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Chasing Ostriches South Africa Road Trip Book Cover

New Book: Chasing Ostriches

My new book is now out! I write about a road trip through South Africa (and Namibia) in times of coronavirus. We roamed the backroads and national parks in our trusty (and not so trusty at times) Defender. We climbed misty mountains, camped in empty deserts, sunbathed on tropical beaches, and saw wildlife galore under the hot African sky.

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Vicky and Tom in Mowani Namibia

Vicky and Tom

Hi, we are the creators of Ostrich Trails, our hiking and travel blog. It is our goal to encourage everyone to love hiking and to explore and understand the world. We are currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, which offers some wonderful hiking and unique road trip opportunities.

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We are currently in South Africa and keep you up-to-date with the best hikes and trips this beautiful country has to offer. Another recommended destination in Africa is Namibia, and we know all about it. As we are from the UK and the Netherlands, we know some of the not-to-miss hikes for you to explore. We recently went on extended trips to Iceland and Sicily and have a lot of recommendations to share with you. Previously we have lived in the USA and Nepal and we share with you our memories of memorable hikes and trips. Soon, our best hikes and trips in these countries will come online. For now, we share our experiences in South Africa.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

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