Jurong Lake Gardens Hike

jurong lake gardens hike
jurong lake gardens hike

By Vicky · Published Feb. 19th, 2022 · Updated Nov. 29th, 2022

Stroll through gorgeous Jurong Lake Gardens on this short but lovely hike. Take in the scenic lake, fun boardwalks, grassy lawns, and views over the water.

Jurong Lake Gardens Map

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To get to Jurong Lake Gardens take the MRT to Lakeside MRT station, on the green East-West line. Head for Exit A.

Tips for Jurong Lake Gardens Hike

  • Jurong Lake Gardens is open 24/7 and lit at night.
  • The best time to visit is early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it’s cooler and the light is nicest.
  • Take a sun hat, sunscreen and plenty of water along.
  • While in the area, visit Jurong Bird Park*.
  • Check out other hikes on our Singapore Hiking Page

From Exit A of Lakeside MRT station head across the green, left by Lakeside Drive and across the road into Jurong Lake Gardens. Once within the garden turn right into the central section of the park.

From Lakeside MRT to Jurong Lake Gardens
From Lakeside MRT to Jurong Lake Gardens
The Entrance to Jurong Lake Gardens Park on a walking trail
The Entrance to the Park

On the way down to the far end, we stayed by the lakeside as much as possible. On the way back, we explored further inland so we didn’t miss anything.

Views over Jurong Lake

Views over Jurong from the park
Boardwalk in Jurong Lake Gardens to hike over

Shortly after you enter the garden, head left to the boardwalk sticking out into the lake. From here there are scenic views over the water to the flats on the other side. At the end of the boardwalk, continue walking by the side of the lake. Head up the steps to the raised walkway by the edge of the water.

White Rainbow Bridge leading to Chinese Gardens in Jurong Lake Gardens
White Rainbow Bridge
Chinese Gardens in Jurong Park on a walking trail
Chinese Gardens

You’re now at Passion Wave, where you can rent kayaks. There are several viewpoints overlooking the lake as the walkway continues around the building. From the far side you overlook the White Rainbow Bridge, a scenic crossing into the Chinese Garden section of the park.

Forest Ramble

Head down from the walkway and continue across into the Forest Ramble section of Jurong Lakeside Park. There are some adventure playgrounds for children on your right, and lovely views back to the White Rainbow Bridge on your left and the lake further on.

Adventure Playground in Forest Ramble in Jurong Lake Gardens
Adventure Playground in Forest Ramble
Stream Crossing in Jurong Lake Gardens
Fun Stream Crossing

Continuing along, you’ll soon reach the bridge to the Japanese Gardens. Just after this bridge, take the dead-end trail to the water’s edge for some lovely views. Return to the bridge and head left and immediately left again. You’ll soon reach a fun stream crossing and a gravel path followed by another stream.

View over Jurong Lake park.
Terrapins in Jurong Lake

Shortly after the stream head left on the short dead-end trail. From there you’ll have great views of the lake and you can see fish and terrapins in the water. After admiring the scenery, head back and left to the windy boardwalk of Rasau Walk.

Rasau Walk

Boardwalk of Rasau Walk
Jurong Lake view from Rasau Walk Boardwalk Trail

This section of the trail follows a fun boardwalk that winds in and out between the water and vegetation. It’s also lit nicely at nighttime. Over to the right you’ll see a grassland area with mounds covered in long golden grass and an artsy bird hide. On the left are views over the lake.

Grasslands along Rasau Walk
Bird hide in Grasslands of Jurong Lake Gardens

After the end of Rasau Walk the trail heads inland to wind past some streams and wetter areas. Soon you’ll reach the Southern Promenade and the end of the park. Once there, have a little break before returning the way you came.

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Check out the complete list of hiking gear needed for Singapore:

Heading Back

View from the Far End of Jurong Lake Park
View from the Far End of the Lake
Wood Pile Sculpture in jurong park
Wood Pile Sculpture

This time, keep towards the side of the park further from the lake. Heading back, the grassland area will now be on your right. Further along the way, you’ll pass a log pile sculpture just before the Butterfly Field. Head still onwards and past the Ecopond before joining the outward route back to Lakeside MRT station not far away.

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White Rainbow Bridge

FAQs for Jurong Lake Gardens Hike

What are the opening hours of Jurong Lake Gardens?

The park is open 24/7.

How long is the Jurong Lake Gardens walk?

To walk from Lakeside MRT station to the end of the park and back again is about 7 km.

What can you do at Jurong Lake Gardens?

The lakeside park is great for walking, jogging, picnicking, cycling, kayaking or exercising on the grassy lawns.

Are dogs allowed in Jurong Lake Gardens?

Dogs are allowed on a lead in most of the park and off the lead in the park’s large dog run. The dog run is open 8.00am – 10.00pm.

How do you get to Jurong Lake Gardens?

To get to Jurong Lake Gardens take the MRT to Lakeside MRT station, on the green East-West line. This is the nearest MRT station. Head for Exit A and cross the green, turn left and cross the road into the lakeside gardens.

Can we picnic at Jurong Lake Gardens?

Yes, Jurong Park is a great place for a family picnic. There are several lawns with shady trees where you can sit and eat your food. Alternatively, head to Fusion Spoon cafe/restaurant, the only F&B outlet within the park.

Is cycling allowed in Jurong Lake Gardens?

Cycling is allowed on most paths within the park.

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