Wassenaar Dunes Hike

Wassenaar Dunes Beach, Netherlands
Wassenaar Dunes Beach, Netherlands

By Vicky · Published Jul. 13th, 2022 · Updated Nov. 21st, 2022

Hike through the Wassenaar Dunes and along the windswept beach in this lovely area of the Netherlands.

Wassenaar Dunes Hike Map

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This hike starts from a large car park near Wassenaar beach. It’s €10 in summer and €7.50 in winter for the day. You have to pay by card when leaving. It’s a 35-40 minute drive from Leiden or The Hague, and anywhere from 45 minutes to 1hr45 from Amsterdam, depending on traffic. It’s not possible to reach with public transport.

Tips for Wassenaar Dunes Hike

Hiking through Wassenaar Dunes

Sandy beach in the netherlands
A hiking trail into Wassenaar Dunes from the Beach

From the car park, head up the steps and down over to Wassenaarseslag beach. This beach is very long and stretches almost as far as the eye can see in both directions. Near the car park there are cafes and snack stalls, as well as kiosks selling beach gear.

walking through the sand dunes at Wassenaar
A viewpoint along a hiking trail in Wassenaar Dunes

Walk left along the beach for roughly 400 metres before heading left, up and into the dunes along a sandy trail. Head straight across one path, then right at the T-junction. You walk around a watery area, and up to a viewpoint (called Uitkijkpunt Meijendel – Ganzenhoek) over the surrounding dunes.

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Continue onwards and you’ll soon reach a larger trail. Turn right on the small walking path that roughly parallels the tarred bike trail. In just under a kilometer you’ll see a viewpoint on your right, Kikkerberg (frog mountain), over a thin lake.

Viewspoints in Wassenaar Dunes in the netherlands
bird in the forest in Wassenaar Dunes

The path winds its way through sand dunes and old forest. In about 1.5 km you’ll reach another viewpoint on the right (Uitkijkpunt Panneduin). From here there are 360-degree views over the lovely dunes and lake below. Keep your eyes peeled for the birds that live here.

Strolling through the sand dunes at Wassenaar

Shortly after the viewpoint take the first path on the right. This is a lovely trail and you meander through the dunes and occasional trees. Follow this path straight onwards until you reach the beach.

Hiking along Wassenaar Beach

Wassenaar Beach
Walking along Wassenaar Beach

If you look left you can see the tall buildings of The Hague, only a few kilometres to the south. Turn right to walk along the beach towards the start of the hike. It can be quite windy, so bring warm clothes if it’s a cold day. The sand right by the ocean is hard and so easiest to walk. It’s about 3 km along the beach.

You’ll see cafes and boats from a sailing club, along with more people, when you need to leave the beach to head back to the car park. Head back up the tarred road and over the steps to the car park. This is the end of the Wassenaar Dunes Hike. You’ll need to pay for parking on the way out.

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