Lindau Four Hills Walk

Lindau Four Hills Walk with views over Lake Constance
Lindau Four Hills Walk with views over Lake Constance

By Vicky · Published Oct. 17th, 2022 · Updated Mar. 23rd, 2023

There are great views over Lake Constance from the four hills on this lovely walk through apple orchards and sloping vineyards near Lindau.

Lindau Four Hills Walk Route Map

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This walk starts from the car park in Bodolz, a small, free car park in the village, 10 minutes drive from Lindau.


  • It’s best to walk this route when the weather is clear, so you have nice views from the high points.
  • While this hike is possible in any season, autumn brings lovely colours to the vineyards and the trees are covered in ripe apples.
  • Offline maps app works well for this walk.
  • While in the area, try the Lindau Walking Tour, Bregenz Walking Tour or Pfänderbahn Hike up to great views over the Alps.
  • Find other great hikes on our Germany Hiking Page.

From the car park in Boldoz, head along the road underneath the railway and turn left. You’ll already see large apple orchards on your right, and if you’re here in Autumn you’ll see many shiny red apples on the trees.

Apple orchards near Lake Constance
A hill on a walk near Lindau

Walk to the First Lindau Hill

After about 500 metres you’ll cross the railway again, this time on a bridge. On the other side, continue straight onwards along a track up through the orchards. The track bends through a wood and right, coming out into the open at the top of Herrmannsberg, the first hill on this walk.

On a walk in Germany
Views over wineywards, the alps and Lake Constance from a hill while on a walk near Lindau

There are several viewpoints and benches at the top of Herrmannsberg. You can see across the nearby vineyards all the way to the lake and mountains beyond. It’s a lovely place to have a rest and enjoy the scenery.

Walk to the Second Lindau Hill

Views over the alps and Lake Constance from a hill while on a walk near Lindau

When you’re ready, continue onwards and back into the wood. Turn right at the junction and soon you’ll come out on a road. Turn left up the road towards the buildings, and then right along the road in the centre of the village.

There are nice views from this quiet road, and you’re surrounded by apple orchards and vineyards. Just before a farmyard building, take the trail left heading upwards. You’ll soon reach a cute little wooden hut in the middle of the vineyards where you bend around to the right.

Vineyards nears Lake Constance
Views from a hill while on a hike near Lake Constance

Take the left fork towards the wood. Walk along the right-hand edge of the trees for good views over Lake Constance. When we were here in mid-October, this stretch was a highway of ladybirds (ladybugs) flying through the air, and we got covered with them! At the end of the wood are some benches and a viewpoint. This is Ringoldsberg and the top of the second hill on this walk.

Walk to the Third Lindau Hill

From Ringoldsberg you can see down to the little town of Schönau, centred on a fruit juice factory. The route now heads to this town, down many stone steps through the woodland. At the bottom of the steps, turn left and then head right beneath the railway tracks.

Views over Lake Constance from a hill near Lindau
One of the hills on the four hills walk near Lindau

Follow the main road through town and left in the middle towards the fruit juice factory. Turn right along the road by the factory and follow it as it bends to the left at the far end. Head out into a field and apple orchards, then turn left and right in the middle. You’ll soon reach the third hill on this walk, Entenberg. There are several benches here and great views all around.

Walk to the Fourth Lindau Hill

Continue along the path down the broad ridge. At the bottom turn right towards a main track, then left along the track. There are good views back to the hill you just walked down, and many more apple trees.

At the road turn right to head through the next village. Leave the village towards the Bismark Denkmal – a huge eagle statue with nice views over the lake. Continue onwards, then take the small path heading sharply right up the hillside.

Views of Lindau Island from a hill nearby
Views of the Alps and Lake Constance on a walk near Lindau in Germany

At the top, you’re at the top of Hoyerberg and the fourth and final hill of this walk. There are benches and great views over Lake Constance and the Alps over the other side of the water. You’ll also be able to see the Island Town of Lindau from here, with a distinctive old tower on the right-hand side.

Continue along the path to reach a road. Head onwards, and in 500 metres take the left fork at the junction. Before the next buildings, there’s a footpath sign (Fußweg) pointing left through the apple trees. Take this path and follow it right by the railway. Head left beneath the archway to reach the other side of the tracks and then take the road to the right. This will lead you back to the car park in the centre of Bodolz and the end of this Lindau Four Hills Walk.

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