Hiking in Bali

Hiking in Bali
Hiking in Bali

By Vicky · Published Aug. 2nd, 2022 · Updated Apr. 21st, 2024

Discover everything about hiking in Bali, from where to go, how to get there and what gear to take with you.

Is Bali good for Hiking?

Bali is surprisingly good for hiking. There are hiking trails up volcanoes, up jungle-covered mountains, along the coastline and through rice fields. There are treks for beginners and for experienced hikers looking to exert themselves. Many of the top attractions in Bali can be combined on walks, making for fun hiking. There are several areas where guided hikes are options, but almost everywhere you can plan your own route and hike by yourself.

Where to go Hiking in Bali

There are several areas in Bali where you can go hiking. The most famous hike is the sunrise hike up Mount Batur, for which you have to have a guide. However, most hikes you can do by yourself.

There are hiking trails up most of the jungle-covered mountains, through rice fields near Ubud and elsewhere, along the coastline of Bukit Peninsula, and elsewhere. Most of the roads in Bali outside of Denpasar and central Ubud are fairly narrow and quiet, so it’s very easy to hike along these. Check out our Best Hikes in Bali page to discover where to go hiking.

If you want to go hiking on a guided tour, there are tours up Mount Batur, Mount Agung, and through the rice fields.

Getting to Hikes in Bali

There is no public transport in Bali, so we took taxis to reach the start of most hikes. Normally we asked our hotel to organise this for us. We only took Grab/Gojek in Denpasar region, Bukit Peninsula, and Singaraja. In some places we walked between our accommodation, carrying all our stuff, avoiding the need for any transport. This worked well because we only had one small rucksack each.

Alternatively, renting a scooter is very popular in Bali, as is hiring a private car with a driver for the day. If you’re at least two people, hiring a car isn’t too expensive and gives you complete freedom to hike where you want in Bali, including one-way walks. You can easily rent a car with a driver via Klook*.

Gear for Hiking in Bali

Most gear you need for hiking in Bali is similar to that elsewhere. Special items for Bali include insect repellent and sunscreen. A waterproof jacket is always recommended because it can start raining at any time. Hiking poles* are also very useful for the volcano climbs, but your guide can often lend you these. Additionally, for the higher climbs, a warm hat, gloves and a warm top are recommended. For all these hikes, sneakers/trainers or hiking shoes are recommended because the ground can become muddy and slippery. On the volcanoes, the gravelly rocks you walk through are quite sharp so sensible shoes are essential.

Other Tips for Hiking in Bali

1. Always take a sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen. The sun in Bali can be very strong, and even if you start in the dark it will get sunny!

2. Always carry water and some snacks. You never know if the cafe you were going to visit has closed down.

3. Have the number of a few taxis you can call – collect these starting from the beginning of your trip. Many people will offer to be your taxi, but you can just take their number in case you need to cut your hike short.

4. Spray your lower legs and feet with insect repellent if it’s wet to avoid getting any leeches (these are not really a problem if the vegetation is dry).

5. Download the app Maps.Me and the map for Bali. It has most of the paths used for hiking in Bali. Beware – not all of the paths exist in reality, but we have hiked all the trails we’ve marked to make sure the route exists.

6. If you only take a small rucksack to Bali, you can carry it on your hikes and go one way between your accommodation, or over mountains.

If you do want to go hiking, see the Best Hikes in Bali, or our Bali Overview page for all the hikes and bike rides we did in Bali.


    1. Hi Karuna, I’m not sure where you can rent hiking equipment since most people bring their own hiking gear. The items you mention are the only two special things you need: A waterproof jacket, or at least an umbrella, is a good idea if it rains. For the walks along the tracks and roads you don’t really need hiking shoes, but for the mountain hikes better walking shoes such as trainers would be recommended. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but I hope you enjoy your trip anyway 🙂

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