Burg Neuhaus Short Walk

Burg Neuhaus near Bad Mergentheim
Burg Neuhaus near Bad Mergentheim

By Vicky · Published Mar. 18th, 2024

This short walk near Bad Mergentheim heads across fields on top of a hill with lovely views to the castle ruins of Burg Neuhaus.


This walk starts from a small car park above Bad Mergentheim. If you’re driving the Romantic Road, it’s only a few minutes off the route.

Burg Neuhaus Short Walk Map

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Burg Neuhaus Walking Route

Views of Bad Mergentheim on a short walk
On a short walk to Neuhaus Castle

From the car park head right up the lane and left at the junction, following the hiking signs. At the next junction head straight on to continue through the woods. After you reach the open again you’ll soon pass a playground on your left and another car park.

Walk through the car park and across the field to the edge of the woodland. Turn left at the trees and then take the next left along a track through the fields. You’ll come to a small lane. Turn right here to walk along the road, lined by trees and with scenic views in all directions.

Burg Neuhaus Castle

Burg Neuhaus Castle
Burg Neuhaus Castle on a short walk near Bad Mergentheim on the Romantic Road

After walking along the top of the hill you’ll reach Burg Neuhaus. This castle was first built in the 13th century but destroyed and rebuilt later before falling into ruin in the 18th century. You can walk through the impressive gate into the compound. Don’t continue along the road, but take the stairs up to your left, which are signed.

Burg Neuhaus Castle
Walking around Burg Neuhaus Castle

Continue to the castle ruins themselves, which are at the centre of this complex which today is partly a horse stables. You can walk a small loop of the central ruin and admire the surrounding countryside. Covered in ivy, the ruins look quite romantic today.

When you’ve finished exploring, leave the castle and walk downwards on the road which leads around the corner. When the road bends right and down to the main road, take a left on a small path to head up the hill at the edge of some fields. This path leads around the edge of the field before contouring along the hillside through some orchards.

On a walk near the Romantic Road near Bad Mergentheim, Bavaria, Germany

Keep going along this track and you’ll soon reach the side of a road. Head upwards by the road and in a few hundred metres you’ll be back at the car park where you started and the end of the Burg Neuhaus short walk.

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