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Rain am Lech Main Street

By Vicky · Published Dec. 15th, 2022 · Updated Mar. 23rd, 2023

Rain am Lech is a small town with a few points of interest visited on this walking tour, including Dehner Flower Park, a cute main street and a small castle.


This walk starts from Schloss Rain. There are several places to park in town. Alternatively, you can take the train to Rain Bahnhof, it’s a ten-minute ride from Donauwörth.

Rain am Lech Walking Tour Map

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Tips for Rain am Lech Walking Tour

Top Sights in Rain am Lech

On this self-guided walking tour you’ll see the main sights and attractions of Rain am Lech. A couple of hours is the perfect amount of time to spend in Rain am Lech. Rain is famous for its flowers, parks, greenbelt and gardens, so allow time to stroll through these.

  1. Schloss Rain am Lech
  2. City Park
  3. Dehner Flower Park
  4. City Museum
  1. Rathaus
  2. St John the Baptist Church
  3. Georg Weber Park

Rain am Lech Walking Tour Route

This walking tour starts from Schloss Rain.

1. Schloss Rain am Lech

Schloss Rain am Lech
Gardens in Rain, Bavaria, Germany

Schloss Rain is a small white castle, or fortified house. The Wittelsbach family first built a castle here around 1400, but it has been rebuilt and modified several times since. Admire the outside, and take a look at the gardens around the back.

Directions: Head into the park at the back of the castle.

2. Rain City Park

Walking through Rain am Lech City Park on a tour of the town
Walking through Rain am Lech City Park

Rain City Park is a nice place to wander around. There’s a wild lake, flowers and ornamentation in the park, as well as a few little hills.

Directions: Walk through the park and cross the road. Look to your left to see the distinctive Schwabtor. Continue along the path to the large roundabout at the flower park.

3. Dehner Flower Park

Dehner Flower Park and Garden Centre
Dehner Flower Park, a stop on a walking tour through Rain am Lech

Key Information: Open 9am-6pm every day, free entry. Closed on Sundays.

The Dehner Flower Park is behind the Dehner Garden Centre, a huge shopping centre for everything related to gardening and gardens. You have to walk through the shop a short distance to get to the flower park at the back. Once in the park, there are several small paths you can stroll around, with some ornamental ponds and many flowers. It’s best seen in spring and summer, though autumn is also worthwhile.

Directions: Leave the gardens and walk right at the far side of the large car park. Follow around the corner and take the first steps to your left back into town. At the top of the steps, the museum is on your left.

4. Heimat Museum (City Museum)

Key Information: Open 2-4pm, entry €2.

The Heimat Museum is located in a small white building formerly used for salt storage. The exhibits go over the local history and culture of the region, plus displays about the Thirty Years War, religion and school life in former times.

Directions: Continue around the block and back to the main road through town. Walk down the road until the small square on the left.

5. Rain am Lech Rathaus

The rathaus in Rain am Lech
Central square in a Bavarian town, Germany

The pink Rathaus, or city hall, sits at one end of a pedestrian square. In the centre is the Tilly Memorial, a monument to the Count of Tilly, a Field Marshall during the Thirty Years War.

Directions: At the end of the square, turn left to head towards the church.

6. St John the Baptist Church

St John the Baptist Church and chapel in Rain am Lech
St John the Baptist Chapel, a stop on a walking tour in Rain am Lech

St John the Baptist Church is a fairly large, white church in the middle of town. Walk around the outside, and take a peak inside. Don’t forget to look at the little Allerheiligen Chapel next to the church, like a miniature version of the original.

Directions: Return to the main road and cross it to head down to Georg Weber Park.

7. Georg Weber Park

Georg Weber Park
Lourdesgrotte, a stop on the walking tour through Rain am Lech

Wander through Georg Weber Park, which has various small sculptures. Head around the outside of the next green section and take the first path on your left. Soon you’ll find signs to the Marien Grotto, or Lourdesgrotte, on your right.

Directions: After the grotto, leave the park and take the first left past the old water tower. Return to the main road and head right. Take the path shortly after the road on the left to return back to the beginning. This is the end of the Rain am Lech Walking Tour.

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