Obernai Walking Tour

Obernai, Alsace Wine Route
Obernai, Alsace Wine Route

By Vicky · Published Apr. 19th, 2023 · Updated Apr. 3rd, 2024

Obernai is a well-preserved small town in Alsace known for its narrow streets and half-timbered houses, perfect for a walking tour.


This walking tour starts from Place du Marché, the main town square in the centre of Obernai. There are a couple of free parking areas nearby. Alternatively, it’s about 500 metres from Obernai Train Station (30 minutes from Strasbourg, ~1 hour from Colmar).

Obernai Walking Tour Map

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Tips for Obernai Walking Tour

  • Obernai is on the Alsatian Wine Route and also has delicious Alsatian cuisine (think a blend of French and German). There are many restaurants and cafes to choose from in Obernai.
  • Alsatian cuisine includes Choucroute (sauerkraut), Tarte Flambée (flammkuchen, similar to pizza) and Baeckeoffe (a meat casserole). There are of course also delicious local wines, such as Riesling, Muscat and Pinot Gris.
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Top Sights in Obernai

On this self-guided walking tour, you’ll wander around the best parts of Obernai. There are few specific attractions, the main enjoyment is simply meandering through the winding streets. You could spend up to a couple of hours in Obernai, or walk around quickly in just 45 minutes.

  1. Place du Marché
  2. Eglise Saints-Pierre-et-Paul
  3. Place des Fines Herbes
  1. Les Remparts
  2. Rue du Général Gouraud
  3. Rue du Marché

Obernai Walking Tour Route

This walking tour starts from Place du Marché, the main town square in the centre of Obernai.

1. Place du Marché

Place du Marché in Obernai, the start of a walking tour
Obernai, a cute village on the Alsace Wine Route in France

Place du Marché is the heart of the old town and the main square of Obernai. Beautiful old buildings surrounded this square and it has a lively market on Thursdays and Saturdays. La Fontaine Sainte-Odile, in the middle of the market square, is a 19th-century fountain dedicated to Saint Odile, the patron saint of Alsace.

The Hôtel de Ville is the town hall of Obernai, at one end of the marketplace. It was built in the 16th century and has a beautiful Renaissance façade. This square hosts the Obernai Christmas Market from late November to the end of December.

Directions: From the marketplace, head towards the town hall and turn right slightly uphill. On your right, you’ll see Le Puits a Six Seaux (The Well with Six Buckets), dating back to 1579. Through a coin in for good luck! You’ll see the church in front of you.

2. Eglise Saints-Pierre-et-Paul

Eglise Saints-Pierre-et-Paul

Key Information: Open every day 9am-noon and 2pm-6pm.

Eglise Saints-Pierre-et-Paul is the main church of Obernai. It was built in the 14th century and has beautiful Gothic architecture. There are some lovely windows inside and a nice altar.

A colourful old historic building

Directions: After leaving the church, turn right through a park area following the location of the old town walls. Take the first left by the colourful building down to the main street and turn left again. Take the first right down a narrow alley and next left.

The Tourist Office is on the corner here. The staff speak English and you can pick up a map and get some information on the town. The Belfry, or Kappelturm (Chapel Tower), is in the centre of this small square. This is a Gothic bell tower, dating back at least 500 years.

Directions: Leave the square via the far left corner. Follow the road as it bends right down a cute street to the next square.

3. Place des Fines Herbes

Tourist Information in Obernai
Tourist Information
Place des Fines Herbes
Buildings around Place des Fines Herbes

Many cute half-timbered buildings surround the Place des Fines Herbes, though the square itself is mainly a car park.

Directions: Leave the square from the far left corner, then turn left when you reach another main road. Soon on your right you’ll see an open area and the old town walls. Walk through the little stone archway to get onto the ramparts.

4. Les Remparts

Les Remparts
Les Remparts, or the old town walls in Obernai

Les remparts, or the ramparts, are the old defensive walls that surrounded Obernai in medieval times, dating back to the 14th century. They have been well-preserved and you can still see some of the old towers and gates from this section of the wall.

Directions: Walk left along the ramparts to the main road and turn left.

5. Rue du Général Gouraud

 Rue du Général Gouraud

Rue du Général Gouraud is one of the main streets of Obernai and is lined with beautiful old houses, shops, and restaurants. The downside is that it’s a bit busy with cars.

Directions: Before you get back to the main square, look out for the narrow alleyway on the left leading between two cute almost-touching buildings. Head along this lane until you meet a main road. The next cute lane is the first on the right, heading back towards the centre of Obernai.

6. Rue du Marché

Corner of Rue du Marché in Obernai, on the Alsace Wine Route in France
Corner of Rue du Marché
Walking along Rue du Marché on a tour of Obernai, France
Rue du Marché

Rue du Marché is a cute street lined by half-timbered buildings and restaurants and has a lot of charm. It’s a great place to end the walking tour of Obernai with a drink, crepe or ice cream.

Directions: If you continue along this street, you’ll end up at the Place du Marché where you started this walking tour of Obernai.

Best Places to Stay in Obernai

For such a small town, Obernai has many places to stay, from budget hostels to fancy hotels and everything in between. Check out the best places to stay in Obernai below:


  • A Mi Chemin*: We stayed here and it was perfect – a central location with small but elegant and clean rooms. It’s very affordable and there’s a small cafe beneath the hotel which serves very reasonably priced breakfasts.


  • L’Ecurie Obernai*: This gorgeous hotel has spacious rooms and a delicious buffet breakfast, but the highlight is perhaps the swimming pool. Additionally, it’s very close to the centre of town!

Guidebooks & Maps for Exploring Alsace

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