The Rail Corridor Hike

The Rail Corridor Bridge
The Rail Corridor Bridge

By Vicky · Published Feb. 1st, 2022 · Updated Jan. 27th, 2024

A green, flat hike along the Rail Corridor (aka the Green Corridor or Greenway) with majestic trees and railway tracks from the starting point in Outram through the central Clementi Forest Section to the north at Kranji.

Rail Corridor Hike Overview

The Rail Corridor (or Green Corridor) is a 24 km long, flat hike from Tanjong Pagar in the south to Kranji in the north. It can be divided into three main sections, Central, Southern and Northern.

Southern Section of the Rail Corridor
Southern Section of the Rail Corridor
Central Section of the Rail Corridor
Central Section of the Rail Corridor
Northern Section of the Rail Corridor
Northern Section of the Rail Corridor

The Central Section (~4 km) of the Rail Corridor near Bukit Timah is the most popular and contains a high concentration of historical features such as steel bridges and tracks.

The Southern Section (~10 km), south of Bukit Timah, is less scenic and slightly less interesting apart from Clementi Forest which is a lovely stretch of jungle.

The Northern Section (~10 km) north of Hillview MRT station is partly closed. You have to walk for some distance alongside a main road, but elsewhere you walk on a nice alternative trail by the river and through real countryside and wilderness unlike anywhere else in Singapore.

Rail Corridor Hiking Map

Get the route by downloading the .gpx or .kml file below. For navigation with on your mobile phone, simply download the .kml file and open to add it to the bookmarks.

The starting point of the Rail Corridor Hike

The starting point of the rail corridor hike is currently (2022) just southwest of Singapore General Hospital. By 2025 it will start from the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station about 500 metres further towards the centre of Tanjong Pagar. The best way to reach the start of the Rail Corridor is to take a bus to Melati Blk 2 Bus Stop. It’s a few hundred metres walk from there to the Rail Corridor itself.

The northern section of the Rail Corridor ends near Kranji MRT Station on the red North-South Line.

Shorter Alternatives

If you don’t want to walk the full 24 km, start at Buona Vista MRT station to miss out the southernmost 7 km so you only have 17 km to walk. You will still see the best sections of the Rail Corridor.

If you want something even shorter, start at Buona Vista MRT and end at Hillview MRT just north of the Rail Mall. This gives you a 7.5 km hike along the most popular, most historic parts of the Rail Corridor.

Tips for The Rail Corridor Hike

  • If you walk the entire Rail Corridor, make sure to start early (~7 am or earlier) to avoid walking in the hot afternoons.
  • No matter how far you’re walking, start early to take in the beautiful morning light.
  • When hiking we use these great hiking poles*.
  • There is very little shade in the Northern Section – a sunhat is essential, along with sunscreen and plenty of water.
  • Navigation offline maps app works quite well but navigation is rather straightforward on this hike.
  • For more great hikes, check out our Singapore Hiking Page!

Southern Rail Corridor

Getting to the start of the Rail Corridor

From Melati Blk 2 Bus Stop (see above) walk along Kampong Bahru Road towards Singapore General Hospital for about 150 metres. Then turn right along the road into a bus terminal area. About 100 metres later is a small concrete path (with a small sign) that brings you to the start of the Rail Corridor.

Turn right to start the hike, but before you do, look left to an old signal building now elegantly decaying and being taken over by vegetation. There is no navigational difficulty on the Southern or Central Sections of the Rail Corridor, just follow the pedestrian trail straight onwards.

The start of the Rail Corridor in the morning light
The start of the Rail Corridor in the morning light
The start of the Rail Corridor in the morning light
southern section of the rail corridor

This first, southernmost section is the least interesting part of the trail (apart from when you have to walk along a main road as a diversion on the northern section). The trees are nice, but the trail is just by a large highway which is quite noisy.

Some Interesting Sights

You’ll pass Tiong Bahru neighbourhood on your left and soon the trail bends off and away from the highway. A little further, you’ll see the cute Masjid Hang Jebat. There’s a water station just outside if you want to fill up. Shortly after the mosque, there’s a long, very dark underpass which makes for some interesting photos.

Once through the tunnel, keep a lookout for Wessex Estate on your left. There are several large black-and-white colonial houses and apartments from the 1940s you can see poking through the trees. At the same time, to the right is Sri Muneeswaran Temple with an intricately sculpted entrance gate.

Wessex Estate black and white houses
Masjid Hang Jebat
Masjid Hang Jebat
Sri Muneeswaran Temple
Sri Muneeswaran Temple

Roughly 7 km from the start of the Greenway, you’ll reach Buona Vista. The MRT station is nearby on the left, and if you’re hungry there is a food centre just to the right. Buona Vista is a convenient place to join the trail if you want a shorter hike, and the scenery improves from here towards the north.

Through Clementi Forest

The section of the Rail Corridor through Clementi Forest is one of the nicest parts. It’s far from any highway so all you can hear is the sounds of the jungle. Unlike other jungle hikes, it is more open so you can see more of the trees and the sky, with birds fluttering around overhead.

Clementi Forest on the Greenway in Singapore
Clementi Forest on the Green Corridor
Clementi Forest on the Rail Corridor

The trail goes across the Bukit Timah Diversion Canal, on which there is a man-made waterfall. Opposite this is a large, green open field that is very popular with photographers. Soon you will reach Old Bukit Timah Railway Station, which is officially the end of the Southern Section and the start of the Central Section of the Rail Corridor.

Bukit Timah Diversion Canal waterfall
Bukit Timah Diversion Canal overflow spillway

Central Rail Corridor

Old Bukit Timah Railway Station

Old Bukit Timah Station Sign
Old Bukit Timah Station Undergoing Renovation
Old Bukit Timah Station Undergoing Renovation

The old railway station here is undergoing renovation (2022) so you cannot really see it. You can however admire the old station sign and the tracks that still exist by the platform. It’s a popular spot so it can be a little busy on the weekends.

Old Railway Bridge Hindhede Crossing

Railway sign on the Rail Corridor Hike
Steel bridge with railway tracks near Bukit Timah on the Rail Corridor Hike
Steel bridge with railway tracks near Bukit Timah on the Rail Corridor Hike

Just over 1 km further from the station is the first steel truss bridge on this hike, called Hindhede Crossing. Along with the other similar bridge 1.7 km north, it’s a very popular photo spot to take a picture of the railway tracks. If you want to visit Bukit Timah, you can leave the Rail Corridor just after this bridge on the right and it’s just a few hundred metres to the entrance.

Scenic bridge on the Rail Corridor Hike in Singapore

The Rail Corridor continues straight on, through some lovely woodland, under a scenic concrete bridge, and on to the second steel bridge.

Upper Bukit Timah Truss Bridge

The path becomes slightly quieter after the turnoff to Bukit Timah as it continues through some nice jungle. After 20-30 minutes you’ll reach another scenic steel railway bridge, this one called Upper Bukit Timah Truss Bridge.

Upper Bukit Timah Truss Bridge on the rail corridor in singapore
Upper Bukit Timah Truss Bridge
Upper Bukit Timah Truss Bridge

This bridge is also currently (2022) the end of the main Rail Corridor and the start of a diverted route. It’s about 3 km walk along the side of a road to where the next path begins and eventually you reach the Rail Corridor again. If you want to end your hike here, it’s just 500 metres to Hillview MRT station via Rail Mall. You pass this MRT station anyway to continue the hike to the wild north.

Rail Mall

The Rail Mall contains many cafes and restaurants, all located in historic railway buildings with ironwork decorations at the top. We love Springleaf Prata Place which is almost the first thing you see when you reach the mall. It’s always very popular and their prata is delicious.

Rail Mall in Singapore

After your fill of food, continue along the road and cross over the pedestrian bridge. There aren’t really any signs for the Rail Corridor anymore, but you just continue walking along the lefthand side of Upper Bukit Timah Road. Soon you’ll pass Hillview MRT station and start the Northern Section of the hike.

History of the Rail Corridor

The railway that used to run on the Rail Corridor was a passenger and freight railway from Tanjong Pagar to Malaysia. The line was decommissioned in 2011 and the Greenway, or Green Corridor, was developed in its place. The trains to Malaysia now start from Woodlands.

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station was opened in 1932, and the two truss bridges on this walk were completed the same year. The construction of Bukit Timah Railway Station started even earlier, in 1902. Currently, these historic monuments either have been recently renovated or are undergoing renovation to preserve them for the future.

Northern Rail Corridor

Detour along the road (2.5 km)

Road in Singapore

From Hillview MRT station it’s another 2.5 km walking by the side of the road until you get back onto a track just north of Pang Sua River. All along the road, you can see the Rail Corridor parallel to your left surrounded by metal barriers where it is being upgraded (part of which should open in mid-2022, the rest in 2024).

Track by Pang Sua River (3 km)

Sunny Rail Corridor / Green Corridor Hiking trail
Sunny Rail Corridor
Buddha statue by Pang Sua River in Singapore
Walking along by Pang Sua River
Track by the river on the Rail Corridor Greenway hike
Shady Track by the River

Just after you cross Pang Sua River, there’s a small grassy trail leading by the side of the river. Around the corner, it turns into a gravel track that continues by the river. The Rail Corridor itself is open here, but there is no shade at all so we walked instead by the river which was more pleasant, cooler and shady. The track continues along by the river for roughly 3 km before the main river bends away and the track heads into the middle of the vegetation.

Bring a Sun Hat

Besides sunscreen, you can protect your face against the harsh sun with a sun hat. We always throw hats in our backpack, and use them regularly. They are not very useful in the jungle, but once you get to the open sections you are happy to carry one along. I’ve got this airy sun hat from a great American outdoor brand called Outdoor Research:

Outdoor Research Swift Sun Hat on Amazon*.

You may prefer something with a wider brim, like:

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat on Amazon*.

Check out the complete list of hiking gear needed for Singapore:

Pang Sua River
Pang Sua River
Pang Sua River
Pang Sua River

Entering the Countryside (2.2 km)

The following 2.2 km was one of my favourite parts of the hike. The trail was almost deserted and we were surrounded by over head-high tall reeds with occasional trees. The path was narrow and on dirt and there were few signs of anything manmade. There is very little shade, so make sure to bring a sunhat. Since this section is near the end, it will be near the middle of the day and very warm.

Through the Countryside on the Northern Section of the Rail Corridor
Through the Countryside on the Northern Rail Corridor
Through the Countryside on the Northern Rail Corridor
Through the Countryside on the Northern Rail Corridor

After a while, we reached a metro line that passed high above us. This is the end of the officially open route. To get to Kranji MRT station, head right to follow underneath the MRT and soon you’ll reach a road. From there it’s 500 metres straight on to the station.

Entering the Wilderness (750 m)

When we arrived beneath the metro line, there was an open door in the metal barrier across the path ahead. There were no signs and other hikers were walking through, so we also went through the door, not having read online that it was closed.

The northern part of the Rail Corridor through beautiful woodland
The northern part of the Rail Corridor through beautiful woodland
The northern part of the Rail Corridor through beautiful woodland

It was really beautiful in this section with tall trees towering over the narrow, shady path below. It was only at the far end of this section when we saw a proper metal barrier and a sign on the other side that we realised it was actually closed. There was a well-worn path around the side of the barrier where other hikers must have made the same mistake. From there it was about a 1 km walk to Kranji MRT, first right and then left at the next major road intersection.

Guidebooks to explore more of Singapore

For another long hike, try the Coast to Coast Trail, or for easier walks try the Gardens by the Bay Walk or Marina Bay Walking Trail. For heritage trails, check out cultural Little India, historic Kampong Glam or hip Joo Chiat. Or, for more unique hikes in Singapore, check out our interactive hiking map!

FAQs for the Rail Corridor Hike

What are the opening hours of the Rail Corridor Hike?

The route is free to access at any time. However, there is no lighting so bring a torch if you want to hike in the dark.

How long is the Rail Corridor Hike?

The full Rail Corridor hike is 24 km long. The Southern and Northern Sections are both roughly 10 km, while the Central Section is only 4 km long.

Is the northern section of the Rail Corridor closed?

The northern section is partially closed. You have to walk roughly 3 km by the side of a road and 2.2 km on a pleasant riverside track both parallel to the Rail Corridor before rejoining the official route again. The very northern end is also closed but the section that remains open is very nice.

How do you get to the starting point of the Rail Corridor Hike?

The best way to get to the starting point of the Rail Corridor is by bus to Melati Blk 2 Bus Stop. You can also reach the Rail Corridor from other access points, a convenient one being Buona Vista MRT station.

Where does the Rail Corridor start and end?

The Rail Corridor starts near the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in Outram and finishes in the north of Singapore near Kranji MRT station.

Are the Rail Corridor and Green Corridor the same?

The Rail Corridor and Green Corridor are the same, just two different names for the same walking/cycling trail. It’s also sometimes called The Greenway.


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