Alsace Travel Guide: A Week in Alsace

Explore Alsace
Explore Alsace

By Vicky · Published Aug. 30th, 2023 · Updated Apr. 3rd, 2024

Read our Alsace Travel Guide to discover everything you need to know about Alsace, including a weeklong itinerary to explore the region.

Alsace Travel Guide Map

Get the route by downloading the .gpx or .kml file below. For navigation with on your mobile phone, simply download the .kml file and open to add it to the bookmarks.


  • Summer and over Christmas are the busiest periods, but long weekends such as Easter can also get busy. Book accommodation and restaurants in advance during these times.
  • It’s only 1hr45 on the train from Strasbourg to Paris
  • Don’t just walk through the villages, but explore the surrounding countryside to fully appreciate the region.
  • Start early to avoid the crowds!
  • Most tourist information offices in the villages have maps of the entire Alsace Region, including travel guides. The offices may be closed on Sundays or out of season.
  • For more places to visit in France, check out our France Guide.

Best Places to Visit in Alsace

There are a few must-see sights in Alsace. The best places to visit include the small villages of Riqueiwhr, Ribeauvillé, Kayserberg and Eguisheim. Additionally, the larger towns of Strasbourg and Colmar and top attractions in Alsace. A final must-see sight in Alsace is Château Haut-Koenigsbourg, an impressive castle perched on top of a hill. If you don’t know where to go in Alsace or what to do, check out our weeklong itinerary below. If you have less time you can either skip some smaller villages or hikes, or just spend less time at each stop!

Alsace Itinerary: A Week in Alsace

The following itinerary takes you to all the most famous villages, plus some quieter sights in the Alsace region. If you want to focus on villages, check out the Best Villages in Alsace, and don’t forget to find the Top Places to Stay.

Day 1: Explore Strasbourg

Strasbourg, a first place to visit in an alsace travel guide

There’s more than enough to keep you occupied in Strasbourg for at least a day. It’s a great introduction to the region and there are several worthwhile museums. Additionally, the historic city is full of restaurants serving typical Alsatian food and there’s plenty of accommodation to choose from.

Day 2: Obernai, Mont St Odile, Barr & Mittelbergheim

Mont St Odile, a stop in the alsace travel guide
Mont St Odile

On the second day, set out for the countryside. Obernai is a lovely small village to stroll around, while Mont St Odile is a beautiful monastery high in the hills above. From the monastery, you can explore the surrounding countryside on a lovely walk.

In the afternoon, head back down for lunch in Barr, and stroll through the vineyards of Mittelbergheim.

Day 3: Dambach la Ville, Sélestat, Château Haut-Koenigsbourg & Bergheim

Dambach la Ville, a town in the alsace travel guide
Dambach la Ville
Château Haut-Koenigsbourg, a top sight in the alsace travel guide
Château Haut-Koenigsbourg

Start the day with a walk around Dambach la Ville, followed by a tour of the larger town of Sélestat. After lunch in town, head up to the hills and visit Château Haut-Koenigsbourg, a castle with great views. Spend the late afternoon walking around the medieval walls of Bergheim, a quieter but lovely village.

Day 4: Ribeauvillé & Riquewihr

Ribeauvillé Castle, in the alsace travel guide
Ribeauvillé Castle

Today you’ll explore two of the most famous towns on the Alsace Wine Route. After a stroll through the town of Ribeauvillé, go on the Three Castles Hike for glorious views and close-ups of the semi-ruined castles.

Head on to Riquewihr for a well-deserved lunch. Use the afternoon to walk through the gentle countryside surrounding the town, including a visit to hilltop Zellenberg and Hunawihr with its famous fortified church. Spend the night in Riquewihr, which quietens down in the evening after most of the tourists have left.

Day 5: Kayserberg

Kayserberg, in the Alsace travel guide

Kayserberg is another of the most beautiful villages on the Alsace Wine Route, with a gorgeous location in a small valley. After a busy day yesterday, spend the entire day exploring this town and the surrounding vineyards. In the afternoon enjoy a wine tasting at one of the many wineries, or head into the mountains on the way to tomorrow’s hike.

Day 6: Tanet-Gazon du Faing Lakes Hike

Tanet-Gazon du Faing Lakes Hike, a stop in the alsace travel guide
Tanet-Gazon du Faing Lakes Hike

Spending a day hiking in the hills makes a great change from looking around villages. This day hike rewards you with stunning scenery and fresh mountain air.

Day 7: Katzenthal, Eguisheim & Colmar

Katzenthal, a village in an alsace travel guide

Start your day with an easy walk through the beautiful vineyards surrounding Katzenthal. Head on to Eguisheim, famous for its circular streets, and have lunch in the village. For the final afternoon in Alsace, travel the short distance to Colmar. Spend the rest of the day walking around town, with perhaps a visit to the famous Unterlinden Museum.

How Many Days should I spend in Alsace?

A full week is the perfect amount of time to spend in Alsace. As the itinerary and travel guide above shows, this will allow you to drive the Alsace Wine Route with plenty of time to explore the cute villages. Plus you’ll be able to get into the hills for a couple of beautiful hikes.

If you have a shorter amount of time, check out our One Day, Two Day, or Three Day itineraries which focus on the Alsace Wine Route between Strasbourg and Colmar. If you only have one day, a guided tour of Alsace* can help you make the most of your time.

Guidebooks & Maps for Exploring Alsace

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