Wertheim Walking Tour

Wertheim, on the Romantic Road
Wertheim, on the Romantic Road

By Vicky · Published Mar. 7th, 2023 · Updated Mar. 23rd, 2023

Wertheim is a compact historic town with beautiful architecture and a ruined castle, perfect for a walking tour.


This walking tour starts at the car park by the river in Wertheim. It’s paid but not too expensive and a very convenient place to park. The train and bus station are just across the river – it’s about 1hr15 on the bus from Würzburg.

Wertheim Walking Tour Map

Get the route by downloading the .gpx or .kml file below. For navigation with Maps.me on your mobile phone, simply download the .kml file and open to add it to the Maps.me bookmarks.

Tips for Wertheim Walking Tour

  • You can pick up a leaflet of this walking tour at the exit of the car park or from the tourist information.
  • The Stadtcafé Göpfert on the historic marketplace is a popular place for a cafe and cake. The castle is another great place for a drink.
  • Wertheim is near the northern end of the Romantic Road, a famous tourist route through Bavaria ending at Neuschwanstein Castle.
  • The town is often engulfed in thick fog. This means that sometimes there are no views from the castle, but it apparently saved the town from being bombed in the Second World War.
  • Check out other walks on our Germany Hiking Page.

Top Sights in Wertheim

On this self-guided walking tour you’ll visit all the top sights in Wertheim. One morning or afternoon is the perfect amount of time to spend in Wertheim, though there are several nice hikes in the region so you could spend a couple more days.

  1. Spitzer Turm / Pointed Tower
  2. Neuplatz
  3. Historic Marketplace
  4. Marienkapelle
  5. Kittstein Gate
  6. Rose Garden
  7. Former Princely Residence
  8. Glass Museum
  1. Wertheim Castle
  2. Collegiate Church
  3. St Kilian’s Chapel
  4. Angel Well
  5. Grafschaftsmuseum (Old Town Hall)
  6. Haus der Vier Gekrönten
  7. Maintor
  8. River Confluence

Wertheim Walking Tour Route

Directions: From the car park by the river, head under the main road and into town, aiming for the obvious tower.

1. Spitzer Turm / Pointed Tower

Spitzer Turm or Pointed Tower

The Spitzer Turm, or Pointed Tower, dates from the 13th century when it was built as a lookout tower. In the 15th century, the design was updated and the octagonal walls were added. The tower was also used at times as a prison, with the entrance located 10 m above ground, only accessible with a ladder.

Directions: Continue past the tower. The tourist information is on your left (Open Apr-Oct 9-18 weekdays, 10-16 Sat, 13-16 Sun. Open Nov-Mar 10-16 weekdays). Walk onwards to the small square.

2. Neuplatz

The Neuplatz is a little square in the Altstadt surrounded by historic buildings. You can see back to the tower from here.

Directions: Head out the back of the square, turn left then right at the T-junction.

3. Historic Marketplace

Walking through the Historic Marketplace in Wertheim on a walking tour
Historic Marketplace in Wertheim with historic buildings
Half-timbered buildings on the historic marketplace in wertheim

The Historic Marketplace* is a wide square lined by well-preserved half-timbered houses, some of which date back to the 16th century. At number 6 is the Zobel House (house of the Knights of Zobel), one of the narrowest houses in Germany. The Stadtcafé Göpfert is a very popular bakery and cafe and a lovely place to soak up the atmosphere.

Directions: Head out and back to Marienkapelle down the narrow street between the two similar, narrow white and brown houses.

4. Marienkapelle

The Marienkappelle, or St Mary’s Church, is a protestant church built in 1447 at the location of a former Jewish school. It has late Gothic architecture, but it’s quite hard to see as it’s surrounded by other buildings.

Directions: Return to the Marketplace and take the first right, then right again to the river. Walk left along the riverbank.

5. Kittstein Gate

Walking along the River Tauber in Wertheim
Kittstein Gate in Wertheim

After a short distance along the river, you’ll see the Kittstein Gate with a tall white tower to your left. Also look out for the water-height measurements showing flood levels of the river for the past few hundred years.

Directions: Continue along the river. Turn left at the next bridge to the little garden.

6. Rose Garden

The small Rose Garden is up a small flight of stairs from the River Tauber. There’s a beautiful oak tree here, along with many roses. In winter, it can look slightly forlorn.

Directions: Walk left through the arch into the courtyard.

7. Former Princely Residence

Former Princely Residence
Former Princely Residence courtyard

The former Princely Residence, used as such until 1781, is now the town hall. You can walk into the courtyard and out the other side.

Directions: Leave the courtyard, and the museum is soon on the left.

8. Glass Museum

The Glass Museum in Wertheim, a stop on a walking tour through the town

Key Information: Open Fri-Sun, 2-5pm. Audioguide in German and English.

A beautiful half-timbered building houses the Glass Museum in Wertheim (Website, Tripadvisor Reviews*). It contains many exhibits about the history of glass from past to present. There’s a good audioguide that explains the origin of several of the museum’s best pieces. You can even blow your own glass (or watch this being done by an expert)! There are a few interactive exhibits and kids are welcome too. Wertheim is a centre of glass-making in Germany, hence the museum.

Directions: Head back the way you came and take the signed path on the left that winds up the hill. Turn left onto the bridge halfway up, then take the first right to wander up to the castle gates.

9. Wertheim Castle

Walking up to Wertheim Castle
Views from Wertheim Castle on the Romantic Road

Key Information: Castle ruin open 9am-sunset Apr-Oct, tickets €2. Restaurant open mid-end March Sat/Sun from 11am, Apr-Oct Mon from 4pm, Tue-Fri from 11am, Nov-Dec Fri-Sun from 11am, Jan-Feb closed.

Wertheim Castle (Website, Tripadvisor Reviews*) was built in the 12th century by the Counts of Wertheim. It overlooks the town from a prominent position on the hill and there are great views from the fortifications. In 1618 the castle was partly ruined during the Thirty Years War and has been left that way.

You can walk in for free to the restaurant, and see some of the castles on the way. There are lovely views from the restaurant, and it’s a great place for a drink and a snack. If you want to explore more of the castle ruins you have to buy a ticket for €2.

Directions: Head back down the road and turn left. Take the first left down the steps towards the two churches.

10. Collegiate Church

Walking down steps to the Collegiate Church of Wertheim

Walking down the steps, the Collegiate Church of Wertheim (Sitftskirche) is the yellow, Gothic church on the left. Remember to check out the church clock – it only has an hour hand. The tombs of the Counts of Wertheim are within.

11. St Kilian’s Chapel

St Kilian's Chapel in Wertheim, a stop on a walking tour, one of the most beautiful Gothic chapels in Germany.

St Kilian’s Chapel is just opposite the Collegiate Church and is one of Germany’s most beautiful Gothic chapels. It’s small but intricate with an unusual shape for a chapel.

Directions: Turn right after the churches into a little triangular courtyard.

12. Angel Well

The Angel Well was created in 1574 by a master stonemason. Lovely, historic buildings surround this little square.

Directions: Take the street leaving the square to the right (not the left fork back into the marketplace). The next two stops are opposite each other.

13. Grafschaftsmuseum

The Grafschaftsmuseum in Wertheim, a stop on a walking tour through the town

Key Information: Open Tue-Fri 10am-12 & 2:30-4:30pm, Sat 2:30-4:30pm, Sun 2-5pm. Tickets are €3/1.50.

The Grafschaftsmuseum, or County Museum (Website, Tripadvisor Reviews*), is a surprisingly good museum and has exhibits about the history of the area, including a section on Wertheim Castle. It’s quite a large museum, but it’s well laid out and there are lots of interesting things inside. The extension (in the Haus der Vier Gekrönten) focuses on Jewish history in the area. The main section of the museum is entirely in German, but the volunteers speak English and can give you an overview. The Jewish displays are also in English.

14. Haus der Vier Gekrönten

The historic Haus der Vier Gekrönten, or House of the Four Crowned.

The Haus der Vier Gekrönten (House of the Four Crowned) is also part of the Grafschaftsmuseum and contains the Jewish displays.

Directions: Walk onwards and head left at the fork towards the main road. Turn left on the path before the road until you reach the tunnel heading right and back to the car park. The Main City Gate is on your left.

15. Maintor

The Maintor, or Main Gate, on a walking tour in Wertheim

The Maintor, or Main City Gate, used to be the main entrance to the town when it was still surrounded by old walls.

Directions: Head under the road to the car park and the river. Walk left along the river bank to the river confluence.

16. River Confluence

River confluence of the Tauber and Main

The Main and Tauber Rivers join here, with the Tauber flowing into the larger Main. The Main River flows from Bamberg and continues to Frankfurt and beyond where it joins the Rhine. If you follow the Tauber upstream, it’ll take you along the famous Romantic Road, stopping at many little cute villages on the way.

Directions: This is the end of the Wertheim Walking Tour.

Explore the Romantic Road

While in the area, visit grand Würzburg at the start of the Romantic Road, or other towns in the Tauber Valley such as Tauberbischofsheim. Other towns on the Romantic Road include walled Nördlingen, pretty Donauwörth and stately Augsburg. For more walking tours and hikes in Germany, see our Germany hiking page.

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