Sentosa Hike

Hike to Sentosa and explore the island on foot.

By Tom · Published Oct. 27th, 2021 · Updated Nov. 28th, 2022

Get away from the amusement parks and shopping malls and explore a different side of Sentosa. This hike on Sentosa Island takes you from HarbourFront, via the beaches and Siloso beach walk, to Imbiah lookout. A swim halfway and at the end is of course included.


The hike to Sentosa starts at the back side of Harbour Front / VivoCity. Get there via the MRT or one of the many buses. We finished the hike along the Siloso beach walk and took the free shuttle bus and Sentosa Express monorail back to HarbourFront.

Sentosa Hiking Trail Map

Get the route by downloading the .gpx or .kml file below. For navigation with on your mobile phone, simply download the .kml file and open to add it to the bookmarks.

Tips for Hike on Sentosa

  • The trails are part of the Sentosa Development Corporation.
  • The beaches are open from 8 am to 7 pm.
  • For a fun way to explore Sentosa, take the cable car with reduced-price tickets from Klook*.
  • Start early to avoid some heat.
  • Bring a sun hat, sunscreen and water.
  • There are various places to fill up water.
  • Most of the trails are paved so wear appropriate shoes.
  • Navigation offline maps app works quite well but not all trails on the map are open in reality.

Hike on Sentosa Boardwalk

The Sentosa Hike starts along the boardwalk from Harbour Front MRT station. This is a rather convenient walkway with quite some shade and even a travellator if you already feel tired. The Sentosa Boardwalk covers a distance of 600 meters. There are beautiful flowers and some art along the way, as well as some good views of the Singapore coastline. An alternative way to reach the island is via the Sentosa Cable Car, which gives you great views on the way over.

Sentosa Boardwalk towards the island.
Art along the Sentosa hike.

The boardwalk ends at the shopping mall/amusement park/casino and you have to make your way through there to get to Sentosa’s more natural side. One of the best things to do on Sentosa Island apart from hiking is to visit the SEA Aquarium*, in the centre of this area. It’s a good idea to hike in the morning and visit the Aquarium in the afternoon when it’s normally much hotter. To continue on the trail, follow the signs to Imbiah Lookout.

Sentosa shopping mall.
Working our way through the mall.

Continue on walks through the shopping and hotel area, and head out to the Sentosa Beaches.

Sapphire Pavilion beach on Sentosa.

Siloso Beach Walk

Once at the beach, you can go for an early swim at Emerald Pavilion. Despite the views of big container and oil ships, the water is very pleasantly warm, especially compared to the Western Cape in South Africa where we came from before Singapore.

The Siloso Beach Walk
The Beach at Emerald Pavilion on the Sentosa hike.

After a swim and break, follow the Siloso Beach walk past the Sapphire Pavilion to the other end of the Imbiah Trail. There are two interesting things to see along the way, the freshwater Siloso spring and a mini bunker.

The pond at Siloso spring.
Siloso Spring pond
A bunker along the Siloso Beach Walk.

Both are signs of the past, as the spring was once at the shoreline before land reclamation and the bunker is one of the many military artefacts from when Sentosa was called Pulau Belakang Mati and this side of the island was part of Fort Siloso.

Imbiah Trail up the hill.
Imbiah Trail up the hill.

Imbiah Trail

The Imbiah Trail is a rather broad asphalted path leading you up the hill through the forest. There are remnants of an old monorail along the way, and you might spot some monkeys as well. Near the top, head left on a nicer forest path to the Imbiah and Tempinis Falls. These falls sound larger than they actually are so don’t get your hopes up too much.

Whale bone tunnel on the Sentosa hike.
Tempinis Falls on Imbiah Hill.

There is an interesting tunnel of whale bones on this path, but also a somewhat more tacky dragon spewing water. This path takes you eventually to the road that leads up to the Imbiah Lookout. Turn left and immediately hike up the steps on the right that will lead you to the Imbiah Fort and the second highest point on Sentosa.

You can also cycle on the Imbiah Trail and along many of the paths on Sentosa Island.

Interesting vines on the Sentosa hike.
A dragon spewing water on Imbiah Hill.
Water-spewing dragon.

Make sure to go on an exploration of the fort, as there are a few ruins in the jungle directly off the main path. The Mount Imbiah Gun Battery dates from the 1890s and was used until the 1930s when it became a reserve magazine.

A Cartridge recess in Mount Imbiah Gun Battery
Mount Imbiah Gun Battery
Ruins of the fort on Mount Imbiah.

Just behind the defensive structures is the Imbiah Lookout Tower. From the top, you can just look over the tree tops that have since grown here. Many islands and even more ships are visible from here.

View from the Imbiah Lookout tower.

After a well-deserved break, we took a different path down to the Tempinis Falls and from there down to Siloso Road and the entrance of Fort Siloso.

Umbrella or Rain Jacket?

Unlike in most places, we prefer to carry an umbrella in Singapore as wearing rain jackets in this hot and humid climate is not great and getting a little wet is not so bad in these temperatures. I’ve got a great storm-proof umbrella, which has an asymmetric shape that turns into the wind and can withstand high wind speeds:

Senz Umbrellas Automatic Passion Red on Amazon*.

Check out the complete list of hiking gear needed for Singapore:

Coastal Trail

The Coastal Trail officially starts at the bus station at the end of Siloso Road, but you can extend it by walking towards Fort Siloso first. Just before the roundabout and the official entrance to the fort, you turn right down some steps. There, you’ll find a path along the coastline with some forest and open grassy sections.

A tiger rock near Fort Siloso
The Coastal Trail on the Sentosa hike.

After passing a few totem poles, the path veers right and upwards. Unfortunately, some of the trails shown on are not open right now so the only option is to follow the path back to the bus station.

View of Singapore from Sentosa Island.
A totem pole on the Coastal Trail on Sentosa.

From there, walk to Sapphire Pavilion for a well-deserved second swim and the end of this Sentosa hike.

If you still have energy, you can rent a kayak or paddleboard* from Ola Beach Club, a little bit further down the beach towards the Sentosa Express monorail. Or, to get back to the mainland, there are convenient but somewhat slow free shuttles that will take you to the monorail Beach Station. From there the monorail took will take you back to HarbourFront, in less than half an hour from the beach to MRT. Back at Vivocity and the MRT, reward yourself with some seafood at Dancing Crab* before heading home.

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Siloso Beach on Sentosa.


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