Lilienstein Hike

At the top of Lilienstein Plateau
At the top of Lilienstein Plateau

By Vicky · Published Sep. 26th, 2023

The Lilienstein Hike ascends the distinctive rocky plateau of Lilienstein mountain, where there are cool rocks and great views over Saxon Switzerland.

Lilienstein Hiking Trail Map

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The hike up to Lilienstein Plateau starts from a small car park by the side of the road. This car park is free. If you want to park closer and shorten the walk by 1.5 km, you can park at the official Lilienstein car park. This is free for up to 1 hour (with a parking disc to show the time), or €5 for the day after that (with payment in coins only). If you walk quickly you can complete the hike in under one hour.

Tips for Lilienstein Hike

Lilienstein Hiking Route

Walking towards Lilienstein Mountain
Walking towards Lilienstein Mountain
Petermannhöhle Cave
Petermannhöhle Cave

From the small parking area, head towards Lilienstein Plateau, and take the first track on the left along the edge of the woodland. At the corner, take a right to continue walking around the edge of the field. You’ll pass a small war memorial on your left and have some nice views of Lilienstein Plateau in front of you, getting ever closer.

At the crossroads at the end of the fields, head straight across and into the woodland. The path begins to head upwards and bends around the corner. Here there’s an option for a short detour to Petermannhöhle, a small cave. You can head in a little way into the cave, which is quite tunnel-like.

The walking path up Lilienstein mountain in Germany
Hiking trail up Lilienstein Rock Plateau in Saxon Switzerland
Views from a rocky mountain in Saxon Switzerland

After the cave, return to the path and continue the walk upwards. You’ll soon approach the cliffs leading to the top of the plateau. Here you have to ascend a metal ladder with good handrails. The route then winds its way upwards through the rocks and soon you’ll be at the top.

Lilienstein Top Plateau

When you reach the top of Lilienstein, first turn left along the small hiking trail to make a loop of the plateau. There’s a viewpoint at the corner, and then you’ll reach the Lilienstein Obelisk, standing on the edge of the cliffs.

Views from the top of a rocky mountain in Saxon Switzerland
On a hike up Lilienstein with great views from the top

Continue onwards and you’ll come across another, slightly larger monument called the Wettin Obelisk. There are some great views from here and you can see Königstein Fortress on the other side of the river atop another plateau.

Walking onwards, the path leads back towards the centre of the plateau and Felsbaude Lilienstein Restaurant. It’s open 11am-5pm Fri-Mon and serves simple German/Czech food and drink right on top of the plateau.

Turn left at the restaurant and you’ll walk over the ruins of Burg Lilienstein. There’s nothing really to see anymore of this old castle that stood here from the 13th century, just a few bits of wall.

Hiking on the top of Lilienstein Plateau in Saxon Switzerland, Gremany
The hiking trail up Lilienstein rock plateau in Saxon Switzerland, Germany

Head onwards and up the steps to the far western end of the plateau and another viewpoint. There are a few metal staircases and bridges to get here and it’s fun walking over the tops of the rocks. When you’ve admired the view, return to the junction. This time head right to descend through the rocks down the many steps.

Soon you’ll be back on a less steep path, which continues to zigzag downwards. Turn right at the junction near the bottom, towards the official Lilienstein car park. From here, it’s a simple walk back towards the small car park at the side of the road and the end of the Lilienstein Hike.

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