Riquewihr Villages & Vineyards Walk

Riquewihr village in Alsace
Riquewihr village in Alsace

By Vicky · Published Jul. 3rd, 2023 · Updated Apr. 3rd, 2024

The Riquewihr Villages & Vineyards Walk is a great way to explore the cute town and the surrounding scenic vineyards on the Alsace Wine Route.

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The Riquewihr Villages & Vineyards Walk starts from the cute village of Riquewihr on the Alsace Wine Route. There are several car parks on the edge of the town, for example on the eastern end.

Tips for Riquewihr Villages & Vineyards Walk

  • Riquewihr village can get very busy, start the walk early to avoid the crowds in town. The rest of the walk is very peaceful.
  • The route is mainly on quiet tarred roads and easy gravel tracks.
  • In Riquewihr there are plenty of places to grab local snacks or have a bigger meal after this walk.
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Riquewihr Villages & Vineyards Walking Route

This walk first heads through Riquewihr before wandering through vineyards to Zellenberg, a small town perched on a little hill. The route continues through more vineyards to Hunawihr, another cute village famous for its fortified church. The last leg of the walk heads back to Riquewihr Village through more scenic vineyards.

Exploring the town of Riquewihr

Riquewihr town hall
Riquewihr Town Hall
Walking up the main street of Riquewihr
Main Street of Riquewihr

From the eastern end of Riquewihr, head through the grand Hotel de Ville and onto Rue du Général de Gaulle. This is the main street of town and most of the cute half-timbered buildings, as well as shops and restaurants, are located here.

Walk up the street, with its charming atmosphere, then take a left on Rue de la Couronne just before the Relais des Moines restaurant – a pale-green half-timbered house with lots of flowers. Rue de la Couronne is surrounded by cute houses, and at the end turn right along a narrower cobbled lane.

Half-timbered buildings in Riquewihr, Alsace
Walk up Riquewihr main street

At the next junction, head straight on through the stone archway into the Ancienne Bishops Square. Once you’ve looked around, return and turn left to walk back to the main street through Riquewihr.

Continue up the wide street, peer into the shop windows, and admire the old houses. At the top end of the street you’ll see a tall stone tower with a gate, ‘La Porte Haute’. Just before the archway, turn left along the cute cobbled lane. Continue around the corner, down the street, then take a left just after the church to leave Riquewihr and walk into the countryside.

Walking through Vineyards to Zellenberg

Walk along the road leaving town, and follow it as it bends left. You’ll soon leave the suburbs of Riquewihr and enter the surrounding vineyards. Where the road forks, take the left, then in roughly 100 metres turn left onto a track leading into the fields of vines.

Zellenberg and vineywards on the Alsatian wine route
Walking through vineyards to Zellenberg
Walk through Zellenberg main street
Zellenberg main street

Follow the track straight on until it ends at a T-junction. Turn left here to the road, then turn right to walk a short distance along the road. Take the second track on your left, which brings you through a field to another road. Turn left, then right to walk around the sports pitches.

From the track you can already see the little village of Zellenberg crowning the hill to your left. Turn left at the junction to head slightly upwards along a track with more great views of the village. At the road head left to walk into town. Take the first left to walk around the top of the hill, then keep on the higher track near the far end and follow it to walk down the main street of Zellenberg. There’s not so much to see in town, the views from here are the main highlight.

Walking from Zellenberg to Hunawihr

Views walking to Hunawihr, a village on the Alsace wine route
Views walking to Hunawihr
Fortified church of Hunawihr
The fortified church of Hunawihr

At the end of the street at the church, turn left to walk downhill. Head straight across the main road back into the vineyards, then the first right to get on the track towards Hunawihr.

After walking around the hillside, the route descends to reach the lower end of Hunawihr village. Turn left to walk along the Grand Rue, then follow the signposts towards the fortified church. The views from here are great, as the church is on a high elevation at the edge of Hunawihr, with defenses to protect against invaders.

The Scenic Walk from Hunawihr to Riquewihr

Grand Cru Wine Route in Alsace
Grand Cru Wine Route
Views back to Zellenberg
Views back to Zellenberg
On a walk through vineyards and into Riquewihr village

Once you’ve admired the church, return to the main street and turn left. Take the first left again along a minor road and follow this as it leads gradually uphill. Continue over the top of the hill, and turn left at the end of the woods.

Follow this track a short distance, then take the track heading downwards to the right across the sloping vineyards. There are some really great views from here looking over Riquewihr and beyond. Take the first right down the slope, then take the sharp left which heads back into Riquewihr town. This is the end of the Riquewihr Villages & Vineyards Walk.

Best Places to Stay in Riquewihr

Riquewihr and many great hotels and apartments, and it’s the perfect place to stay to get an early start on the walk or enjoy the quieter evening time.

Best Hotels

  • Chez Coco*: A super cute house with a great central location and small rooms full of character. There’s free parking nearby and a delicious breakfast included. Budget.
  • Hotel à l’Oriel*: A lovely hotel in a central location with gorgeous rooms full of character and a great restaurant in an old hidden courtyard.

Best Apartments

  • Apartment Cali Elina*: Self-catering apartments with free private parking on-site. The accommodation is very close to the centre of Riquewihr, yet on a quiet and peaceful street.
  • Laterale Residences Apartments Riquewihr*: Luxury apartments in the heart of Riquewihr, with fully equipped kitchens and lots of character. The property also has a cute hidden terrace and a sauna. Luxury.

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