Mount Agung in Bali

Discover the beauty of Indonesia, a tropical paradise boasting stunning landscapes, vibrant cultures, and welcoming smiles. Of the many islands that Indonesia has to offer, we have only explored one, the enchanting Bali. Besides the temples and beaches, there are volcanoes, jungle and many many ricefields, all waiting to be explored on foot or by bike.

Our hikes and cycle rides in Bali cover large parts of this gorgeous island and bring you to many top tourist attractions too. We have also created a Bali Two Week Active Itinerary for everyone who wants more than lying on the beautiful beaches.

Indonesia Activity Map

Find all our hikes, cycles and self-guided town walks in the map below.

Go Hiking

Discover the heart of Bali through invigorating hikes, where ancient trails lead to emerald-green rice paddies, towering volcanoes, and serene temples, creating an adventure for all nature enthusiasts.

Trouble choosing a hike? We have made a list of the Best Hikes in Bali. Read also our guide on hiking in Bali to prepare yourself.

Go Cycling

Embark on a cycling adventure in Bali, where lush landscapes, scenic routes, and cultural treasures await, promising an unforgettable experience for every cycling enthusiast. Read all our tips and tricks about cycling in Bali or pick one of the routes below.