The two Hundheimer Torturm of Röttingen
The two Hundheimer Torturm of Röttingen

By Vicky · Published Mar. 12th, 2023 · Updated Mar. 23rd, 2023

Röttingen has a small castle, a Baroque town hall and a few old defensive stone towers which can all be seen on this short walking tour.


This walk starts from a small car park by Hundheimer Tor. Alternatively, a 15-minute bus ride from Weikersheim train station brings you directly to Röttingen Marktplatz.

Röttingen Walking Tour Map

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Tips for Röttingen Walking Tour

Top Sights in Röttingen

On this self-guided walking tour, you’ll see the main sights and attractions of Röttingen. You can spend about 30-60 minutes walking around town.

  1. Hundheimer Torturm
  2. Burg Brattenstein
  3. St Kilian Church
  1. Old Defensive Towers
  2. Marktplatz
  3. Riverside Stroll

There’s also a Sun Dial trail in town, which is 2 km long and you’ll find 25 unique sundials along the route (collect a leaflet from the sidewall of the Rathaus). On this walking tour of Röttingen, you’ll see several of the sundials, but not all.

Best Place to Stay in Röttingen

Jakobsturm Ferien im Turm* is by far the best place to stay in Röttingen – you get to stay in one of the old towers! It’s very well renovated with a combination of historic stone features and modern equipment. There are also great views from the windows!

Röttingen Walking Tour Route

From the car park you’ll see the towers.

1. Hundheimer Torturm

The two Hundheimer Torturm of Röttingen, the first stop on a walking tour

There are two Hundheimer Torturm (Dog Home Gate Towers), the Neuer and Alter Towers. The New Tower is the one nearest the road, and was probably built in the 15th century after the castle had been incorporated into the town. The Old Tower is similar but slightly smaller than the new one.

Directions: Walk up towards the castle, head up the steps to the left to see the little garden, then return back down and continue along the castle walls. On the left you can see the main entrance to the castle.

2. Burg Brattenstein

Historic Burg Brattenstein in Röttingen, a stop on the walking tour of town
Historic Burg Brattenstein
Historic Burg Brattenstein

Burg Brattenstein has a long history, with the oldest parts of the building from the 12th and 13th centuries. It used to be owned by nobility and princely bishops, but today the castle’s owned by the town. The tithe barn section of the castle was renovated recently and opened in 2018, you’ll definitely notice some of the new sections! You can’t go inside, but you can walk around the outside.

Directions: Continue along the road and take the first right to the church.

3. St Kilian Church

St Kilian Church in Röttingen

St Kilian Church is a catholic parish church. Some form of church has been here since the middle of the 13th century, but with many changes to the building since then. Today it mainly has late romantic architecture and quite a nice inside. It’s named after the Irish monk who was martyred in Würzbug in 689.

Directions: Take the road heading away from the entrance of the church, the first right then left at the T-junciton.

4. Old Defensive Towers

Walking around a village in Germany
An old defensive tower in the town wall of Röttingen

There used to be 14 defensive towers in the walls from the Middle Ages. Today there are still 7 towers remaining. The Schneckenturm, Rippacherturm and Jakosturm are in this corner of town.

Directions: Head right out of the old walls to the road and turn right. Turn right again on the road heading towards the centre of town. Keep going and you’ll reach the Market Square.

5. Marktplatz

The Marktplatz in Röttingen
Baroque Rathaus on the Marktplatz in Röttingen on a walking tour of the town

In the Martplatz you can find the Baroque Rathaus, brightly painted in white and yellow. Built in 1750, it’s one of the nicest buildings on the square, along with the other historic half-timbered houses, including an old apothecary on the far side.

Directions: Leave the Marktplatz on the right to the right of the Rathaus. Cross over at the next junction, head right through the car park and then take the gravel track to the right. This leads you into the park area.

6. Riverside Stroll

Walking along the Tauber River on a tour of Röttingen town, on the Romantic Road in Germany
Strolling along the river Tauber

There’s a lovely section of grassy park by the River Tauber that you can wander through. It’s very peaceful and there are nice views of some of the town’s towers.

Directions: Walk through the park and turn right at the end just past the towers. This will bring you back to the car park and the end of the Röttingen Walking Tour.

Explore the Romantic Road

Other nearby towns to walk around include Würzburg, Wertheim, Tauberbischofsheim, Lauda, Bad Mergentheim and Weikersheim. For more walking tours and hikes in Germany, see our Germany hiking page.

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