Brunssummerheide Walk

Walking through Brunssummerheide
Walking through Brunssummerheide

By Vicky · Published Aug. 21st, 2022 · Updated Nov. 21st, 2022

Walk through the beautiful heather of Brunssummerheide on this circular loop through vegetated sand dunes and tall pine forests.

Brunssummerheide Walk Map

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This walking route starts at a car park on the western edge of Brumssummerheide. It’s 10 minutes drive from the centre of Heerlen, or 25 minutes on the bus (number 3 or 4) from Heerlen train station.

Tips for Brunssummerheide Walk

Brunssummerheide Trail

Leave the car park on the main paved route into Brunssummerheide park. After the patch of nice woodland on the left, head slightly left on the paved trail to walk past the Science Exploration building. Turn left along the path just before the astronomy building with the round roof and into a grassy area.

Purple heather in Brunssummerheide

Just around the corner, you’ll get your first views of gorgeous heather hillsides that characterize this walk around Brunssummerheide. Head straight down the path in front of you, through the heather, and take the first right in the middle of the valley.

Roode Beek Lake

Beautiful lake near Heerelen in south limburg
Roode Beek Lake in Brunssummerheide

You’ll reach a main trail, but detour left up a hill to walk along a lovely smaller trail, coming back to the main path in a few hundred metres. The route now continues straight over a bare sandy path of ground, on the other side of which is the Roode Beek, a lovely little lake. This is a very popular spot in Brunssummerheide and people often picnic nearby or go paddling in the water.

Walking in the Netherlands

Cross the small wooden bridge, turn left then right up a steep sandy trail to the top of the slope, from which there are great views. Head left to walk along the edge of the plateau, with the views of Brunssummerheide continuing on your right. The path then leads downwards to walk along the edge of a large, grassy fenced area covered with scattered trees.

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Up and Down through the Heather

heather in Brunssummerheide

Follow the path upwards again through some trees and go right, with more great views over the heather. Then take a path right and down a sandy hill to the bottom. Continue onwards to a junction with a main trail. Head straight across to walk up along the edge of a forest and area of heather. At the top head slightly right along a minor path through the heather and small Christmas trees. In a short distance you’ll reach the top of a plateau covered in grass with no heather or trees, quite a unique place in Brunssummerheide park.

Walk along the edge of the plateau and left at the end. Head down again on a small wiggly path and straight onwards, bending around the edge of a forest. Continue along the main path and then take the smaller trail on the right to a viewpoint on top of a small hill. After the view, walk onwards to the forest corner and along the trail by the edge of the forest.

At a junction turn left to walk through the forest itself. The trail bends to the right and soon you’ll be back near the beginning. Turn left along the paved track to reach the car park where you started.

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Heather in the Netherlands

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