Haspelmoor and Rotes Moos Walk

Haspelmoor Nature Reserve
Haspelmoor Nature Reserve

By Vicky · Published Jan. 21st, 2023 · Updated Mar. 23rd, 2023

The walk through Haspelmoor Nature Reserve, fields, forest and Rotes Moos makes for a very pleasant stroll, easily accessible by train.

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The Haspelmoor and Rotes Moos Walk starts from Haspelmoor train station. It’s about 25 minutes on the train from either Augsburg or Munich Hauptbahnhof. At the weekends trains only go every 2 hours, but on weekdays they are more frequent.

Tips for Haspelmoor & Rotes Moos Walk

  • You can do this walk all year round, but the heather in Haspelmoor is out in August, making it a great time.
  • Most of this walk is easy walking on paths, tracks or quiet roads, and there is not much uphill.
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Haspelmoor Nature Reserve

Leave the station on the south side of the train tracks, through the tunnel in the direction marked ‘Moor’. Take the first right to walk along a track next to the rail lines. In about 1 km, by the small white building, take the small path to the left that leads into Haspelmoor Nature Reserve.

A path through Haspelmoor Nature Reserve
Haspelmoor Nature Reserve
Walking along a path in Haspelmoor Nature Reserve

The next kilometre is along a fun little path through the forest, with some watery sections and more open sections full of heather. At the only path junction, follow the main path around to the left rather than heading straight on (this is a dead end). At the end of the Haspelmoor section, you’ll walk out onto a quiet road. Turn right, leave the woods and soon you’ll be in the fields just outside Hörbach village.

Hiking near Haspelmoor in Bavaria
Walking through the countryside near Haspelmoor

Walk through the village to the other side, passing the church on your right. Towards the end of the village, follow the main road as it bends right and back into the fields. There’s a gravel path on the side of the road, and soon this veers away from the road and through the fields.


Walking by the Berg Kapelle in Althegnenberg
Walking through a forest in Germany

Soon you’ll enter the next town, Althegnenberg. Turn right along the path just before the first houses. To visit the cute little Berg Kapelle in town, turn left just before the bridge over the small stream, then return to this junction.

Cross over the bridge, turn right along the road and then left at the next road to reach the main road bridge across the railway tracks. On the other side, cross the road and walk up the quiet road next to the petrol station. Take the second right, and then look out for the small path heading left back into the forest.

Walking through Rotes Moos

Turn right at the larger path to make your way through the woodland. Eventually you’ll reach a large road – cross over and continue straight along the track on the other side. Follow the track as it bends left and towards the Rotes Moos. This area is a very wet area that many birds visit, though the path is raised and so keeps dry.

At the end of this wet area, turn left on the path to walk back into Haspelmoor. Head straight on and you’ll soon see the station on your right. This is the end of the Haspelmoor and Rotes Moos Walk.

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