Marsiling and Admiralty Parks Hike

Marsiling Park
Marsiling Park

By Vicky · Published Feb. 20th, 2022 · Updated Nov. 29th, 2022

Visit Marsiling and Admiralty Parks on this varied hike in the north of Singapore, with views over Johor and more.

Marsiling and Admiralty Parks Map

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This hike starts from Marsiling MRT station on the red North-South line. Leave the station from Exit D. The hike ends one MRT stop to the east at Woodlands MRT station. As well as being on the red North-South line, Woodlands MRT stop is also on the brown Thomson East Coast Line.

Tips for Marsiling and Admiralty Parks Hike

  • Marsiling and Admiralty Parks are open 24/7.
  • Take a sun hat, sunscreen and plenty of water along.
  • Navigation offline maps app works quite well but some of the trails marked are not an option in reality.
  • Check out other hikes on our Singapore Hiking Page

From Marisilng MRT Exit D head left around the building by the canal and across the main road to the edge of Marsiling Park.

Marsiling Park

Entrance to Marsiling Park
Rain tree, pagoda and bridge in Marsiling Park

Marsiling Park (previously known as Woodlands Town Garden) is centred on a large lake. There are several nicely painted pagodas dotted within the park and palm trees overlooking the water giving a tropical vibe.

Pagoda and bridge in Marsiling Park

From the edge of the road head up the left side of the canal towards the main section of the park. You’ll soon reach the lake and see the distinctively shaped white bridge in the distance. There are several short sections of boardwalk on the edge of the water with views across the lake.

Pagoda in Marsiling Park
Bridge in Marsiling Park
Views from Lookout Tower in Marsiling Park

Continue following the lake until you reach the central bridge. After admiring the view from the bridge, return to the lefthand side of the smaller, circular lake. Walk around the edge and at the far end head towards the white lookout tower just further on from the amphitheatre.

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Climb up the tower for views back over Marsiling Park, the central white bridge and the colourful pagodas. On descending from the tower, head towards the corner of the park and cross over the road to Marsiling Park Connector.

Marsiling Park Connector

The park connector section of this hike lasts for just over 1 km. First head left after crossing the road and continue across another road until you see a concrete spiral walkway heading upwards. Either take this or the adjacent stairs to continue on Marsiling Park Connector.

Marsiling Park Connector
Marsiling Park Connector
Marsiling Park Connector

At the top, continue left between a grassy open space and HDB tower blocks. At the road head left on the other side, along the park connector following the road as it winds its way down the coast.

The park connector continues as a promenade along the edge of the ocean. There are great views across the straits to Johor Bahru in Malaysia, with a quiet road and jungle on the inland side. After roughly 700 metres of walking along the coast, you’ll reach Woodlands Waterfront Park.

Woodlands Waterfront Park

Once in the park, head left to keep along the edge of the ocean and soon you’ll reach the Woodlands Jetty. There’s no shade on this jetty so it can be quite hot, but the views over the straits are worth it. You’ll also see many people fishing off this pier.

Woodlands Jetty in Woodlands Waterfront Park
Path in Woodlands Waterfront Park

Return from the jetty and keep going left along the path by the trees and water. The park continues for another 500 metres, then you should bend round to the right on a path into the centre of Woodlands Waterfront Park. There are several trails here, we took those that headed uphill for a bit of a view.

Make your way to the main entrance of the park, where there are bathrooms and a water fountain to your right. Head out of the park and up the road. Cross over the main road at the top and into Admiralty Park.

Admiralty Park

Mangrove Forest

Once in the park, head straight across the first path junction to reach the mangroves. This is one of the most interesting sections of Admiralty Park. It looks quite different depending on whether it’s high or low tide. When the tide is high, this area is covered in water, and from the boardwalks, you can see monitor lizards and fish swimming about below. When the tide is out the area becomes a field of mud with small streams coursing through.

Mangrove Forest in Admiralty Park
Mangrove Forest in Admiralty Park
Mangrove Forest in Admiralty Park

Continue along the boardwalk and up the stairs back to the main path. Head left and you’ll soon reach a bridge. This may cross either a body of water or a small stream in some mud depending on the tides. The path continues through some jungle. Head left across the next bridge and be surrounded by thick vegetation alongside the stream.

Lilies in Admiralty Park

Turn right on the other side, through more jungle and soon you’ll see some water on your right. If the waterlilies are blooming they bring bright colours above the murky brown water. Slightly further on you’ll see another pond in front of a restaurant, Shiok Garden Hotpot.

Explore more Mangroves in Singapore

Admiralty Park Playground Area

Walk past the pond and continue through the park. There are two potential routes – a smaller higher path on the left, or the main track in the middle through beautiful rain trees. Either way, you’ll see many playgrounds as you walk along. Some look very exciting and it’s often very busy with families.

Admiralty Park Rain Trees
Admiralty Park
from Admiralty Park to Woodlands MRT Station

Continue through Admiralty Park to the far end and you’ll end up at a road junction. Double-cross the roads to the opposite side and head left along the road on a park connector. In 250 metres you’ll reach a grassy field with a covered walkway heading diagonally across it. Follow this walkway and it will lead you to Woodlands MRT station and the end of this hike.

Want to walk and see more mangroves? Check out our hiking trails in Pasir Ris, or Sungei Buloh Wetlands. For other hiking ideas check out our Singapore Hiking page.

Views from Woodlands Waterfront Park
Views from Woodlands Waterfront Park

FAQs for Marsiling and Admiralty Parks Hike

What are the opening hours of Marsiling Park?

The park is open 24/7 and lit from 7pm to 7am.

What is Marsiling Park known for?

Marsiling Park is known for its central scenic lake with a pretty bridge across the middle and colourful pagodas.

How do you get to Marsiling Park?

To get to the park take the red North-South MRT line to Marsiling MRT station. Leave from Exit D, head left around the building by the canal and across the main road to the edge of Marsiling Park.

What are the opening hours of Admiralty Park?

The park is open 24/7 and lit from 7pm to 7am apart from the forest section which is dark.

How big is Marisiling Park?

Marsiling Park is a medium-sized park of roughly 13 hectares, the same as about 13 sports fields.

How do you get to Admiralty Park?

To get to the park take the red North-South or Brown Thomson East Coast MRT line to Woodlands MRT station. Leave from Exit 3, walk left at the main road and it’s about 500 metres walk to the edge of Admiralty Park.

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