Best Day Hikes in Bavaria

Mountain views on a hike in Bavaria, Germany
Mountain views on a hike in Bavaria, Germany

By Vicky · Published Jun. 9th, 2024

Check out our list of the best hikes in Bavaria, Germany, with maps, photos, detailed route descriptions and insider tips.

Best Day Hikes in Bavaria Map

Best Hikes in Bavaria List

These hikes in Bavaria make for a great day out. Click on the links for detailed route information, or continue reading for brief descriptions of each hike.


  1. Lake Eibsee Hike – 7 km, 150 m climb
  2. Panoramic Three Lakes Walk – 11 km, 175 m climb
  3. Lindau Four Hills Walk – 6.8 km, 180 m climb
  4. Ries Crater Hike – 10 km, 180 m climb


  1. Partnachklamm Gorge Hike – 6.3 km, 220 m climb
  2. Fränkische Schweiz Walk – 10 km, 200 m climb
  3. Auerberg Alps Panorama Walk – 9.5 km, 335 m climb
  4. Castles to Füssen Loop Walk – 10.3 km, 310 m climb
  5. Treuchtlingen to Solnhofen Walk – 18.5 km, 395 m climb


  1. Iseler Panoramic Ridge Hike – 10 km, 800 m climb
  2. Pürschling & Teufelstättkopf Peaks – 11.5 km, 850 m climb
  3. Säuling Peak Hike – 18.5 km, 1420 m climb

1. Lake Eibsee Hike

A lake walk in Germany
HIking around Lake Eibsee, one of the best hikes in Germany

Walk details: 7 km, 150 m climb, easy.

The easy walk around Lake Eibsee is one of the most popular hikes in Bavaria and Germany. It’s a simple loop around a crystal-clear lake with spectacular views.

Tips: You can swim in the lake in summer! Read more about the walk here.

2. Panoramic Three Lakes Walk

Panoramic views of the Bavaria Alps on a walk in Germany

Walk details: 11 km, 175 m climb, easy.

The panoramic hike around three lakes near Garmisch-Partenkirchen is an easy yet highly rewarding walk. There are beautiful views almost all the way around.

Tips: You can swim in any of the three lakes on this hike – the first two are free, while the third you have to pay for. Read more about the walk.

3. Lindau Four Hills Walk

Apple trees and vines near Lindau
Walking near Lindau, one of the best hikes in Bavaria

Walk details: 6.8 km, 180 m climb, easy.

This walk heads up four gentle hills not far from Lindau and Lake Constance. As you stroll through vineyards and apple orchards, you get views over the lake below and Alps on the other side.

Tips: This walk is loveliest in Autumn when the vines change colour and the apples are ripe, but it’s also nice in spring and summer. Read more about the walk.

4. Ries Crater Hike

Views of Bavarian countryside from a cave in Ries Crater on the Romantic Route in Germany
On a walk in the Ries Crater near Nordlingen

Walk details: 10 km, 180 m climb, easy to moderate.

This hike is one of the best in the Ries Crater, with several points of interest including geology, Roman ruins, caves and viewpoints.

Tips: The Nördlinger Ries Crater was formed by a meteorite impact roughly 15 million years ago. Head to the Ries Crater Museum in Nördlingen to learn more about it! Read more about the walk.

5. Partnachklamm Gorge Hike

Partnachklamm Gorge, one of the best hikes in Bavaria
On a walk in the Alps in Germany

Walk details: 6.3 km, 220 m climb, moderate.

This hike leads you through dramatic Partnachklamm Gorge before returning on the grassy slopes above past several lovely Biergartens with great views.

Tips: There’s a fee to walk through Partnachklamm Gorge – you can buy a ticket onsite but it’s closed in poor weather. Read more.

6. Fränkische Schweiz Walk

On a walk in Fränkische Schweiz Walk, one of the best hikes in Bavaria, Germany
Fränkische Schweiz

Walk details: 10 km, 200 m climb, moderate.

This walk is the best in Fränkische Schweiz, a forested region cut through by narrow valleys with impressive rock formations. You can walk to the top of several of these rocks for great views over the surroundings.

Tips: Take care on the rocks, especially in wet weather, as they can be slippery. Read more.

7. Auerberg Alps Panorama Walk

A hike up Auerberg Alps for Panoramic Views on one of the best walks along the Romantic Road in Germany

Walk details: 9.5 km, 335 m climb, easy to moderate.

On this walk not far from the Romantic Road, you head up a small hill with a chapel at the top, from which you can see a fantastic panorama of the Alps. It definitely a hike with amazing views for not too much effort.

Tips: Don’t forget to climb up the church tower at the top for an amazing panorama of the Alps. Read more about the walk.

8. Castles to Füssen Loop Walk

Views of Fussen town on the Romantic Road on a walk from the castles
Views of Castles on one of the best walks along the Romantic Road in Germany

Walk details: 10.3 km, 310 m climb, moderate.

The walk from the Neuschwanstein Castle to Füssen and back is a lovely loop through beautiful forests, into the historic town then up to a great viewpoint and down to walk along an alpine lake.

Tips: You can swim in the lake on this walk, and spend some time walking around Füssen at the far end. Read more about the walk.

10. Treuchtlingen to Solnhofen Walk

Walking in the Altmuhltal on one of the best hikes in Bavaria
Hiking in the Altmuhltal, Germany

Walk details: 13.5 km, 395 m climb, difficult.

The walk from Treuchtlingen to Solnhofen is one of the best sections of the Altmühltal Panorama Trail. You’ll see beautiful countryside along the Altmühltal Valley, with dramatic rocks and the river below, alongside the little town of Pappenheim with its old castle.

Tips: This walk is one-way, but there’s an easy and quick train ride back. Read more.

10. Iseler Panoramic Ridge Hike

Views of a ridge on the Iseler Panoramic Ridge Hike, one of the best walks in Bavaria, germany

Walk details: 10 km, 800 m climb, difficult.

This dramatic walk leads up to Iseler Ridge from where you get fantastic panoramas in all directions. Hiking along the ridge is a little tricky, with cables and a few iron steps in places, but most of the time these are not necessary, they just make it slightly easier.

Tips: Take hiking poles* to help with the rocky sections. Read more.

11. Pürschling & Teufelstättkopf Peaks

A waterfall with rocks and snow
Walking in the Alps in Bavaria, Germany
On a hike in Bavaria with mountains and snow

Walk details: 11.5 km, 850 m climb, difficult.

The hike up Pürschling & Teufelstättkopf Peaks gives you great views of the countryside to the north and high Alps to the south.

Tips: There’s a hut near Pürschling Peak (August-Schuster-Haus) which serves food and drinks, open May-October. Read more about the walk.

12. Säuling Peak Hike

Views of Neuschwanstein Castle from the walk up Sauling Peak
Sauling Peak on the border of Austria and Germany

Walk details: 18.5 km, 1420 m climb, difficult.

The hike up Säuling Peak is well worth the effort, with fantastic views at the top. This route leads over the peak from Germany to Austria, with a short bus back.

Tips: There’s a small bit of easy scrambling near the top, secured by ropes in most places. You can swim near the end of the walk, before taking a 30-minute bus ride (roughly €5, cash only) back to the beginning. Read more about the hike.

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