Hohneck Peak Half-Day Walk

Walking up Hohneck Peak in the Vosges, Alsace
Walking up Hohneck Peak in the Vosges, Alsace

By Vicky · Published Apr. 3rd, 2024

Hike up Hohneck Peak on a half-day walk near Munster for wild landscapes, rocky scenery, and fantastic views.

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This walk up Hohneck summit starts from a large car park at Le Gaschney in the Vosges, Alsace. The car park is free, though on weekends in summer it can get crowded, so arrive early. It’s 20 minute’s drive from Munster (where they make the cheese) or 45 minute’s drive from Colmar.

Tips for the Hohneck Peak Half-Day Walk

Hohneck Peak Half-Day Walk Route

From the car park in Le Gaschney, walk towards the steep hillside. Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk up here now but will come down this route. Instead, turn left to continue along the small road just behind the buildings. This leads gradually upwards through a forest before bending right and into the open.

On a walk from Le Gaschney in Alsace
Walking up Hohneck Peak from Le Gaschney in the Vosges Mountains in Alsace, France
A rocky path in the Vosges mountains in Alsace, France

You’ll soon reach a little saddle, from which great views of Hohneck Peak open up. You’ll see the hill of Petit Hohneck to your right, and a rather dramatic tree-covered bowl to your left. The paved road ends and becomes a rocky dirt track. Follow on as the route contours around the side of Petit Hohneck and then reaches the Col du Schaeferthal. This is the saddle between the main peak of Hohneck to the left and the smaller peak of Petit Hohneck to the right.

Walking to Hohneck Summit

Chamois on Hohneck Peak
Chamois on Hohneck Peak
Hohneck Peak cafe, restaurant and hotel
Hotel-Restaurant at the top of Hohneck Peak

From here, follow the main path left up to Hohneck summit. This path leads up along the left-hand edge of the grassy slope, with views of the rocky cliffs and gentle hills beyond. At the top of Hohneck, you’ll find a hotel-restaurant (closed in Winter). Have a break here to admire the views and catch your breath. The main part of the ascent, though not all, is over now.

Views of a lake in the Vosges, Alsace, France
Walking up Hohneck Peak

From the top, head left down the zig-zagging path signed towards Kastelberg Peak. At the bottom of the slope, the Col du Wormspel, you can look down on the dark lake (Lac Du Schiessrothried) far below. This walk now continues on the left-most path, following the edge of the plateau before the steep drop. There are more great views from this flat, easy section of the walk.

After about 1km from the Col du Wormspel, after walking around a little promontory, take the small path to the right, away from the edge. Turn left at the path by the fence and continue to reach the gentle, grassy summit of Kastelberg Peak. There’s not much at the peak, just the top of a ski lift, but there are some good views.

Hiking back from Kastelberg Peak

Kastelberg Peak, Vosges, Alsace
Trees in France

From here take the track to the right heading downhill. When you reach the little car park at the bottom, turn right along the track heading slightly upwards through the trees. This is part of the GR5 hiking trail route and now you’ll see the other, western side of the Vosges mountain range.

Continue along the path and you’ll get back to the Col du Wormspel beneath Hohneck Peak. Instead of heading back up, keep slightly left until you reach the little road. Head left a few metres then take the path continuing to the right, contouring across the hillside.

At the Col on the other side, you’ll see several signposts. Turn right to take the path along the edge of the top, with the steep, tree-covered hillside below. Out of season, from November to April, this path is closed so you’ll have to head back to the top of Hohneck and then down the other side.

Walking the steep way down Petit Hohneck

When you’re back at the saddle between Hohneck and Petit Hohneck, now the route heads up the latter. The path up is easy and it’s not so far. However, the path down the other side heads very steeply downwards and is quite long. It’s not technical or scary, but you’re legs will get very tired!

From the top of Petit Hohneck, the easiest trail heads down slightly to the right next to a fence. You may need a couple of breaks to rest your legs, but soon you’ll be at the road at the bottom. Turn left and you’ll be back at the car park and the end of this half-day walk up Hohneck Peak.

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