Iseler Panoramic Ridge Hike

Hiking along Iseler Ridge
Hiking along Iseler Ridge

By Vicky · Published May. 24th, 2024

This hike up to Iseler Peak and along a panoramic ridge is a glorious walk with fantastic views and exciting hiking.


The Iseler Panoramic Ridge Hike starts from Parkplatz Moorbad Oberjoch on the eastern edge of the small town of Oberjoch. It costs €5 per day to park, like the other car parks in Oberjoch. It’s about 2 hours drive from Munich, or almost 3 hours on public transport with a train to Sonthofen and then a bus.

Iseler Panoramic Ridge Hiking Map


  • The path along the top of the ridge requires sure-footedness and a head for heights. There are places with metal steps and metal wires to hold onto. There is, however, little technical difficulty and the steps and wires are there more for security than because it would be too difficult without them. (A different route on the mountain is a proper Via Ferrata that requires helmet, harness etc. but the route described here is just the normal hiking route.)
  • Depending on the year, this hike is generally doable from May. A few patches of snow remain for longer, but the path is heavily traversed so there’s often a clear path through them. We did this hike up to Iseler Peak on 19th May 2024 and crossed a few small snow patches, which were not difficult.
  • Hiking poles* are useful for this hike – for the steep sections and for the snow!
  • This hike is not recommended in rainy conditions or poor visibility.
  • Next to the car park is a free, open-air, wild swimming pool called Hochmoorschwimmbad, perfect for cooling off after the hike. It’s open from late June to mid-September.
  • For refreshments, there are Biergartens near the car park and a mountain restaurant, Wiedhag-Alpe, by a small artificial lake almost halfway up the mountain (open from May). You don’t directly pass Wiedhag-Alpe, it’s a slight detour on the way up or down.
  • If you have the energy, you can walk the 1.2 km easy loop through Kematsrieder Hochmoor, a wet swampy area of heather and trees with nice views back to Iseler Peak Ridge.
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Iseler Panoramic Ridge Hiking Route

Setting off on a hike near Oberjoch, Bavaria, Germany
Views of Bavaria and a walking trail

First, head to the end of the car park closest to town and cross the road using the pedestrian tunnel. Turn right on the other side to walk past a few ski shops before heading left on the first road. After a couple of houses, the hiking trail starts on your left, leading into some fields.

Keep walking along the main track as it zigzags upwards to a small Biergarten and beyond. The track gets narrower as you continue upwards through the open. Near the top of the fields, you’ll see the top of the cable car and the Wiedhag-Alpe restaurant to your left. If you don’t want refreshments already, ignore this turn-off and continue hiking upwards. Head straight across the next junction onto the smaller trail. This is where the next section of the hike starts.

The path now becomes narrower, and in places steeper, with more of a mountain-hike feel. You first head right along the lower edge of the steep rocky slope. The zigzags then begin and you go steeply upwards. There isn’t any particular difficulty in this section, it’s just uphill.

Hiking along Panoramic Iseler Ridge

The Bavarian Alps
The Hiking Trail along Panoramic Iseler Ridge, Bavaria, Germany

Eventually, you’ll get to the top of the panoramic ridge near Iseler Peak. From here there are really fantastic views in all directions. You can see the valley you came from to the north, while on the opposite side, you’ll only see wild valleys and high mountains.

On the next part of the hike, you keep to the ridge top along the sometimes narrow path. Iseler Peak itself is just a short hike away, 1876 metres high, with a cross on top and plenty of rocks to sit on. After the peak, continue along the ridge. The route-finding is simple, just don’t take any of the paths that branch off but keep to the path leading straight onward along the ridge.

Hiking along Panoramic Iseler Ridge

There are some sections along the ridge, particularly during the descent at the opposite end of the ridge, where there are metal steps and metal wires to hold onto. In most cases, the steps aren’t that useful, and it’s often easier to not hold onto the wire. Only in a couple of places, I found myself holding my hiking poles in one hand so I could actually hold the wire. Nowhere was it particularly exposed or did it feel that scary. But you do need to have a little agility, not be too afraid of heights, and be sure-footed.

The highest point along the ridge is Kügundkopf, at 1907 metres high, slightly higher than Iseler Peak. There’s a short uphill section to get there, after which the rest of the hike is entirely downhill. Again, there are great views all around, and along the ridge you’ve been walking along. The top of Kügundkopf is also the border between Germany and Austria, and you’ll follow the boundary as you descend along the ridge.

Walking back down from Iseler Ridge

Walking in the Bavarian Alps
Hiking down Iseler Ridge in Bavaria, Germany

At the far end of the ridge, there’s a small cross, and then the descent proper starts. It’s quite a long way down! But there are great views all the way. The path is narrow here and there are a few short sections where you need to focus on where you’re walking.

Eventually, you’ll see the fairly flat and easy path below you to the left and right of the ridge. Soon you’ll reach it, and the rest of the walk is quite easy. Note the sentry box on the border just to your right! Head left, away from Austria and you’ll soon come to the top station of a ski lift. Continue onwards, through small sections of wood and open until you meet a track at the far side of a large open area.

Looking into Austria
Looking into Austria
Wire ropes on a slightly tricky section walking down Iseler Ridge
Wire ropes on a slightly tricky section

Turn right here to descend back to the car park. Alternatively, if you want to visit Wiedhag-Alpe to have a drink or food, turn left up the track here. It’s 600 metres with a small amount of uphill if you want to visit the Alpe, but you can take an alternative route directly down from the hut along an easy track.

The main route leads down and into the woodland. It can be muddy here, and a little slippery. After not too long you’ll reach the road through the valley at the bottom. Turn left and you’ll soon be opposite the car park where you started. Cross the road, and potentially visit the Biergarten by the Hochmoorschwimmbad, or even the swimming area itself. This is the end of the Iseler Panoramic Ridge Hike.

Kematsrieder Hochmoor 1.2 km Walking Loop

Hochmoor Swimming Pool
Hochmoor Swimming Pool
Views of Iseler Peak from Hochmoor Walk
Views of Iseler Peak from Hochmoor Walk

If you have the energy, you can stroll through the wet moorland area on an easy 1.2 km loop. It starts just behind the Biergarten by the free open-air pool you can swim in (summer only). The route is a mix of tracks, boardwalks and smaller paths, and you have great views of Iseler Peak Ridge as you walk around.

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