Ubud Rice Fields Walk

Ubud Rice Fields Walk
Ubud Rice Fields Walk

By Vicky · Published Jul. 21st, 2022 · Updated Nov. 21st, 2022

Explore the beautiful countryside around Ubud on a beautiful walk, including the Campuhan Ridge Walk and peaceful rice fields.

Ubud Rice Fields Walking Map

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This walk starts from the centre of Ubud by the Royal Palace.

Tips for Ubud Rice Fields Walk

  • It’s best to start walking in the early morning and visit the sights in Ubud when you get back and it’s hotter.
  • Remember sunscreen, sunhat, and sunglasses.
  • Take plenty of water. There are also cafes at the end of the Campuhan Ridge Walk and back in Ubud.
  • In Ubud we stayed in Gusti Kaler House*, in a lovely yet very cheap homestay in the middle of Ubud town.
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  • If you want to walk through more rice fields, try our Jatiluwih Rice Terraces Walk.
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From the centre of Ubud walk to the left side of town (when facing the Royal Palace). Close to the centre of town, take the steeper smaller road heading off to the left. This parallels the main road to join it a short distance later and avoids having to walk on the busy road without a pavement.

Take the higher side road
Take the higher side road

The side road heads downhill to join the main road again. When it does, cross straight over to a side street and almost immediately left down a smaller path towards the start of the Campuhan Ridge Walk.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

You’ll reach a bridge across a stream, with views of the jungle below, and a scenic temple hidden in the jungle on the other side. Once you’ve looked at this, head up the right-hand side of the temple towards the ridge.

Temple by Campuhan Ridge Walk
Campuhan Ridge Walk near Ubud, Bali
Walking along Campuhan Ridge Walk near Ubud in Bali, Indonesia

The Campuhan Ridge Walk (TripAdvisor Reviews*) is open all the time and you do not need tickets – there is no entrance fee. A popular time to walk the Campuhan Ridge Walk trail is sunset or sunrise, but it’s quite beautiful and less crowded throughout the day. There’s no shade so make sure to bring a hat. You don’t walk through any rice fields on this ridge, which is why we extended the walk to go through rice fields to the west of Ubud.

Views from Campuhan Ridge Walk
Views from Campuhan Ridge Walk

There’s no choice of route, there is just a single paved path all the way along the ridge. There are views of terraced rice fields, palm trees and villas on either side of Campuhan Ridge. After about 1km, there is a clearing and you can sometimes see views across to Mt Agung in the distance.

Shortly after walking past this viewpoint, the Campuhan Ridge trail becomes a road and there are several cafes. Stop at one for a refreshing fruit juice and snack.

Walking from Campuhan Ridge to Ubud Rice Fields

Walking along a road through a rice field near Ubud in Bali, Indonesia
Countryside village near Ubud in Bali
Walking through countryside and villages
Countryside village near Ubud in Bali

Once refreshed, continue walking another 1.5 km onwards along a quiet road through a village. Once you reach the countryside again, take the larger road left downhill. Follow it as it bends to the right, then left across a small river.

You’ll pass a temple on your right, and the road bends left and downwards. In the middle of the town you pass through, take the smaller road off to your right. This then bends left and parallels the main road. When you reach a T-junction at a larger road, head straight across to continue on a narrow lane. This little lane bends right and then heads up to some beautiful, untouristy rice fields.

Walking through Ubud Rice Fields

Walking towards rice fields near Ubid in Bali
Rice fields near Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Rice fields near Ubud

The rice fields here on the west side of Ubud see very few tourists, yet they are very beautiful and the path through them is easily walkable. For the next almost 2 km, follow the obvious path straight through the fields. It’s almost entirely tiled or paved so you won’t get your feet wet, but may well be surrounded by fields full of water. Look out for the many birds standing still in the fields.

Hiking path through Ubud Rice Fields
Ubud Rice Fields Walk

Eventually, you’ll reach a small village. Head left and then right through the town. Then take the next left to pass over a river. The road bends left after the river, but take the first small path on the right to walk down a narrow lane and reach another road. When you do, turn left. There are many cafes and restaurants here if you need refreshments.

Follow the road as it bends quickly to the left. At the next sharp junction, head right. You’re now back on the edge of Ubud Town. There are several museums, palaces and temples you can visit on the way back to the centre, as described below. It’s best to start walking in the early morning, and visit the sights in town when you get back and it’s hotter.

Ubud Town

Blanco Renaissance Museum

Blanco Renaissance Museum

Just after the sharp corner, up on your right, is the Blanco Renaissance Museum (Website, Tripadvisor Reviews*). This is where Don Antonio Blanco lived, one of the most famous artists to stay in Bali. The Blanco Renaissance Museum is open 10am-5pm every day and it’s Rp.100,000 ($6) to enter. You can see the extravagantly decorated inside of the mansion, and it takes about 1 hour to look around.

Continue back the way you came to the centre of Ubud, remembering to take the steeper, smaller road to your right. The main sights of Ubud town will now be on your left. First you’ll reach Museum Puri Lukisan (displaying Balinese art), then Saraswati Temple, then you’ll be back at Ubud Palace and the end of this walk through the rice fields.

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Museum Puri Lukisan

Museum Puri Lukisan
Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud, Bali

The Museum Puri Lukisan (Website, Tripadvisor Reviews*) is an art museum displaying Balinese works of different styles. The collection includes sculptures and paintings, and the whole museum complex is quite lovely and peaceful. The garden contains a pond, lovely flowers and trees, and a cafe. Tickets for the Puri Lukisan Museum cost Rp.50,000 ($3) and it’s open 9am-6pm every day. You might spend an hour or so here.

Saraswati Temple (Pura Taman Saraswati)

Saraswati Temple (Pura Taman Saraswati)

Saraswati Temple (Tripadvisor Reviews*), constructed in the 1950s, is very picturesque with a beautiful lotus pond right in front of it. You can’t visit the inside unless you come to worship, so you can only see the outside of the temple and the lotus pond. It’s free to enter the grounds, just next door to a cafe. It just takes a few minutes to look around.

Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Royal Palace
Ubud Royal Palace

This grand royal palace (Tripadvisor Reviews*) is from the 1890s. It’s free to enter and you can look around the complex at your leisure. It takes about 10 minutes to look around. Most evenings there are traditional dance displays here at 7:30 pm.

This is the end of the Ubud Rice Fields Walk. There are many cafes and restaurants here in Ubud to reward yourself after the hike.

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FAQs for Ubud Rice Fields Walk

How long is the Campuhan Ridge Walk?

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is about 1.5 km each way. From the centre of Ubud you can walk along the ridge and back, it’s about 4.5 km and will take about 1.5 hours.

Can you walk around Ubud?

Yes, you can walk around both the town of Ubud and the surrounding countryside, through scenic rice fields.

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