Landsberg am Lech Walking Tour

River in Landsberg am Lech
River in Landsberg am Lech

By Vicky · Published Jun. 26th, 2023 · Updated Jan. 12th, 2024

Landsberg am Lech is a picturesque town located on the Romantic Road in Bavaria, and a walking tour is a great way to explore.


This walking tour starts from Parkplatz Papierfleck Süd, near the centre of Landsberg am Lech. It costs €4.50 for parking. Alternatively, the train station is very nearby and it’s about 45 minutes from Munich, or 55 minutes from Augsburg.

Landsberg am Lech Walking Tour Map

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Tips for Landsberg am Lech Walking Tour

Top Sights in Landsberg am Lech

On this self-guided walking tour you’ll visit the most interesting and pleasant corners of Landsberg am Lech. You need about half a day in Landsberg am Lech to fully explore the town.

  1. Lech Weir Viewpoint
  2. Old Salt Barns
  3. Landsberg am Lech Main Square
  4. Lech River Stroll
  5. City Walls
  1. Bayertor (Bavarian Gate)
  2. Neues Stadtmuseum
  3. Heilig Kreuz Church
  4. Mariä Himmelfahrt Church
  5. Mutterturm

If you’re continuing with the Romantic Road, check out Augsburg or Donauwörth to the north, and the Fairytale Castles or Füssen to the south.

Landsberg am Lech Walking Tour Route

This walking tour starts from Parkplatz Papierfleck Süd, but you can also start from the train station, only a short walk from the centre of Landsberg am Lech.

Directions: Head along the river towards the Wier. Head down onto a smaller path directly by the river to reach the next stop.

1. Lech Wier Viewpoint

 Lech Wier Viewpoint in Landsberg am Lech

The best viewpoint of Lech Wier is right next to the Lech River, opposite the main town centre. On a sunny day, it’s a lovely view and the river water looks quite turquoise.

Directions: Continue to the bridge and cross over the river. Take the first left to walk along the river banks on the other side. At the little square, head straight onwards and this street is the next stop.

2. Old Salt Barns

A canal by the old salt barns
A canal by the old salt barns
Old salt barns (Stalzstadel) in Landsberg am Lech

The old Salt Barns (Stalzstadel) is now a row of cute cottages. There were actually three salt barns built here in 1353, converted much later into small houses. The streets here are cobbled, making it very atmospheric, and the cottages are all very well maintained.

Directions: Walk down the street, and before the fence at the end there’s a passageway through to the other side. Turn right to walk back up here, along more of the cute cottages. Once at the small square again, turn left into the main square.

3. Landsberg am Lech Main Square

Landsberg am Lech Main Square, a stop on a walking tour

The Main Square* in Landsberg am Lech is a large square surrounded by old patrician houses. They are all very colourful and the atmosphere is often lively. The Old Town Hall* (Historiches Rathaus) is a beautiful Renaissance building, obvious from its stucco-work facade.

In the centre of the main square is the Marienbrunnen, a nice fountain dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The square is a lovely place to have coffee and cake in the sun. At the narrow end of the square, the lovely painted buildings are the former Ursuline Convent.

Directions: From the narrow end of the square, turn left up some steps. Take a right at the top, then follow this road downwards towards the river. Walk through the car park and along the river’s edge.

4. Lech River Stroll

Walking alnog the Lech river near Landsberg am Lech
Viewpoint over Landsberg am Lech while on a walk

The Lech River stroll is a lovely walk along the riverside path where you can take in the tranquil scenery. On the way back there are some nice views over Landsberg am Lech and the surrounding countryside.

Directions: Take the first track on the left, leading into the wild park (Wildpark), which contains some deer. At the corner, turn left up the steep steps and follow the path onwards. Take the first left at the metal railings, along the path leading to the top of the slope.
Continue left along the path at the top, next to some fields and forest. After a couple of viewpoints, turn left to walk through a small suburb of Landsberg. On the other side, follow the signs for Stadtzentrum, bend a corner, and take the left towards the main road.

After the main road, take the first left along a small path. This leads to the Jungfernsprungturm – note that it’s only really half a tower. Continue through the wall by the tower and right up the next street. Pass through the city walls and turn left to walk up alongside them.

5. City Walls

City walls around Landsberg am Lech in Bavaria on the Romantic Road
A Medieval tower in Bavaria, Germany
City walls around Landsberg am Lech in Bavaria on the Romantic Road

Landsberg am Lech is known for its well-preserved fortifications, including towers and its city walls. This is one of the best-preserved stretches, and you can get a sense of the town’s historical defences.

Directions: Follow the path along the wall as it bends the corner and leads to the obvious, brightly painted white gate and tower.

6. Bayertor (Bavarian Gate)

The Bayertor (Bavarian Gate), a highlight of a walking tour through Landsberg am Lech

Key Information: Open Tue-Sun, 10:30-12:30 and 13-17.

The Bayertor* (Bavarian Gate) is one of the town’s historic gateways. This is probably the best preserved and most impressive medieval gates in Landsberg am Lech. It’s rather lovely from the outside, but if it’s open you can climb to the top of the tower for a fantastic view which stretches as far as the Alps.

Directions: Pass through the main gate, across the first junction and then left along the higher road. This heads slightly downwards, then turn right to reach the next stop.

7. Neues Stadtmuseum

Key Information: Currently closed for renovation (2023).

The Neues Stadtmuseum is just in front of the Heilig Kreuz Church in a large old building. It is undergoing renovation, but when it’s open again it will display the history and culture of the region.

8. Heilig Kreuz Church

Heilig Kreuz Church

The Heilig Kreuz Church* has an impressive interior with lots of gold, often locked behind bars but you can still see everything. It’s a former Jesuit college church, originally built in 1752, and has some nice frescoes.

Directions: After leaving the church, head straight on and take the first path on the right. At the small roundabout, continue heading onwards and downwards on another path through the woods. This path turns the corner and you’ll come out by the church.

Before visiting the church, head left along the cute street to the small square. You’ll see the Schmalzturm (Lard Tower) on your right, which once served as an entrance to the town. Head through back into the main square, then take the first right back to the church.

9. Mariä Himmelfahrt Church

Mariä Himmelfahrt Church in Landsberg am Lech
Mariä Himmelfahrt Church
Sandau Gate and the old Färberhof
Sandau Gate and the old Färberhof

Mariä Himmelfahrt Church* is a parish church, unusual for being painted bright white rather than being left in the normal stone grey. It’s rather lovely, so worth a look both outside and inside. The interior is also bright like the outside.

Directions: Head right behind the church, then take the first left. The road bends left at the Hexenturm, then take a right across the river (with cute views) and right again into a small square. Take a right at the far end of the square, through the Bäckertor.
Back at the main street, turn left to reach Sandau Gate and the old Färberhof. Take the first left before the river, then head right into the riverside park. Cross over at the second bridge and turn left.

10. Mutterturm

Crossing the Lech River
Mutterturm, a stop on a walking tour through Landsberg am Lech

The Mutterturm*, or mother tower, has an unusual golden roof that peaks out above the trees. This building was built in the style of a Normal keep but only actually constructed in 1884 by a German-English craftsman (Hubert von Herkomer) in honour of his mother. The little house next to the tower is the Herkomer Museum which contains a collection of paintings by the craftsman himself. There’s also a lovely cafe at the base of the tower.

Best Places to Stay in Landsberg am Lech

Landsberg am Lech has a moderate selection of hotels, the best of which are suggested below:


  • Pension Chapeau*: A fantastic hotel in the centre of Landsberg with large, atmospheric rooms that come with kitchens or kitchenettes.
  • Arthotel ANA Goggl*: A very well-located hotel with nice rooms, friendly staff and a delicious breakfast.

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