Molsheim Walking Tour

Molsheim town square, Alsace
Molsheim town square, Alsace

By Vicky · Published Apr. 5th, 2024 · Updated Apr. 10th, 2024

Molsheim is a charming little town, perfect for a walking tour along its historic streets with old churches and picturesque buildings. The town is also the home of Bugatti, the expensive car brand, and you’ll see some signs of this around Molsheim centre.


This walking tour of Molsheim starts from a free but fairly small car park by the Parc des Jésuites on the edge of the historic centre. It’s 25 minutes drive from Strasbourg, or slightly quicker on the train.

Molsheim Walking Tour Map

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Tips for Molsheim Walking Tour

  • There’s a great crêperie, La Crêperie de Molsheim, serving crepes and galettes) on the central square of Molsheim, but book in advance to guarantee a spot!
  • It’s easy to get to Molsheim on the train from Strasbourg, then it’s only 5 minutes walk from the station to the start of this Walking Tour.
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Top Sights in Molsheim

This self-guided walking tour of Molsheim visits all the top sights in the historic centre of Molsheim. If you don’t go into the museum, this walking tour of Molsheim takes about 1 hour, but allow more time to stop for food.

  1. Église des Jésuites
  2. Chapelle Notre Dame
  3. Tribunal Courthouse
  1. Place de l’Hôtel de Ville
  2. Porte des Forgerons
  3. Musée de la Chartreuse

Molsheim Walking Tour Route

This walking tour starts from the Parking at the Parc des Jésuites.

Directions: From the car park head left past the small chapel through the park and check out the sculpture of a Bugatti racecar to your left. Turn right, then head underneath the chapel to your right into a car park by the larger church. The entrance to this church is next to the car park.

1. Église des Jésuites

Église des Jésuites, a top thing to see on a walking tour in Molsheim

The Église des Jésuites was built in the 17th century and was at the time one of the principal churches in this section of the Rhine Valley.

Directions: Head around to the front of the chapel, where steps and a door lead you to the inside.

2. Chapelle Notre Dame

Chapelle Notre Dame, one of the top sights in Molsheim, on the Wine Route in Alsace
A dark blue ceiling with gold stars in Chapelle Notre Dame, Molsheim

The Chapelle Notre Dame is a neo-Gothic Chapel with a lovely dark blue ceiling dotted with stars above the nave.

Directions: Leave the church and at the junction, you’ll see the next stop on the right.

3. Tribunal Courthouse

Tribunal Courthouse in Alsace, France

The Tribunal Courthouse dates from 1906, built in a neo-renaissance style.

Directions: Continue along the road and take the first left. At the end of the street, turn left and then shortly right before heading left on the road leading to the very centre of Molsheim.

4. Place de l’Hôtel de Ville

Molsheim Town Hall in the centre of the historic old town, a stop on a walking tour of the village in Alsace
Molsheim Town Hall
La Metzig, an old building in Molsheim and a stop on the walking tour
La Metzig

The Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, the central square of Molsheim, is surrounded by historic buildings. One of these, La Metzig, was built in 1583 by a corporation of butchers (Metzger means Butcher in German). Its style is Renaissance and there’s a nice automated mechanical clock beneath the little tower.

On the other side of the square is the grand, slightly green Molsheim Town Hall. The Tourist Information is at one end of this building. A top cafe on the square is the La Crêperie de Molsheim, serving both savoury galettes and sweet pancakes. It is very popular, so booking online is recommended.

Directions: Leave the square in the far left corner and head along the road to the tower.

5. Porte des Forgerons

Porte des Forgerons, one of the things to see in Molsheim on a wlaking tour
Porte des Forgerons
Old half-timbered houses by the old Gate Tower
Old House by the Gate
A Narrow House with Scrolled Gables
A Narrow House with Scrolled Gables

The Porte des Forgerons, or Blacksmiths Gate, was built during the 14th century. At the time it had a portcullis and drawbridge over a water-filled moat, though these are gone today.

Directions: Retrace your steps slightly before turning left down the Rue des Vosges. At the T-junction at the end turn right, then left to the courtyard in front of the museum.

6. Musée de la Chartreuse

Musée de la Chartreuse in Molsheim, a stop on a walking tour

Key Information: Open May-Oct 2-5pm, every day except Tuesday. Tickets are €5/3 for adults/children. Displays are in French, English and German.

The Carthusians, an order of the Catholic Church devoted to solitary life, built a monastery here in 1598. Since 1985 the former priory has housed the Musée de la Chartreuse (Chartreuse Museum and the Bugatti Foundation). Inside the museum are exhibits on archaeology and historic art, as well as objects associated with the creation and manufacture of Bugattis.

Directions: Head through the square, then take the first right into the old marketplace, now a car park. Walk through the car park and take a right at the corner with the lovely half-timbered building. Take the next left to reach the central square again, and continue onwards, returning through an arch in a historic building back to the car park.

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