Elbe Viewpoints Walk

Viewpoint of the Elbe in Czech Republic
Viewpoint of the Elbe in Czech Republic

By Vicky · Published Sep. 21st, 2023 · Updated Sep. 27th, 2023

This short walk includes several viewpoints of the River Elbe and a stroll through Czech woodland and countryside.

Elbe Viewpoints Map

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The Elbe Viewpoints Walk starts from a car park in Dubičky village, about 15 minutes drive south of Ústí nad Labem.

Tips for Elbe Viewpoints Walk

Elbe Viewpoints Walking Route

From the car park, head left at the end of the Caravan Club to walk along a small grassy track leading slightly downhill. Continue between two small houses and into a forest. A short down and up leads you over a little stream and out onto a larger track on the other side.

Elbe Viewpoints

Looking back on Dubice on a walk to viewpoints of the Elbe
Looking back on Dubice
Viewpoint of the Elbe near Dubice
Viewpoint of the Elbe

Turn right on the track, and in a few hundred metres turn right towards a wooden fence and some pylons. Head right around the edge of this enclosure along a small dirt path to reach the viewpoint over the Elbe around the back.

After you’ve enjoyed the view, return to the main track and head right. Continue through the woodland to the next junction and turn right for an out-and-back to a great viewpoint.

Great views of the Elbe River in the Czech Republic while on a walk

It’s a slightly steep downhill and then a short uphill before you reach a little bridge to a cross to the viewpoint over the Elbe Valley. There’s a fantastic viewpoint from here, and it’s a nice place to have a break and something to eat.

Woodland and Fields

Walking back to Dubice
Walking back to Dubice
Church in Dubice Village
Church in Dubice Village

Return to the junction in the woodland and this time continue straight onwards. You’ll soon leave the forest, and take the path left along the edge of a wooden fence. This path heads straight through some open fields. At the far end, turn left to head back into Dubičky village. At the T-junction, head left and along the road to the church at the far end. There’s another viewpoint over the Elbe Valley just to the right of the church in a restaurant courtyard. There are also some signs here indicating the names of the features you can see.

Once you’ve admired the view, head back along the road for a short distance and take the first right to the car park where you started and the end of the Elbe Viewpoints Walk.

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