Prachov Rocks Walk

Viewpoint at Prachov Rocks
Viewpoint at Prachov Rocks

By Vicky · Published Sep. 22nd, 2023 · Updated Sep. 27th, 2023

The best short walk in Český Ráj, this adventurous route around Prachov Rocks winds through mysterious rocks and reaches magical viewpoints.

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The Prachov Rocks Walk starts from the hikers’ car park near Prachov in Český Ráj (Bohemian Paradise).

Tips for Prachov Rocks Walk

  • From April to November there’s a charge to enter Prachov Rocks of CZK100 per adult, plus a CZK100 fee for the car park.
  • This hike is not very far, but there are many steps!
  • There is a great restaurant in a cute chalet just by the car park to treat yourself when you’re back.
  • Parts of the path can be slippery when wet so wear sensible shoes.
  • This walk follows the green route, so watch out for the green signs painted on the rocks and trees as it’s easy to get lost!
  • Discover another cool rock town at Hrubá Skála, or for more hikes check out our Czech Hiking Page.

Prachov Rocks Walking Route

Voewpoint at Prachov Rocks
Walking through Prachov Rocks
A path through Prachov Rocks

From the car park, walk to the entrance to Prachov Rocks. You have to pay the entrance fee here. Head right to walk along the track and you’ll immediately see some towering rocks surrounding a valley. Head right at the junction, following the green signs, to walk up some steep rocky steps to a great viewpoint at the top.

This viewpoint is the first of many amazing views on this walk in Prachov Rocks. Continue onwards from the viewpoint and you’ll reach a track junction. Head straight over and you’ll walk slightly downwards into a mossy valley.

Hiking in Prachov Rocks, Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic

On your right there’s a short loop, marked by green triangles. It’s a fun little route through the rocks and leads to a viewpoint at the top of one of the rock blobs.

Continuing through the Rocks

Prachov Rocks Walk
Walking through Prachov Rocks

When you’re back at the information sign, continue up the steps that lead to the top of a plateau. Cross over the first junction, then at the information board head left for an out-and-back walk to a viewpoint. Return to the sign and head left through the forest. Soon there’s another short out-and-back to yet another viewpoint.

Continue onwards and turn right at the next junction following the green hiking signs. Head through the forest, then take the first left to a viewpoint. Return and walk onwards through the trees for a short distance.

Hiking in Prachov Rocks, Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic

Soon there are some steps leading downwards to the left. The next section has many ups and downs, with steps, steps and more steps. After heading downwards, the hiking trail leads back up again through some fun rock passageways between the Prachov cliffs.

On a walk in Prachov Rocks
Rock town viewpoint in Bohemian Paradise
Walking through rocky cliffs in Bohemian Paradise, Czech Republic

After continuing onwards to two final viewpoints, the route eventually heads a long way downwards to the valley floor. Here it joins the other trails and you head right along a large track back to the car park and the end of the Prachov Rocks Walk.

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