

Eventually you’ll reach a flat plateau that is the top. There’s quite a lot of vegetation here, but the path remains obvious. It bends sharply left through more undergrowth before coming out in a clearing where there is a small temple. There’s another little temple slightly further on. Where we were here a little dog was living on the mountaintop. Many people also camp here overnight to see the sunrise, when you have the best chance of the views being clear.

We had lunch on top of the mountain, hoping that the clouds would clear. They didn’t, but occasionally we had a glimpse through the mist. After a break, we began the descent down the eastern side of the mountain, towards Jatiluwih Rice Terraces.

Alternative Route Down: It’s also possible to return the way you came, back down to Shiva Temple at the bottom on the west side. This makes the hike slightly shorter, and it becomes only 6.2 km with 1100 metres climb both up and down.

Walking through cloud forest in Bali
Hiking through the jungle in Bali
The route down Mount Batukaru

The way down the eastern side was similar to the way up. The path was always clear, but sometimes narrow and often very steep. It’s further down the eastern side because you end lower. At first you head down along the spine of a ridge, then the path leaves the ridge to the left.

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Almost There

The path eventually begins to flatten out and you reach a little temple (Pura Luhur Taksu Agung). The path becomes paved as you continue down to a much larger temple (Pura Luhur Bhujangga Waisnawa Gunung Sari).

Pura Luhur Bhujangga Waisnawa Gunung Sari Temple
Pura Luhur Bhujangga Waisnawa Gunung Sari
Route to D'wan Tea Mountainside Hotel from Mount Batukaru
Route to D’wan Tea Mountainside Hotel

At this temple, we took the small path that contours left, signed towards D’wan Tea Mountainside Hotel*. If you’re not staying here, continue along the road. There are several other accommodation options about 2 km down the hill at the top of the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces.

We enjoyed our stay at D’wan Tea Mountainside Hotel, it was a tea estate and was surrounded by many tea bushes. There was a beautiful pool with great views and even a wood fire in the evening.

D'wan Tea Mountainside Hotel
The terrace at D’wan Tea Mountainside Hotel
D'wan Tea Mountainside Hotel
The pool at D’wan Tea Mountainside Hotel
D'wan Tea Mountainside Hotel
Sunrise from the Hotel

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The next day we did a great hike in the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. For more nearby hikes check out our Bali Guide or the Best Hikes in Bali.

FAQS: Mount Batukaru Hike

What is the height of Mount Batukaru (Gunung Batukaru)?

Mount Batukaru is 2,276 metres high.

Do I need a permit to hike up Mount Batukaru?

Yes, you need a permit to hike up Mount Batukaru. They are available from a little booth at the start of the hike near Shiva Temple on the western side of the mountain. Sometimes guards are there, at other times you just pay yourself and fill in the permit.

How long is the Mount Batukaru hike?

There are two main routes up Mount Batukaru. The one from the west is the shortest and is 3 km to the top with 1150 metres of climb. The route from the east is 4 km to the top with 1350 metres of climb.


  1. Hey guys, thats ai great to finally find some detailed information for unguided hikes. Thank you so much. Can i ask you how long the drive back from the endpoint to the shiva Tempel is where you started ( thats a nice temple by the way found it few years ago by accident) and if you easily can get transport?
    That would be if great help for planning. Thanks in advance abd blessed ladt good days of 2022

    1. Hi Anja, I’m glad you found the post useful. The drive back from the endpoint to the temple at the start is about 2 hours (the roads are quite slow). I think you would have to walk down to the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, 2.5 km further down the road, to find transport. Here there are quite a few tourists, many cafes/hotels and also people who can drive you wherever you want to go. Hope this helps!

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