Fort Siloso and Skywalk

Fort Siloso
Fort Siloso

By Vicky · Published Jun. 24th, 2022 · Updated Nov. 30th, 2022

Explore history at Fort Siloso, the only coastal fort in Singapore, and check out the best views of Sentosa Island on the Skywalk.

Fort Siloso and Skywalk Map

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This Fort Siloso walk starts from Sentosa Point Bus Station, on the west side of Sentosa Island. You can get the Sentosa Express from Vivo City MRT station to Imbiah Station, then take Bus C from the nearby Village Hotel Bus Station to Sentosa Point Bus Station. It is also just next to the Singapore Cable Car-Siloso Point Station, a stop on the Sentosa Cable Car line*. Alternatively, it takes about 35 minutes to walk from Vivo City to the start of the hike.

Tips for Fort Siloso and Skywalk

  • Take a sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, a swimming costume and a towel if you want to go swimming.
  • Fort Siloso and the Skywalk are open 9am-6pm every day.
  • Take the cable car to the Fort and Skywalk with reduced-price tickets from Klook*.
  • The route is a mix of paved and gravel trails.
  • Offline maps app works well for this hike.
  • Check out other great hikes on our Singapore Hiking Page

Fort Siloso Skywalk

Fort Siloso Skywalk
Fort Siloso Skywalk
Views from Fort Siloso Skywalk

From Sentosa Point Bus Station, head just up the road to the Fort Siloso Skywalk (open 9am-6pm every day). This is a free attraction, and a lift whizzes you upwards to the Skywalk. This walk is about 180 metres long and probably has the best views on Sentosa Island. You are above the trees of the jungle and can see a lot of the island plus mainland Singapore.

Exploring Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso on Sentosa Island in Singapore
Walking through Fort Siloso in Singapore
Fort Siloso in Singapore

The Skywalk leads you directly into Fort Siloso, another free attraction that’s open 9am-6pm every day. Fort Siloso is a well-preserved coastal fort built by the British to defend Singapore mainly against attacks from the sea.

You can enter many parts of the fort, which each contain various exhibits about the history of the fort, life as a soldier, the surrender to Japan and much more. There are many nice views from the fort, make sure to head right down to the end via the narrow steps to reach cliffs overlooking the ocean.

See The Views up Close with Binoculars

From the Skywalk and Fort there are good views, for a closer look, get a decent pair of binoculars. I have had a pair of Bresser Binoculars* for over 20 years now and they are pretty indestructible and work well. Another well-reviewed pair on Amazon are these Celestrons:

Celestron Nature DX 8×42 Binoculars on Amazon*.

Check out the complete list of hiking gear needed for Singapore:

Coastal Trail on Sentosa Island

Coastal Trail on Sentosa Island
Coastal Trail on Sentosa Island

Once you’ve finished exploring the Fort, head out along Siloso Road. Just past the roundabout, there’s a trail heading left towards the ocean. Take this, and head right to walk along the coastline. This is a quiet trail with the jungle on one side and views across the water to Keppel Point on the other side. The trail eventually bends around away from the water and back through the jungle. You’ll come out at Siloso Point Bus Station, exactly where you started.

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach, a great place to cool off after a walk.

If you want to cool off after the walk, Siloso Beach is very close by. Opposite the bus station, you should see a small paved road and a small sign saying Sentosa Beach Walk. The beach is about 85 metres down this road.

If you’re here in the evening, check out the popular Wings of Time Show*, with lights, fireworks, 3D projections, music and much more. It takes place when it gets dark, on Siloso Beach near the monorail station.

Want to explore more Islands of Singapore? Check out our other hiking trail on Sentosa Island, or walks on Pulau Ubin, Coney Island or the Southern Islands. For other hiking ideas check out our Singapore Hiking page.

Views from Coastal Trail on Sentosa Island in Singapore

FAQs for Fort Siloso

How long does it take to explore Fort Siloso?

It takes 2-3 hours to look around Fort Siloso. This includes exploring the remains of the fort and visiting the small exhibits in some of the buildings.

What can you see at Fort Siloso?

At Fort Siloso you can see the remains of an originally British Fort built by the coast on Sentosa Island. There are many large guns, turrets, barracks and various other buildings, along with small exhibits about the history of the fort.

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