Bořeň Peak Hike

Views from the top of Boren Peak, Czech Republic
Views from the top of Boren Peak, Czech Republic

By Vicky · Published Sep. 22nd, 2023 · Updated Sep. 27th, 2023

The hike up Bořeň Peak leads you to the top of a remarkable blob of dark rock, from which you have fantastic views over the Czech countryside.

Bořeň Peak Hiking Map

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The Bořeň Peak Hike starts from the car park by Pension Bořeň. You can park directly opposite the Pension or in another small car park just below. Alternatively, you can start from Bílina-Kyselka train station, just in front of the grand Bílinská Kyselka mineral water bottling station and former sanitorium.

Tips for Bořeň Peak Hike

  • Arrive early as the car park can fill up on weekends in summer.
  • It can be very windy on top, so take a jacket even if it seems warm when you start the hike.
  • For another nearby peak hike, check out the walk up Milešovka Peak, or discover more walks on our Czech Hiking Page.

Bořeň Peak Hiking Route

Walking around Bořeň Peak in the Czech Republic
Hiking in the Czech Republic

From the car park in front of the Pension Bořeň, head to the end of the road and up the hiking track. Follow this easy path as it leads upwards and around the corner through some nice woodland. After about 700 metres you’ll reach a bench and a junction. Turn left up the path here, an out-and-back to the top of Bořeň Peak.

The path heads out of the woodland and into an open area, with the dark rocky mass of Bořeň Peak high above to your right. The path bends right and begins to steepen and become rocky. After a couple of zigzags, don’t miss the viewpoint a few metres to your right.

Views from the top of Bořeň Peak
View on a hike up Bořeň Peak, Czech Republic

After the viewpoint, continue up the path as it zigzags between the rocks. Soon you’ll reach a saddle near the top of the hill, a place to quickly catch your breath. The top of Bořeň Peak is to the left. The path heads out onto bare rock, with some rock-cut steps taking you to the signpost at the very top.

There are excellent views from here, though it can be very windy and the weather can change very quickly! There’s quite a contrast of landscapes, with wild woodland, fields and pointy peaks dotted with huge open-cast coal fields and coal power plants.

Geology of Bořeň Peak

Bořeň Peak is made of subvolcanic rock, which means igneous rock that solidified in the ground near the surface instead of erupting. The composition of the rock is about halfway between basalt (quartz-poor) and granite (quartz-rich), and technically it’s called phonolite.

It was formed in the Upper Tertiary Age () when the entire region was dotted with volcanoes. It sticks up in the landscape today because the phonolite rock is very hard and resistant to erosion. The surrounding rocks are weathered away, but the core phonolite remains.

A path in a forest
Walking towards Bořeň Peak in the Czech Republic

After you’ve enjoyed the view, head back down the way you came to the junction with the bench. Now, continue around the mountain by taking the path to the left. This leads gradually downward through peaceful woodland, and then right through some open fields. The path skirts the bottom of some allotments and onto a track leading to a main road.

Turn left at the road a short distance downhill, then take the first road on the left past a few houses. Continue onwards into a thin strip of woodland, then head left on a track heading slightly upwards. This path contours along and eventually leads back to the car park where you started and the end of the Bořeň Peak Hike.

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