Tisa Rocks Labyrinth Walk

Walking at Tisa Rocks
Walking at Tisa Rocks

By Vicky · Published Sep. 25th, 2023 · Updated Sep. 27th, 2023

Tisa Rocks Labyrinth, or Tiské Stěny, is a magical area of rock columns, cliffs, views, secret tunnels and more, perfect for a short walk.

Tisa Rocks Labyrinth Map


The walk to Tisa Rocks starts from the car park next to Turistická Chata Tisá, a Bohemian restaurant. It’s very difficult to reach on public transport, but you can take a guided tour from Prague that visits Tisa Rocks* and other cool places nearby. From the same car park you can also hike to Děčínský Sněžník, a cool plateau with great views.

Tips for Tisa Rocks Walk

  • The Chronicles of Narnia movie was filmed here at Tisa Rocks Labyrinth, so check out the movie before you visit!
  • The Turistická Chata Tisá Restaurant is open from 10am Fri-Sun and from 9am Tue-Thu, closed Mondays.
  • There’s an entrance fee (30/15CZK per adult/child) to Tisa Rocks in high season.
  • There are quite a few paths in Tisa Rocks, or Tiské Stěny, but you can’t get too lost.
  • The rocks can be slippery when wet or icy, and in a few places you have to go up a couple of easy ladders and through slightly narrow passageways.
  • Combine this walk with a hike to Děčínský Sněžník Plateau for a lovely day walk.
  • Discover the Bastei Bridge or Königstein Fortress just across the border in Germany, or check out our Czech Hiking Page.

Tisa Rocks Walking Route

Restaurant in Bohemian Paradise
A cool rock on a walk at Tisa Rocks

From the car park, head past the restaurant and along the wide path between the map and the little hut. In high season the hut is open and you have to pay the entry fee to Tisa Rocks (30/15CZK per adult/child).

Continue along the path and you’ll soon get to a large hammer-shaped rock balancing on a larger cliff. The route now descends along a cool passageway between the rocks down to the base of the cliffs. At the bottom, turn right. You’ll return here later when you’ve finished the Tisa Rocks Walk.

First Tisa Rocks Loop

Rocks and cliffs at Tisa Rock Labyrinth
Walking in Tisa Rock Labyrinth

The path now leads around and through the huge rock cliffs, generally sticking to the edge between the rocks and the rest of the forest. The rocks and cliffs at Tisa are just like a labyrinth in places, and are super fun to explore. They also look magical, which is why parts of The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed here.

There aren’t too many major route choices and eventually you’ll get to a junction between the two main areas of Tisa Rocks. There’s a little hut here that sells refreshments (when open) and a hiking map.

Second Tisa Rocks Loop

Walking in Bohemian Paradise
Risa Rock Labyrinth, Czech Republic

Continue along the path past the hut and take the first left. This is another loop of the smaller rocks area, so you’ll return here later. The path heads upwards and you’ll soon come to a cool viewpoint of the rocky plateau you’re standing on and the surrounding countryside, including the village of Tisa below. The dark, rocky cliffs are very dramatic against the much flatter surrounding scenery.

From here, head down the passageway between the rocks and you’ll meet another path. Turn right, and walk around the outside of the cliffs. There are a few minor route choices, such as which sides of rocks to walk on and whether to go through or around tunnels. However, the main route is generally clear and you’ll soon return back to the junction with the little hut.

Walking along the Plateau

Walking along the Plateau of cliffs at Tisa Rocks

Past the hut, now take the path to the right, i.e. where you didn’t come from earlier. This route leads upwards to the top of a plateau. It continues along the edge of the plateau, with fantastic views over the cliffs and countryside. There are fewer actual rocks here so the walking is quite a bit quicker.

Soon the path bends to the left and you leave the plateau edge. You’ll return to the junction beneath the ‘rock hammer’, and take the steps up to the right to get back to the top. From here, turn left and return to the restaurant and car park, and the end of the Tisa Rocks Labyrinth Walk.

Guidebooks to explore more of the Czech Republic

For a longer walk, check out the hike to Děčínský Sněžník which leaves from the same car park. Alternatively, discover the Bastei Bridge or Königstein Fortress just across the border in Germany, or check out our Czech Hiking Page.

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