Visiting Bai Xep Beach

The beach at Bai Xep, Vietnam
The beach at Bai Xep, Vietnam

By Vicky · Published Dec. 20th, 2023

Visit Bai Xep Beach, a laid-back fishing village with a cute beach in central Vietnam. However, at busy times, rubbish on the beach and in the water can be a problem.

How to get to Bai Xep Beach

Bai Xep Beach is not roughly 20 km south of Quy Nhon. The simplest way to reach the beach is on the train to Quy Nhon Station, and then with a taxi to Bai Xep. Contact your accommodation in advance to organise the taxi transfer.

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Bai Xep Beach Map of Things to Do

Tips for Visiting Bai Xep Beach

  • The best time to visit Bai Xep Beach is in the dry season, February to August.
  • The beach can be quite crowded on weekends in the summer holidays, but out of season it can be rather deserted.
  • In busy periods, the beach and ocean can be quite dirty with rubbish. The further away you from Bai Xep town, the cleaner the beach becomes.
  • After visiting Bai Xep Beach, why not head north to Hoi An, or check out our Vietnam Page to explore further.

Top Things to Do in Bai Xep Beach

  1. Relax on Bai Xep Beach
  2. Take a Boat Ride
  3. Stroll around Bai Xep Village
  1. Check out Fishermen’s Beach
  2. Check out the Views
  3. Tempt your Tastebuds

1. Relax on Bai Xep Beach

Bai Xep Beach

Bai Xep Beach is the cove on the southeast side of the village. It’s quite a small beach, but fairly scenic with little rocks sticking out of the sand. Here you can relax on the beach or go swimming. Bear in mind that at some times of year the water can be a bit dirty. Head further away from the village for a cleaner beach and ocean.

2. Take a Boat Ride

Ask at your hotel and you can go on a short boat trip in one of the coracles (circular-shaped boats) from the beach. Most trips head to a small island that you briefly stop off at before returning back.

3. Check out Fishermen’s Beach

Fishermen's Beach in Vietnam

On the northern side of town is a working Fishermen’s Beach. It’s not suitable for swimming, but it’s interesting to visit to watch the fisherman set off and return, or just to look at their boats on the shore.

4. Stroll around Bai Xep Village

Stroll around Bai Xep Village
Stroll around Bai Xep Village

The village itself is very small, but it’s worth having a short wander along the lanes and alleys to see what goes on in a traditional fishing village.

5. Check out the Views & Hidden Waterfall

Check out the Views & Hidden Waterfall in Vietnam

A short walk north along the road you’ll find a resort up the hill inland with ample opportunities for photo-taking and swimming in a hidden water hole

6. Tempt your Tastebuds

Most days there’s a little market in the village. A few stalls of fresh fruit, meat and of course fish make up the small market in the village. Since it’s a fishing village, the seafood is highly recommended! And most evenings, there’s fresh seafood served right on the beach (however a lot of rubbish is often left behind, which soon gets into the ocean).

Best Places to Stay at Bai Xep Beach

There are several great places to stay at Bai Xep Beach, from simple guesthouses to 5-star hotels and everything in between. The accommodation below is listed roughly in order of increasing price.

Bãi Xếp Beach*: Simple, budget accommodation right by the beach with very friendly owners.

Haven Vietnam Hotel at Bai Xep Beach
Haven Vietnam Hotel*

Haven Vietnam*: A guesthouse with simple but nice rooms with a restaurant (Big Tree Bistro) overlooking the beach and owners with lots of tips about things to do in the area.

Mira Bãi Xếp – The Hidden Jewel*: This hotel has both private rooms and dormitories, with stylish, fun rooms that have either a balcony or sea views.

Casa Marina Resort*: From double rooms to beach-front bungalows, this 4-star resort has many accommodation options with a great location and lovely pool.

Avani Quy Nhon Resort*: A 4-star hotel with a private beach (that is cleaned by the hotel every day), a great restaurant and a lovely pool.

Anantara Quy Nhon Villas*: A 5-star hotel, the ultimate in luxury, with beachfront villas all with a private pool and a private beach. The hotel restaurant is one of the best in central Vietnam. 

For more ideas of where to go next after visiting Bai Xep Beach, check out our Vietnam Guide.

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