Ch9: Augrabies Falls to Cape Town

By Vicky · Published May. 31st, 2021 · Updated Sep. 5th, 2022

This post shows photos from the first chapter of my book, Chasing Ostriches*.

From Augrabies Falls to Cape Town we visited the following places:

Augrabies Falls ⇾ Springbok ⇾ Namaqualand NP ⇾ CederbergTulbaghWest Coast ⇾ Cape Town

Augrabies Falls

Rocky landscape, Augrabies Falls, South Africa
Waterfall, Augrabies Falls, South Africa
Waterfall and canyon, Augrabies Falls, South Africa
Land Rover Defender and rocks, Augrabies Falls, South Africa
Road and desert, Augrabies Falls, South Africa
Hiking and rocks, Augrabies Falls, South Africa
Quiver Tree, Augrabies Falls, South Africa


Desert and road to Springbok, Northern Cape, South Africa
Desert near Springbok, South Africa
Springbok desert, South Africa

Namaqualand National Park

Beach, Namaqualand National Park, South Africa
Camping by beach, Namaqualand National Park, South Africa


Camping, Cederberg, South Africa
Hiking, Cederberg, South Africa
Snow Protea, Cederberg, South Africa
Sneeuberg, Cederberg, South Africa
Climbing, Cederberg, South Africa
Road and mountains, Cederberg, South Africa


Wine, Tulbagh, South Africa
Hiking, Tulbagh, South Africa
Mountains, Tulbagh, South Africa
Scenery, Tulbagh, South Africa

West Coast

Jacobs Bay, South Africa
Jacobs Bay
Oep ve Koep Lunch, Paternoster, South Africa
Oep ve Koep Lunch, Paternoster

Cape Town

Table Mountain, South Africa
Driving Home

About the Book

Ever since I learnt that people drive around Africa in 4x4s, sleeping in rooftop tents for months at a time, I dreamed of joining them. My obsession became reality in January 2020, when together with my boyfriend I bought a 20-year-old dark blue Land Rover Defender. She’s called Nyala. After a few test weekends to check out the car, we were ready to go.
Coronavirus struck. Borders closed, hard lockdown began. Our plans to spend six months overlanding through southern Africa were put on hold. Fast-forward six months, and we were ready to go again.
Chasing Ostriches chronicles this journey of exploration through South Africa. We roamed the backroads and national parks in our trusty (and not so trusty at times) Defender. We climbed misty mountains, camped in empty deserts, sunbathed on tropical beaches, and saw wildlife galore under the hot African sky.
I came back with dirty clothes, an even dirtier car, and memories to last a lifetime. I hope my book will help you do the same. 

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