Bamberg to Schloss Seehof Walk

Walk from Bamberg to Schloss Seehof
Walk from Bamberg to Schloss Seehof

By Vicky · Published Sep. 26th, 2022 · Updated Mar. 23rd, 2023

On this one-way walk, head from Bamberg city centre through parks and forest to the lovely Schloss Seehof.

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This walk starts from the centre of Bamberg, at the rose garden in front of the tourist information on the Island, not far from the Alte Rathaus.

Tips for Bamberg to Schloss Seehof Walk

  • Most of this walk is in woodland, so sheltered from the weather if it’s raining.
  • There’s a convenient bus back to town from Schloss Seehof.
  • While in the area, check out the Walking Tour of Bamberg
  • Offline maps app works well for this walk.
  • Find other great hikes on our Germany Hiking Page.

From the rose garden, head away from the tourist information and left. Turn right at the T-junction to reach the river and then left to follow along the banks of the river.

Riverbanks of Bamberg Town
Leaving town
Walking along the riverbank from Bamberg to Schloss Seehof
Walking along the riverbank

The route now continues to follow the riverbank as close as possible. Cross a little bridge onto a tiny island and across another bridge into the Hainpark, or Bürgerpark Bamberg.

Bürgerpark Bamberg

There are some beautiful trees here and water on either side. In summer, and even in winter, locals swim here in the fairly fast-flowing water of the Regnitz River. Further along, the path leads around an outdoor swimming pool and rowing clubhouse before returning to the river.

There are some follies (ornamental buildings) within the park, and you’ll see a pink pavilion just before crossing underneath a road. If you want to save 1 km, then head directly left to the next bridge, or continue straight on to walk further around the park.

Path through Bürgerpark Bamberg
Path through Bürgerpark Bamberg
Meeting of the two branches of the Regnitz River in Bamberg
Meeting of the two branches of the Regnitz River

At the far end of the park you’ll see where the main Regnitz River and Right Branch of the Regnizt River split apart to create the large island in the middle of Bamberg. There’s a nice view over the water and you can also rent rowing boats if you feel like it.

Continue to follow the path as it bends left, now walking along the banks of the smaller river. Cross the first bridge you come to towards a sports area. Head left and around the car park to walk across the top of a lock over the water. This is the Main–Danube Canal that connects these two large rivers.

Walking along the main road in Bamberg
Walking along the main road
Walking in the forest between Bamberg and Schloss Seehof
Turn left into the forest

On the other side continue straight on, turn left at the T-junction and then right along the main road. The road is not too busy, there’s a wide pavement and this section through the city is not too long. Turn left at the end of the road and then take the first right.

Schloss Seehof Hunting Grounds Forest

In about 500 metres there’s a small path heading left into the forest. It’s shortly after the high fence ends and leads around a little pond. This forest used to be a hunting ground for the aristocracy who lived in Schloss Seehof.

Follow the path as it bends right, then take a left when you reach a main track. After 300 metres on this track, you’ll reach the second path to your right, part of a Parcourse route. Take this path and follow it straight on.

Schloss Seehof Hunting Grounds Forest
Walking Trail through Schloss Seehof Hunting Grounds Forest

Towards Schützenhaus

In almost 1 km you’ll reach another track with an underpass below a motorway to the right. Cross underneath this road and head left at the next T-junction. Head right on the next small path and then left to wiggle your way through the forest towards the Schützenhaus. This is a club with a beer garden and firing range, so you might hear some loud gunshots if people are here.

Head left at the Schützenhaus car park and follow the small road right. Just before the next main junction, walk left along the small path to the main road. This little path can be easy to miss. Cross over the main road and continue straight along the main track. Follow this track straight on for about 2 km, then take the grassy track right. This track is also easy to miss even though it’s quite large. It’s halfway down a hill and before the large bend.

Lake near castle seehof
Lake near the castle
Avenue of trees near Schloss Seehof
Avenue of trees

This grassy track becomes smaller and soon you’ll reach a large lake. There are many birds here – herons, stalks, ducks and egrets. To your left you’ll get your first glimpse of Schloss Seehof, or Seehof Castle. When we were there (2022) the castle facade was partially covered, but luckily there wasn’t any scaffolding on the other side. After the ponds turn left towards and castle and head right around the castle walls to reach the entrance at the front.

Schloss Seehof

Castle Seehof Shloss Castle in Memmelsdorf near Bamberg
Schloss Seehof

Key Information: The castle grounds are open Apr-Oct 7am to 7pm and Nov-Mar 9am till sunset. The inside of the Schloss is closed on Mondays and the entire winter from October to March inclusive. The rest of the year, it’s open Tue-Sun from 9am to 6pm. To visit you must take a 35-minute guided tour (in German with an English handout). Tickets to the Schloss are €5/4, or €9/8 for a combination ticket with the New Residence, the grounds are free.

Schloss Seehof is a lovely chocolate-box castle in the middle of a baroque pleasure garden. The castle is bright yellow with distinctive green shutters on one side and four turret-like towers. The inside rooms you’ll see on the guided tour are surprisingly nice and bright, with wonderfully restored colourful silk and cotton wallpaper, and beautiful old wooden floors. One of the most impressive rooms is the dancing and concert hall, with a painted ceiling, chandeliers and a glossy stone floor.

Baroque rococo fountain in the grounds of Schloss Seehof
The grounds of Schloss Seehof Castle in Memmelsdorf near Bamberg

Within the grounds are several nice tree features, where the trees have been arranged to form roofs in places or tree tunnels in others. Around the far side of the castle you can see over the lakes, and there’s a baroque rococo fountain on the hillside that turns on every hour. Near the entrance gate is a nice cafe that serves everything from hot drinks and cakes to full meals, perhaps while waiting for the bus back from Schloss Seehof to Bamberg.

Bus back to Bamberg: The easiest way to get back to the centre of Bamberg is to take the 907 bus. There’s a bus stop called Schloss Seehof right next to the castle. The bus goes at roughly 1-hour intervals and heads to the centre of Bamberg (called Stadtmitte or ZOB) via the train station. You can find the timings on google maps.

Accommodation in Bamberg

There are many accommodation options in Bamberg, but try to book a few weeks in advance because the best places fill up quickly. The two options below are great places not far from the town centre.

Budget: The City Hotel Bamberg* has basic but clean rooms not far from the centre of town. There’s not much character, but you get a decent place to stay for one of the lowest prices you’ll find in Bamberg.

Comfort: The Altstadthotel Molitor* has a great location in the centre of town with atmospheric old rooms. It’s hard to find a better place that doesn’t break the bank.

Guidebooks to explore more of Germany

This is the end of the walk from Bamberg to Seehof Schloss. While in the area, go on a walking tour of Bamberg, or if you enjoy hiking, check out our other hikes in Germany.

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