Brandenkopf Short Walk

Views from the top of Brandenkopf Tower
Views from the top of Brandenkopf Tower

By Vicky · Published May. 5th, 2023 · Updated Jan. 7th, 2024

This short walk around Brandenkopf includes the great tower viewpoint and a pleasant stroll through the peaceful woodland.

Brandenkopf Short Walk Hiking Map

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The Brandenkopf Short Walk starts from the free car park at the very top of Brandenkopf, right next to the restaurant.


Brandenkopf Short Walking Route

Views from the top of Brandenkopf Tower on a short walk
Views from the top of Brandenkopf Tower
Views from the top of Brandenkopf Tower at the start of a short walk

You can choose to go up the Brandenkopf viewing tower either at the start or end of this walk. Although you have to climb up quite a few stairs, it’s definitely worth it for the great views of the Black Forest and surrounding valleys.

When you’re ready to set off on this short walk, leave the car park on the route you drove in on to the post with many hiking signs. Head straight on along the track into the forest, towards a large wind turbine. At the next junction with a few hiking signs, take the small path to the right. This cuts to a larger track where you turn right.

A track in the Schwarzwald
Walking around Brandenkopf in the Schwarzwald
Walking in the Schwarzwald

From here the walking route is fairly simple as you follow along this track for just over 1km. Before you reach the road, take a small path signed to the right. This leads you to a small parking area and road junction. Head right on the small road (not the road you drive to the top) and at the corner take the track to the right.

Keep walking along this track as it gradually climbs back towards the top of the hill. After about 1.5 km, you’ll reach a junction with another hiking signpost. Take the small, slightly rocky path to the right. This leads upwards and directly back to the car park and the end of the Brandenkopf Short Walk.

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