Kayserberg Walking Tour

View of Kayserberg and the Château de Kaysersberg
View of Kayserberg and the Château de Kaysersberg

By Vicky · Published Jul. 15th, 2023 · Updated Apr. 3rd, 2024

Kayserberg is a beautiful village overlooked by a half-ruined castle and sloping vineyards, making for a great walking tour.


This walking tour of Kayserberg and the Château de Kaysersberg starts from a car park at the western end of town. There are also several other car parks around the town.

Kayserberg Walking Tour Map

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Tips for Kayserberg Walking Tour

  • Kayserberg is a super cute village but can get busy, so aim to arrive early.
  • The walk through the vineyards is definitely worth it as there are beautiful views.
  • For more walking tours and hikes, see our France Hiking Page.

Top Sights in Kayserberg

This self-guided walking tour of Kayserberg leads you to all the best places in the village. Aim to spend a couple of hours in Kayserberg, or more if you want to browse all of the shops and visit a cafe or restaurant.

  1. Musée Albert Schweitzer
  2. Rue du Général de Gaulle
  3. Pont Fortifié
  4. Château de Kayserberg
  1. Kayserberg Vineyards Walk
  2. Tourist Info & Town Hall
  3. Église Sainte-Croix
  4. Fontaine Constantin Square

Kayserberg Walking Tour Route

This walking tour starts from the car park at the western end of town.

Directions: Opposite the car park there’s the Albert Schweitzer park with his museum on the main street.

1. Musée Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer Park
Albert Schweitzer Park
Albert Schweitzer Museum
Albert Schweitzer Museum (right)

Key Information: Open Feb-Dec Tue-Sat 10am-noon & 2-5pm. Also open on Sundays June-Sept. Tickets are €7/5.50 per adult/reduced.

The Musée Albert Schweitzer (Website, Tripadvisor Reviews*) showcases the life and work of the famous philosopher, theologian, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Albert Schweitzer. The museum is here because Albert Schweitzer was born in Kayserberg in 1875. It provides insight into Schweitzer’s humanitarian efforts and the theme is “Respect for Life”.

You can see pictures and items from Gabon in Africa, where he carried out a lot of his humanitarian work. Schweitzer was also a doctor who helped work to cure leprosy, among other diseases, and there are some displays about this. The museum has been completely renovated in the past few years, with the new opening in summer 2023, so it feels fresh and modern.

Even if you don’t visit the museum, you can read a little about the philosopher in the park adjacent to the museum. Additionally, short extracts of his philosophy are displayed around the town.

Directions: After the museum, continue walking down the street.

2. Rue du Général de Gaulle

Rue du Général de Gaulle in Kayserberg

The Rue du Général de Gaulle is the main street of Kayserberg, passing through both the upper and lower parts of the village. It’s a charming street lined with colorful houses, boutique shops, and local restaurants. Take your time to explore the shops and perhaps grab a snack or a drink at one of the cafes.

Directions: Continue to the bridge.

3. Pont Fortifié

Views from the Fortified Bridge while on a walking tour of Kayserberg
Views from the Fortified Bridge in Kayserberg, Alsace, France

The Pont Fortifié* is the fortified bridge across the river Weiss that divides Kayserberg into its upper and lower parts. The bridge was built in 1514, with the current bridge a replacement of the original which was wooden. Look out for the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire – a double-headed eagle, and of the city – a purse symbolising trade.

Maison Faller-Brief
Maison Faller-Brief

There are many lovely old houses and flowerboxes surrounding the Pont Fortifié, making for great photos. On the western edge, these include the Maison Faller-Brief, a remarkable timbered building from 1593. On the eastern edge you can find the Hostellerie du Pont, or Maison des Bains. It was built at the start of the 17th century and was first used as an inn and a place for wine tasting. Later the lower floor was converted into a public baths.

Walking through the Old City Gate in Kayserberg on a tour of the village
Old City Gate

Directions: After the bridge turn left on the cute small street at the end of the square. Just past the old city gate, make a quick detour to the Alte Holzbrucke for more lovely views. The path leading to the castle is signed to the right, leading upwards on some steps through the trees.

4. Château de Kayserberg

Château de Kayserberg

The Château de Kayserberg* (free entry) is a medieval castle built by the Lords or Ribeaupierre in the 13th century. It overlooks the village and has beautiful views of the surrounding vineyards and mountains. The castle was built in this location for defense and to protect the passage through the mountains which starts through the valley heading west.

The tower has a diameter of 11 metres, with walls almost 4.5 metres thick. Make sure to climb up for more great views over the countryside. There are roughly 100 steps, and it’s quite dark in places on the way up.

Directions: Take the track in front of the castle to walk along the hillside and through the vines.

5. Kayserberg Vineyards Walk

Walking through the Kayserberg Vineyards in Alsace on a tour of the area

Take a gentle short stroll through the vineyards on the hillside above Kayserberg. There are really gorgeous views from here of the fields, the castle and the village below.

Walk along the flat track, remembering to look back at the castle every now and then. Ignore the first track to your right, but take the next track leading up to your left. This heads back towards the castle, though slightly higher up. Once you get back, the path leads steeply downwards past the castle on a series of steps next to an old defensive wall. Before the car park, turn right through the archway and you’ll be back in town at the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville.

6. Tourist Information & Town Hall

Tourist Information & Town Hall, a stop on the Kayserberg Walking Tour

Key Information: Open in Mon-Sat 9am-12:30pm and 2-6pm.

The Tourist Information Office* is located in the Town Hall, located on the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville. The Renaissance-style building was built in 1604, and you can go through the passageway to check out the inner courtyard. The tourist information itself is very informative, and you can also rent bikes and e-bikes from here, with half-day and full-day rates.

Directions: Turn right at the far side of the square.

7. Église Sainte-Croix

Église Sainte-Croix, a stop on the Kayserberg Walking Tour

The Église Sainte-Croix* is a 12th-century church and a fine example of Gothic architecture. Step inside to admire the interior and soak in the peaceful atmosphere, which features beautiful stained glass windows. The entrance doorway is Romanesque-style, while the sculpted altarpiece inside is from 1518. Inside you can’t fail to notice the huge statue of Jesus which overlooks the church.

8. Fontaine Constantin Square

Fontaine Constantin Square
Fontaine Constantin Square

Outside the church is the Fontaine Constantin Square, centred around the fountain. It’s a picturesque little square with the highlight being the beautiful buildings with flower boxes that surround it.

At the opposite end of the square to the church is the Maison Lowert. It’s another beautiful house with overflowing flower boxes and has a nice bakery inside.

Directions: Follow the Rue du Général de Gaulle back up through town, crossing the fortified bridge and back to the car park. This is the end of the Kayserberg Walking Tour.

Best Places to Stay in Kayserberg

Kayserberg has a variety of accommodation options, ranging from small apartments to luxury hotels. Check out the best places to stay in Kayserberg below:

Best Hotels

  • Hotel Les Remparts*: A 3-star hotel by the historical walls of Kayserberg old town, close to the centre yet very peaceful. Many rooms have a balcony with views of the vineyards. Free parking in front of the hotel.
  • Hotel KLE, BW Signature Collection*: A 4-star hotel in a fully renovated old building in the centre of Kayserberg. Some of the rooms have wooden beams, while the breakfast room is quite atmospheric. There’s a large parking close by with guest rates of €5 per day. Free tea, coffee and pastries.

Best Apartments

  • Gîtes Du Stekala*: A one-bedroom apartment with a small kitchen (stove, fridge, microwave) and a charming atmosphere, right in the centre of Kayserberg. Additionally, there are wooden floors and timber beams in the ceiling, with river views from the cute windows. Great value.
  • Chambres Chez Laurence*: Lovely, comfortable rooms in the centre of Kayserberg with car parking close by. No kitchens.
  • La Cour du Vignoble*: Tastely decorated apartments with fully-equipped kitchens. In the center of Kayserberg with convenient parking nearby.

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