Wurmlinger Chapel Walk

Wurmlinger Chapel Walk
Wurmlinger Chapel Walk

By Vicky · Published Oct. 11th, 2022 · Updated Mar. 23rd, 2023

The lovely walk up to Wurmlinger Chapel passes through apple orchards and sloping vineyards with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside all the way.

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This walk starts from the car park at the base of the hill with Wurmlinger Chapel on top. It’s 15-20 minutes drive from Tübingen, or 10 minutes drive from Rottenburg (a super cute hidden gem of a town).

Tips for Wurmlinger Chapel Walk

From the car park cross the road and head down the paved track. You should already see a signpost marking this route, the Wurmlinger Kapellenwegle (Wurmlinger Chappel Way), indicated by a little red apple symbol. These signposts are at most of the junctions.

A hiking trail through the countryside in Swabia, Germany
The start of the Wurmlinger Chapel Walk

Continue left through the grassy field onto a track. This track passes along the hill’s lower slopes, with the flat green valley to your right and apple orchards to your left. The hill is terraced in places and you can see old dry stone walls. You might also see sheep and cows grazing among the fruit trees. Apart from apples, look out for quinces, damson plums and pears. These are all ripe around October.

Walking Upwards

A view of orchards and Wurmlinger Chapel

After about 1.5 km you’ll reach the outskirts of Hirschau town and here the route bends left to start ascending the hill. After passing through some forest, walk left at a junction and you’ll have lovely views up the hill over apple trees to Wurmlinger Chapel at the top.

You’re now on the middle slopes, and there are vineyards sloping away to your left and right. In some places, you’ll see signs telling you what wine varieties the grapes are. As you continue walking along, you’ll have great views of the surrounding countryside with the flat valleys and wooded hilltops above.

Vineyards on the walking route up to Wurmlinger Chapel
Vineyards on a walking route in the Swabische Alps, Germany

Soon you’ll reach a junction. Follow the signs to the right here and then take the left fork around the far side of the hill. You’ll have different views from here, over more beautiful countryside and across to another wine-growing slope across the valley. At the next junction take a sharp left to wind back around the hill. This path curls around underneath Wurmlinger Chapel and to the entrance of the chapel on the far side.

Wurmlinger Chapel

Wurmlinger Chapel
View of the countryside after walking up to Wurmlinger Chapel

Walk up into the gardens and terrace of the white chapel. There are panoramic views from here along with several benches. If you’re there from May to October, the chapel itself will probably be open from 10am to 4pm, though sometimes it stays open later. You can take a quick peak inside, but there’s nothing particularly special.

After admiring the views, head back out of the chapel grounds and take a left at the junction. The Wurmlinger Chapel walk then leads off to the right down a small dirt path. At the next track head slightly right and then left again, continuing downhill. This trail leads around the hillside and through some fields, still with many apple trees dotted around.

Apple orchards on a walk through the countryside in Swabia, Germany

You reach the outskirts of Wurmlingen and continue down a narrow track between some trees. At the next road, turn left and shortly on your left you’ll see the car park where you started.

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This is the end of the walk up to Wurmlinger Chapel. While in the area, visit the nearby medieval town of Rottenburg, the larger historic city of Tübingen, grand Hohenzollern Castle or the fairytale Lichtenstein Castle. If you enjoy hiking, check out our other hikes in Germany.

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