Gunung Catur Mountain Hike

Mount Catur Hike
Mount Catur Hike

By Vicky · Published Jul. 28th, 2022 · Updated Nov. 21st, 2022

The Mount Catur hike starts in Candikuning town in the Lakes Area of Bali. It’s an out-and-back hike with nice views in good weather.

Mount Catur Hike Map

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This walk up Mount Catur (Gunung Catur) starts in the middle of Candikuning town in the Lakes Area of Bali.

Tips for Gunung Catur Mountain Hike

  • Set off early to avoid the heat of the day, and for the best chance of having a clear view at the top.
  • Take snacks and water, there’s not much food to buy along the route.
  • We stayed in ECO Bedugul Adventure Camp* in central Candikunung before and after this hike.
  • Head to the Strawberry Shop at the end of this hike for some tasty strawberry-related food.
  • For another hike from Candikuning, check out our Bali Lakes Area Hike, or find other activities on our Hiking Bali page.

Hiking Route up Mount Catur

Mosque on the edge of Lake Beratan in Bali
Early morning view of Mount Catur

We started walking up Mount Catur from the centre of Candikuning town, not far from the famous Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. From here, walk along the main road through town. You’ll reach the edge of Lake Baratan and pass a little market along the edge of the road on your left.

Walking around Lake Beratan
Walking around Lake Beratan
Walking around Lake Beratan
Walking around Lake Beratan

Just before the large road bridge, there are some steps off to the left leading to a little path. This path parallels the road by the lakeside. Walking along here saves walking along the main road (though there’s space for pedestrians on the main road too, so that route is also ok). The small path route can be a little wet in places.

The Small Path up the Mountain

Rejoin the road again and take the first on the left. This is a small road that leads towards the countryside. After 700 metres there’s a small track to the left into the jungle. This is the Catur Trail which heads up the mountain. Continue on this small path.

Hiking through the jungle in Bali
Hiking trail up Mount Catur (Gunung Catur)
Views on the way up Mount Catur (Gunung Catur)

You’ll pass a few shelters on the way up the mountain. There are also a few spots where you get a view over Lake Baratan below, however mostly it’s just walking upwards through the jungle. In some places the path can be a bit slippery.

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It was very wet when we hiked and we did get a few leeches – watch out for these! If it’s dry leeches shouldn’t be a problem. Spraying insect repellent on your lower legs and ankles helps keep them away.

The Top

The Top of Mount Catur (Gunung Catur)

The path keeps on going and eventually you’ll reach the top, where there’s a temple called Pura Pucak Mangu and a small shelter. Unfortunately the mist had come down by the time we made it there, and we couldn’t see anything at all!

The hike back down Mount Catur heads back exactly the same way. At the end we headed to the Strawberry Shop to have a drink and some snacks. We then returned to ECO Bedugul Adventure Camp* where we were staying.

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FAQS: Mount Catur Hike

What is the height of Mount Catur (Gunung Catur)?

Mount Catur is 2096 metres high. It’s the fourth highest mountain in Bali.

Can you hike Mount Catur without a guide?

Yes, you are free to hike up Mount Catur without a guide.

How long is the Mount Gunung hike?

A roundtrip hike up and down Mount Catur is 12.5 km from the centre of Candikuning town.

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