Doubravka Castle Walk

Doubravka Castle
Doubravka Castle

By Vicky · Published Sep. 22nd, 2023 · Updated Sep. 27th, 2023

The short walk up to Doubravka Castle is a lovely route through woodland to the semi-ruined castle on the top, with great views over the surroundings.

Doubravka Castle Walk Map

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The walk to Doubravka Castle starts from a car park on the edge of Teplice town. You can park along the side of the road, or slightly further on in the main car park. Alternatively, there’s a bus stop just opposite.

Tips for Doubravka Castle Walk

  • There’s a small kiosk selling snacks and drinks at the top.
  • Do this walk in clear weather, or you won’t be able to see the views.
  • While in the area, discover Střekov Castle, or check out our Czech Hiking Page for more nearby walks and hikes.

Doubravka Castle Walking Route

Walking up through the woods to Doubravka Castle
Walking up through the woods to Doubravka Castle
Walking in the Czech Republic

From the car park, walk to the wide path heading into the woods at the end of the large ruined building. At the junction with the information sign, take the path on the right which contours through the woodland.

After about 700 metres, take the sharp left turn on an obvious trail, then almost immediately a smaller path heading to the right and up to a track. Turn right to follow the track as it winds gradually upwards. There’s a nice bench and viewpoint at one corner of the track, after which it’s not far to Doubravka Castle itself.

Doubravka Castle

Walking to Doubravka Castle
Views from a walk up Doubravka Castle

What you see today are the restored ruins of a 15th-century castle. Doubravka Castle was mainly demolished in 1644 during the Thirty Year’s War, when the empower ordered it to be destroyed so it could no longer be fortified against him. It was later repaired and in 1884 one of the towers was converted into an observation tower. Like many Czech castles at the top of hills, this tower now has several pylons and satellite dishes on top.

Before you enter the castle proper, head left by the garages to a viewpoint over this side of the hill. Once you’ve admired the view, return and walk into the central courtyard of the castle. The snack booth here is normally open, where you can grab a bite to eat and some drinks. There’s nothing really to go inside, so head to the far end.

A castle in the Czech Republic
Doubravka Castle, on a walk in the Czech Republic

Take the path to the right heading into the moat, turn right and soon you can head up to walk along the outer embankment. Make a loop to return to the entrance to the castle, and leave the gates. Take the path immediately on your left heading downhill, then head left again at the next junction. This path leads steeply downwards.

Cross straight over at the next junction, heading slightly left, and continue straight along the path. This will bring you to where you started and the end of the Doubravka Castle Walk.

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While in the area, discover Střekov Castle, or check out our Czech Hiking Page for more nearby walks and hikes.

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