Struffelt Route Hike

Struffelt Route Hike
Struffelt Route Hike

By Vicky · Published Jul. 14th, 2022 · Updated Mar. 23rd, 2023

The Struffelt Route Hike is a great circular walk above a reservoir, through a variety of landscapes such as forest and open moorland. You can also find interesting information boards about the catchment area of the Dreilägerbach Reservoir.

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The Struffelt Route starts from the car park at the Filter Works. In German the car park’s name is Parkplatz Filterwerk. If coming via public transport, you can get off bus SB63 from Aachen at the Münsterbildchen Roetgen stop and then walk an extra 25 minutes to the start. Alternatively, from Roetgen centre take bus 46 to the bus stop at the start of this hike.

Tips for Struffelt Route

From the Filter Works car park, head to the main road and across it to directly walk along a steep path zigzagging up the hillside. When you reach a main track at the stop, head slightly right. There is a viewpoint here over the Dreilägerbach Reservoir below.

Dreilägerbach Reservoir Dam
Dreilägerbach Reservoir Dam
Struffelt Route Signs
Struffelt Route Signs

Now head left on a track, which immediately bends right and heads very straight through the forest to the open moorland of Struffeltkopf.


The Struffeltkopf is an area of flat high heath, containing bogs, heather, long grass and only scattered trees. There are numerous wooden walkways across the land here which means your feet stay dry even when the ground is very wet. Once you reach a main junction with a bench, take the track to the right.

Hiking on the raised wooden walking path on Struffelt kopf Moorland near Roetgen
Walking through Struffelt Heath in Germany

You’ll continue with the Struffeltkopf moorland to your left, through a bit of forest, and then to more open on your right. Here there is a small lake with a viewpoint. Continue onwards and downwards to cross over Hasselbachgraben stream, which leads into the reservoir.

Around the Reservoirs

Vorbeken Reservoir on the Stuffelt Route Hike
Forest near Roetgen on the Struffelt Route Hike

Just after the stream take the path on the right, which bends around to the left and you soon reach the edge of a smaller reservoir, Vorbeken. Walk along the dam and take the first left and then the right at the fork in the path. Continue onwards through the woodland, over a stream, then turn right.

After about 800 metres, turn right to cross over a stream and continue walking along the right-hand bank of a much smaller stream. This area has some beautiful woodland. After 1.7 km look out for a junction where it’s signed Struffelt Route to the left. After a short distance, you’ll head right and then downwards.

Countryside on the Stuffelt Route Hike
Roetgen village

At the bottom turn right to walk along the stream. You’ll first be in woodland but soon come into fields surrounding a village on the outskirts of Roetgen. Keep walking left through the village. Take a right down Rotter Gasse, just after the two white buildings. This road and then track soon lead you to Hauptstraße Road where you turn left.

Panzersperre (Tank Barriers) by Roetgen

Panzersperre (Tank Barriers) by Roetgen on the Struffelt Route Hike

On your left-hand side you’ll see some big, pointy stone tank barriers across a field. It’s rather peaceful here now, especially when the flowers in the field are blooming and the tank barriers look rather photogenic. These barriers were part of the Siegfried Line, built by the German Reich to guard against any tank attack from the west. It’s surprisingly well preserved, and also now in a slightly surprising location.

Just after the tank barriers, take a path left from the road and it will soon lead you back to the Filter Works car park where you started. This is the end of the Struffelt Route Hike.

Guidebooks to explore more of Germany

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FAQs for Struffelt Route Hike

Where should I park for the Struffelt Route Hike?

Parking for the Struffelt Route is in the car park by the Filter Works. In German the car park’s name is Parkplatz Filterwerk.

How long is the Struffelt Route?

The Struffelt Route is 10 km long with 190 metres climb. It takes between 2.5 and 3.5 hours to walk.

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