Drielandenpunt: A Short Walk in Three Countries

Tower at Drielandenpunt
Tower at Drielandenpunt

By Vicky · Published May. 23rd, 2024

This lovely short walk at Drielandenpunt, the meeting point of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, takes you through all three countries.

Drielandenpunt Short Walk Map

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This starts at the car park by Wilhelmina Towers, near the top of Vaalsberg and close to Drielandenpunt. This car park is free, but if you try and park further along the road you have to pay.


  • It can get busy at Drielandenpunt, so starting early in the day (e.g. 9am) is a great idea.
  • There are two viewing towers here. The first is the Wilhelmina Tower (€2 to go up, 34 metres tall) by the car park at the start of this walk. The second is the King Boudewijn (or Baudouin) Tower (€4 to go up, 50 metres tall) right next to the three-country meeting point.
  • There are several cafes and restaurants near Drielandenpunt, as well as a playground for children and a fun labyrinth.
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Drielandenpunt Walking Route

 Wilhelmina Tower at Drielandenpunt
 King Boudewijn (or Baudouin) Tower at Drielandenpunt, on a walk near the highest point in the Netherlands
A short walk in Limburg, Netherlands

From the car park by Wilhelmina Tower, take the path to the right at the opposite end to the tower itself. This quickly leads to a fairly straight path along the border between the Netherlands and Germany. Turn right here, and the path will lead you directly to the highest point in the Netherlands. There’s a small white obelisk here which marks the spot.

A few metres further is the official meeting point of the three countries (Drielandenpunt) – the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. You can find their three flags here and another obelisk. On sunny summer weekends in the middle of the day, you may have to queue here if you want a photo.

A hiking trail and field at Drielandenpunt
Hiking in the Netherlands

Take the little path behind the flags then take the first right to walk through the woods. Cross the little road and then turn left, where you’ll find a war memorial. Continue onwards and keep left at the fork. You’ll now be walking along the border between Germany (left) and Belgium (right).

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After a while, you’ll cross an open farmer’s field (all of which is Germany) before heading back up into the woods. After a few more ups and downs, you’ll approach another tall tower. Just before the tower, take the track to the right. Keep a close lookout for the next path. It’s roughly 50 metres from the junction and heads to the right, slightly uphill, across an open hillside. If you miss this path, you’ll end up walking a few hundred metres further.

A forest and path in the Netherlands
Views on a walk at Drielandenpunt in the Netherlands

At the next junction, turn right along the main track. This leads straight through the forest as you walk back to Drielandenpunt (Three Country Point). To return to the car park, you can take a different route from here. Instead of heading straight onwards, turn left after the tower and left again along a small path in the woods.

In roughly 200 metres, take the right out onto the road and head left. You’ll see a large open meadow on your right. Take the path on the far side of this open to walk through the middle of the meadow. Roughly 700 metres later you’ll reach the road, Wilhelmina Tower and the car park where you started this hike around Drielandenpunt.

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