Schongau Walking Tour

Schongau on the Romantic Road
Schongau on the Romantic Road

By Vicky · Published Aug. 28th, 2023 · Updated Jan. 12th, 2024

Schongau is a charming town known for its medieval architecture and historic city walls, perfect for exploring on a walking tour.


This walking tour of Schongau starts from a car park on the edge of the old town. Parking is paid, but free on Sundays. It’s 50 minutes drive south of Augsburg, and 1hr15 from Munich. Alternatively, you can take the train to Schongau and it’s 1hr20 from Munich.

Schongau Walking Tour Map

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Tips for Schongau Walking Tour

Top Sights in Schongau

On this self-guided walking tour you’ll visit all the historic places in Schongau. You need about 1-2 hours in Schongau to fully explore the town.

  1. Heiliggeist-Kirche
  2. Old City Walls
  3. Munzturm
  4. Herzogliches Schloss Schongau
  5. Schongau Altstadt
  1. Stadtpfarrkirche Mariä Himmelfahrt
  2. Frauentor
  3. Viewpoint
  4. Polizeidienerturm
  5. Kasselturm

If you’re continuing with the Romantic Road, check out Landsberg am Lech, Augsburg or Donauwörth to the north, and the Fairytale Castles or Füssen to the south.

Schongau Walking Tour Route

This walking tour starts from the car park on the edge of the historic town. Alternatively, the train station is not far away.

Directions: Head across the car park towards the center and turn right and the first street. The door to the monastery and the first stop is on your right.

1. Heiliggeist-Kirche

Heiliggeist-Kirche courtyard in Schongau, seen on a walking tour of the town

The Heiliggeist-Kirche (Church of the Holy Ghost) is a lovely old monastery church in Schongau. Inside there are several impressive side altars and interestingly-shaped windows which let in a great deal of light. There are also really good acoustics

Next to the church is the Klosterhof. This is a garden in the former monastery courtyard, and there’s also a war memorial here. It’s a very relaxing place in town. On the far side are the old city walls, and you can find the stairs up onto them in the far right-hand corner of the garden.

Directions: Walk up onto the walls and turn left.

2. Old City Walls

Walking along the Old City Walls of Schongau on a tour of the town, on the Romantic Road, Germany

The Old City Walls of Schongau are well-preserved and complimented by numerous battlements including five towers, and two gates. The Bavarian Dukes from the House of Wittelsbach built the fortifications after they took possession of the town in 1268.

Directions: After about 200 metres, take the steps down from the wall on the left and into the car park (the path on the wall only continues a very short distance before coming to a dead end).
Turn right on the street and follow it around the bend by the cemetery. Turn right on the main street.

3. Munzturm

Viewpoint and City Walls by the Munzturm in Schongau
Viewpoint and City Walls by the Munzturm

The Munzturm (Mint Tower) is next to the Old Mint building. Schongau was awarded the privilege of minting its own coins sometime in the 13th century. Just to the right of the Mint building is a staircase up the walls to a viewpoint, though there’s not so much to see from here.

Directions: After the tower, head along Bauerngasse and you’ll soon come to Schloss Schongau on your right.

4. Herzogliches Schloss Schongau

The Herzogliches Schloss Schongau now houses a district office. You can’t visit inside but just look at the nice facade from the outside. It’s mainly white, with some interesting large paintings. Just behind the Schloss is the Maxtor, one of the oldest gates in the Medieval City Walls.

Directions: Walk along the street opposite the schloss to the main road of town and turn right.

5. Stadtpfarrkirche Mariä Himmelfahrt

Stadtpfarrkirche Mariä Himmelfahrt, a stop on a walking tour through Schongau on the Romantic Road, Germany

The Stadtpfarrkirche Mariä Himmelfahrt* (Parish Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) is the main church in Schongau and contains some nice stucco work inside, along with a large high altar. The choir is by the famous baroque architect Dominikus Zimmermann.

Directions: Continue along the main street to the square.

6. Schongau Altstadt

Walking through Schongau Altstadt on a tour of the town
Schongau Altstadt on the Romantic Road

The centre of Schongau Altstadt* is the Münzstraße and the Marien Square, both of which lie in the middle of Schongau Altstadt (Old Town). Along this street and around the square, you can see many old, colourful buildings. Here you’ll also find most of the shops, cafes and restaurants.

At the far end of the square you’ll find the Ballenhaus, a Gothic building that used to serve as a warehouse and went on to be the town hall. Now it houses a lovely cafe, with free public toilets on the other side.

Directions: Just after the Ballenhaus, turn right and right again. You’ll soon see the next tower on your left.

7. Frauentor

Frauentor in Schongau, Bavaria, Germany

The Frauentor is another old gate to the city. It now houses a restaurant, the Weinstuben im Frauentor, which serves great Flammkuchen (a ‘German Pizza’ traditionally from the Alsace region).

Directions: Head through the gate and turn left along the walkway and around the front of the city walls.

8. Viewpoint

From this viewpoint just outside the city walls, you can see the Alps in the distance.

Directions: Continue along the path and you’ll reach the next tower.

9. Polizeidienerturm

A tall white tower, the Polizeidienerturm

The Polizeidienerturm (Police Officer’s Tower) is a city gate in the old walls dating from the 13th century. It got its current name in the 19th century when a policeman lived inside.

Directions: Don’t head through the gate but continue along the path by the outside of the walls to reach the final tower.

10. Kasselturm

Kasselturm, part of the defensive fortifications of Schongau and a stop on the walking tour of town

Key Information: Open summer only, Fri-Sun, 11am-6pm.

The Kasselturm is a little tower in the city walls that you can visit inside during the summer months. The rooms are full of old furniture and there’s a ‘herb witch’ who will show you around. You can walk up the stairs for a great view from the top.

You’re now back at the car park where you started, and at the end of the Schongau Walking Tour.

Best Places to Stay in Schongau

Landsberg am Lech has a moderate selection of hotels, the best of which are suggested below:

Hotels & Apartments

  • Hotel Alte Post*: A traditional hotel right in the middle of Schongau with characterful rooms and a great breakfast.
  • Alpenhotel Pfaffenwinkel*: A cheaper, slightly old yet delightful hotel in the next-door town of Peiting, a couple of kilometers from central Schongau.
  • Lechwirt*: A great self-catering apartment not far from the centre of Schongau with everything you need, plus a Biergarten on-site.

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