Bayreuth to Schloss Fantasie Walk

Schloss Fantasie near Bayreuth
Schloss Fantasie near Bayreuth

By Vicky · Published May. 14th, 2023

Walk from Bayreuth to Schloss Fantasie for a varied hike through forest, cliffs, fields, fantasy gardens and more.

Bayreuth to Schloss Fantasie Walking Map

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The Bayreuth to Schloss Fantasie starts from outside the Neues Schloss, but you can actually start anywhere from central Bayreuth.


  • This is a one-way walk, you can take the bus back from just outside the Schloss Fantasie.
  • There’s a nice cafe at Schloss Fantasie where you can grab a cake (or bratwurst) and something to drink.
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Bayreuth to Schloss Fantasie Walking Route

From outside the Neues Schloss, turn left away from the centre of town, then take a left at the T-junction. In 200 metres, turn right down Moritzhöfen Straße and continue onwards across the main road. Soon you’ll see Tierpark Röhrensee on your left.

Tierpark Röhrensee

Tierpark Röhrensee
Walking through Tierpark Röhrensee

This lovely city park contains a lake, flowers and several lovely trees. It also houses various exotic animals, mainly birds such as flamingos and cranes, along with wallabies and more. Make your way through the park, then head upwards and left along the cycle path (going across the old stone railway bridge).

Head along the cycle path for about 700 metres, then turn left through a quiet commercial business area. Follow the road as it bends left, then head left at the junction. Go straight on at the roundabout, then take the first right. After 100 metres, look out for the path into the forest, heading sharply left.

Buchstein Rocks

Buchstein Rocks on the walking route from Bayreuth

Once in the woods, take the first right to walk along the edge of the forest, with some views over the fields below. Continue on the forest tracks, always aiming for Buchstein. This is the highest point in the woodland and surprisingly has an interesting cliff face of rounded rocks and giant stones. It’s a great place to walk around, play hide-and-seek or have a rest.

Continue onwards, heading steeply downwards through the rocks on the other side. Turn right to reach a quiet road through fields, then over the main road. Head left then almost immediately right through a couple of buildings and horse stables. The route heads back into the woodland, then you’ll eventually come to a sign marking the start of the Prinzessin Friederike Weg.

Prinzessin Friederike Weg

Stone bridge on the Prinzessin Friederike Weg
View of Schloss Fantasie from a walk along the Prinzessin Friederike Weg from Bayreuth

The next section of the walking route is the Prinzessin Friederike Weg, a 500-metre long path through the ‘Fantasy Forest’. There are four features along the way: a pond with an island (not very impressive), the Franzosen stone bridge, the Bergsee (a small pond) and Siegesturm (a fun viewing tower).

This section of the route is well-signed, and you end at the viewing tower. From the top you can see the Schloss Fantasie, this walk’s final destination.

Schloss Fantasie

Walking through the gardens of Schloss Fantasie near Bayreuth
Schloss Fantasie near Bayreuth after walking through the grounds

At the base of the tower, turn left along the path heading gently downhill. You’ll soon enter the Schloss Fantasie gardens, with a lake on your right. Turn right around the lake, then head uphill and make your way through the grounds of the palace. Don’t miss the Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountains) and the Cascades above.

Head round to the front of the grand Schloss. Inside is a museum about Gardens through time and you have to get a ticket for this. If you head around the right of the palace you’ll find the cafe, a great place to take a break and grab a bite to eat. From the schloss terrace at the back there’s a nice view over the gardens.

When you’ve explored enough, leave the grounds and head to the road where there’s a bus stop. Buses leave from here roughly every hour or so, so check the timetable beforehand. It then takes about 15 minutes on the bus to get back into the centre of Bayreuth.

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