Badersee & Grainau Panorama Walk

Walking around the Badersee
Walking around the Badersee

By Vicky · Published Aug. 28th, 2023 · Updated Sep. 9th, 2023

This easy walk circles the Badersee, a hidden gem in the Bavarian Alps, before continuing through Grainau to a trail with panoramic views.

Badersee & Grainau Panorama Trail Map

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The Badersee & Grainau Panorama Walk starts from a small car park by the side of the road in Grainau, not far from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Parking is free, but on sunny summer weekends, it can fill up before lunchtime.


  • If you want to stay nearby, there are plenty of accommodation options in Grainau*. This walk passes the Hotel am Badersee*, a lovely hotel in peaceful surroundings.
  • The Hotel am Badersee has a lovely terrace overlooking the lake if you want refreshments on this walk.
  • You can rent rowboats from the hotel.
  • The Badersee remains at roughly 11°C the entire year, making it too cold for swimming.
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Badersee & Grainau Panorama Walking Route

From the car park, walk up the road (away from Grainau) roughly 100 metres and take the small road on your left leading to the sports club. This road bends the corner around some tennis pitches and a football field. You’ll then see a hiking trail to your right. Join this, and continue slightly downwards into the woods, around some curling pitches.


Walking around the Badersee in Bavaria
Walking around the Badersee with views of the Hotel am Badersee

In a short distance you’ll reach the Badersee. This lake is known for its crystal-clear blue waters, which reflect the surrounding mountains, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Take the small path to the right which leads around the small lake. There’s a scenic little island in the middle, and the Hotel am Badersee just on the other side.

Once you’ve almost completed the loop, head left at the junction around to the front of the hotel. There are some benches here to sit on and admire the view, or you can take refreshments on the hotel terrace or rent a little rowboat.

When you’re ready, return back to the junction and leave the lake via the road to the hotel. At the end of the car park, take a right along the well-marked gravel track into the woods. Follow this path as it meanders through the trees and then comes out onto a small street in Grainau. The houses here are very picturesque.

Panoramic Views

Walking through the cute town of Grainau near the Badersee
Walking through the cute town of Grainau
Panoramic views from a walking route near the town of Grainau

Take the first left then left on the main road for a few metres, before taking the road to the right with the hiking signs. The route bends around the corner, then heads right and begins the ascent. There are a couple of bends before you round the corner and leave the forest into open meadows.

On your left you’ll see a chapel and memorial to the fallen. There are wonderful views from here across to the other side of the valley and a bench to sit and reflect. Continue onwards along the good trail which leads to a small wooden hut, again with great views.

Panoramic views of the Alps from Grainau on a walk

Shortly after this, the path descends back into the woodland. Continue along the trail until it bends left to a T-junction. Take the right here along the edge of the fields. Soon after the track returns to the forest, look out for a smaller trail heading left. This is just before a bend in the track.

This smaller path leads you back to a small residential area of Grainau. Turn right on the road, then left at the far end. This street will lead you to a bridge back into the car park and the end of the Badersee & Grainau Panorama Walk.

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