Poacher’s Stream trail is the perfect morning hike from Injisuthi Camp. Watch the mountains turn gold as they’re hit by the early sun.

Njesuthi Stream, Drakensberg
Njesuthi Stream


This walk starts from Injisuthi Camp, in the Central Drakensberg. You can shorten it by parking 1 km along the road, but the walk along the road is already quite nice. For more information about Injisuthi Camp and how to get there, read our Injisuthi Camp guide. We camped here, though if you’re on a day visit there is space to park your car.

Trail Route

6.5 km | 1.5-2 hours | 195 m up | 195 m down | 1600 m high | 1450 m low

First sign the mountain register by reception. Then walk along the road roughly 1 km. Just after the bridge across the river, where the road makes a sharp turn, take the trail leading right off the road and up a hilly slope.


  • Make sure to sign the mountain register outside reception before you leave.
  • Make sure to sign it again when you get back!
  • This is a circular walk, but in the summer the stream at the far end is difficult to cross, so we did this as an out-and-back hike.
  • Get up with the sun to see the beautiful light striking the mountains.
  • Cataract Valley is another beautiful but longer hike the area
  • Read more about Injisuthi Camp or the Drakensberg in our guide (coming soon).
Walking along the road to the start of the trail

The trails heads upwards, and onto a flat section, high above the stream below. From here there are great views of the cliffs on the other side of the stream and the mountains in the distance.

Poacher's Stream as the light first hits the cliffs
Njesuthi Stream on the way
Poacher's Stream as the sun has risen further
Njesuthi Stream on the way back

When we were there (December), the stream was full and fast flowing, making the river crossing very difficult. We went back the way we came instead of completing the circle. It’s never so good retracing your steps, but the sun had risen a lot further, so the landscape looked quite different.

Looking down at cataract valley

After returning back along the plateau, we reached the section of steep downhill, and were soon at the road. Ten minutes later, we were back at Injisuthi Camp and having a scrumptious breakfast.

Click to find out more about Injisuthi Camp, the Drakensberg (coming soon), or Hluhluewe-iMfolozi Park (coming soon) where we went next.

The sun fully risen

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